Leave Application For Semester Final Exam

Sample leave application from office for final semester exams in university during the job with salary or pay.

Office Leave Application for Semester Exams

Respected sir,

It is stated that I am a personal assistant of a general manager in DUNLOP Company. Along with my job I have been doing my Bachelors in Sciences from a nearby university. Sir, throughout my job, I have worked with great passion for the company and my conduct has been good with my coworkers. Also I have been very regular and punctual. I am currently enrolled in 6th semester of my study. In the coming week the final exams of this semester are to take place. Unfortunately the exams and company working timings are overlapping. If I will come to work in next week then I will not be able to attend my final exams. And it will be a great loss for me as I always have wanted to be a Science Bachelors since the start of my career.
Dear Sir, you are requested to give me leave for the coming week so that I may be able to carry on my studies. I shall be thankful to you for this favor and I hope that you will grant me leave for the prescribed time period.
Yours sincerely,

Latif Umer

Leave Application For Final Examinations

Dear Manager,

This application is to request a leave for final examination. As my final exams for this semester have been scheduled in the next month, so in order to prepare for these examination I request a leave for 2 weeks. As it has been stated in the employment agreement that employees are allowed a leave for their exam preparation. I hope that my application would be considered as top priority.

Sincerely Yours,

Samina Khan

Leave Application For Semester Final Exam
Leave Application For Semester Final Exam

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