Job Application for Transport Incharge with Experience

Sample Job Application with experience for Transport In-charge, Manager Transport, Transport Administrator etc free download.

Transport Incharge Job Application

Manager HR Department

Subject: Application for Transport In-charge and Cashier

Dear Sir,

I want to work with leading Organization like yours, to strive for challenging career opportunity in an organizational setup. Where I can improve and polish the system and sub-ordinates in much better ways. I have 7 years experience of office work as Cashier and 2 years transport In-charge. I have demonstrated all my abilities in my resume. I am interested to work with your organizations. Please give me a chance for any suitable job.

Looking forward for your response.
Thank you very much


Areeba Khan

Application for The Post of Transport Administrator

Dear Sir,
I am writing to show up my keenness to work with well reputed firm like yours. Through some reliable sources I have come to know about the job opportunities in your organization and I wanted to avail that. I am an educated person, did my Graduation from Lahore University.
I am an experienced person, I worked as Cashier for 2 years in ABC Company where I was responsible of cash handling, making bills and it uplifted me a lot. I also have experience of working as a Transport In-charge for three years; there I deal with transport vehicles provision and maintenance. I am doing my recent job with devotion, but seeking for better choices is my right.

I want to work and provide my services to your esteemed organization where I can utilize my practical knowledge for the worth of organization. I am sure that you will definitely give me a chance to prove my sincerity. I shall be waiting for pleasing response from your side.
Thank you for your time.


Aushka Khan

Job Application for Transport Incharge with Experience
Job Application for Transport Incharge with Experience


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