Leave Application for Marriage


Format of marriage leave application for your own marriage, brother’s marriage, sister’s marriage, friend’s marriage or marriage anniversary of anyone. Three sample marriage leave applications are available below. Just choose the best one for you. You can write this marriage application in school, college, university or Office and on job. Click for more marriage application samples 

Wedding Leave Application Format for Office



Manager Human Resources
Services Club,
DHA, Karachi

Subject: Leave Application for Marriage

Dear Sir,

With all due respect, it is stated that I Amna Manzoor , a member of Marketing Department at Services Club, DHA, am going to get married and I will be busy with the preparations of the wedding functions, therefore I will not be able to attend the office. Kindly grant me leave for this week and the next one i.e. from 12th June to 23rd June.

I shall be highly obliged.

Amna Manzoor
Manager Marketing

Marriage Leave Application Format and Template


Mujtaba Khan
Director HR
OBTC Schools
Leeds, United Kingdom

Subject: Leave Application for Marriage

Dear Sir,

As you know I am going to be married in the next week. I am writing to request you to please grant me leave of two weeks from 15 November  2013 To  29 November 2013. I highly want you and your family to attend my (brother’s marriage, sister’s marriage, etc) marriage ceremony. I will dispatch you an invitation card and your arrival will be a great pleasure for me.

Furthermore all important tasks have been assigned to other staff members of my department and I will also be available on the phone.

Sincerely Yours,


Muhammad Samiullah
Manager Marketing

You can change first sentence to change this application for other Ceremonies.

  • During next week we are organizing a marriage ceremony of my sister.
  • During next week we are organizing a marriage ceremony of my elder brother.
  • During next week we are organizing a marriage ceremony of my brother in law.
  • During next week I have been invited to a marriage ceremony of my best friend.
  • During next week we are organizing a marriage anniversary of _________.

Leave Application Due to Marriage

The Manager HR,

Qarshaa Industries,


Subject: leave application for 15 days due to marriage

Dear Sir,

It is stated that me Huzaifa, has joined your esteemed organization a month ago. I am working here as executive customer service in Logistics department. It’s been great opportunity for me to utilities my expertise, learn and enhance my career here.

Due to some of my family reasons, I am going to marry with my cousin on 4th December. The decision is taken in extremely hard circumstances. Therefore, I request you to grant me leave for 15 days. By this, I would able to manage all wedding activities and further ready to serve this company.

During my absence, my colleague Ahsan will be looking after my daily activities and coordination. For this, he has assured to take care of my responsibilities.

I hope to get a positive response from your side.



Huzaifa Ali

Co. Executive customer service

Logistics department

Leave Application for Marriage

Leave Application for Marriage

From the above application samples you will also learn how to write leaving application for marriage of your own or sister, brother or anyone else you know and want to attend the marriage ceremony.


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  1. MANISH SHIVA says:

    it’s a very nice format for leave application.

  2. Harish M says:

    marriage ceremony. need 20 day of leave
    .e. from 18th Feb to 10rd March

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    It is nice formate.

  4. Absar Sahibole says:

    my marriage

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    I am going vacation 2 month.but need extra 15 days leave for marriage. I need latter for that 15 days

  7. bhushan amberkar says:

    Can any one help me please. I had join new in the co. and my marriage had been fixed on Dec 4. can i get the leave for 15 days and how do i apply for leave.Its just one month had happen i had join the co. please guide me.


    Sir… i had join new in the co. thats why i am confused. please send the leave application format. what details u needed


    executive-customer service, logistics, mumbai..

  10. BHUSHAN says:

    Thanks a lot………..SiR

  11. radhakrishna says:

    Iam going to anual leave in february but my company not give me vacation so send me plz request marriage letter describing about my marriage my family is ready to there so they tell me come fast in February.

  12. Jagdish Bhosale says:

    really Great support to marriage leave application.


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