One Day Leave for Election in Our Area

Sample leave application for election day, or on election day due to many reasons like, election duty, transportation, road blockage etc.

Leave Application for Election Purpose

The Senior Manager,
Descon Copmany,
Dear Sir,

I am submitting this application to get a kind favor due to local election in my area. Elections are the most important responsibility of everyone through which we choose a right person to lead our country on the way of progress. The main reason for leave is that, in last elections groups of two rivals of our area quarreled with one another it caused a lot of damage to lives of people. Due to last incident government has decided to seal our area. The transportation will be blocked as well. I do not have any personal conveyance so It would be difficult for me to be in office. I request you to grant one day leave. Thank you.

Accounts Officer,
Shehroz  Sardar,

Leave Application for Society Elections

Mr. Cahill
Bill Industries
London, UK

Sir, this is Mr. Terry and I am an intern at your accounts department. We live in the same society and you may be aware of the society election coming up next week. My father is a candidate for the Chairman and because of that; we have to run a few campaigns that will consume a lot of time and energy. Therefore, I would like to ask you to grant me a leave for 7 days. I wish to continue the work after that with same enthusiasm as I have been doing so far since. I wish to lower the burden on my father as I’m the eldest son and I hope you will accept this request. Thank you for your kind gesture.

Mr. Cahill
Intern, Accounts

Election Day Leave Application Letter

The Coordinator
Community High School,
Westminster, UK.


Respected Madam,

It is kindly stated that today, the elections for local bodies are being held in the north constituency that includes my area of residence. The elections timings are contradicting with that of my classes. No public transport shall be available in the area today due to elections. For this reason I shall not be able to give the lessons today at school. Kindly approve my request for leave and oblige.

Yours Sincerely,
Subject Teacher

Leave Application for Election Day

Manager Admin,
Institute XYZ,

Subject: Request to grant One day leave for elections in my area

Respected Sir,

I am writing this application to grant me one day leave for elections in my area. Our country has parliamentary democracy and elections are most important activity to ensure the better future of the country. I work in the morning shift so there is a clash between polling time and my office timings. So I have to choose between one of the two. Election comes only once in five years and it is the only chance that we get to choose the right person for us so we don’t suffer for the next 5 years.

Secondly, all the areas are blocked due to polling booths and help centers. All public transport of the area is also booked by the candidates so it will be very difficult for me to reach the office as I don’t have a personal conveyance.

Thirdly, there is always a possibility of clash between the rival candidates that may result in the use bullets. My area is quite safe but there are some areas in constituency that are declared to be highly sensitive. It is very dangerous to come out of the house and pass through these areas.

It is my humble request to please grant me a leave for one day so I can fulfill my national obligation and keep myself safe at the same time.

Muhammad Raza
Mr. Imran Alam

Election Day Leave Letter by Student

Head of Department
Department of Philosophy
Punjab University Lahore

Subject: Application for One Day Leave for Elections in Our Area


It is stated that I am a student of MS philosophy 3rd semester in your department. My university registration number is 2014-P-213 and my roll number in my department is 2014-023. I live in Faisalabad and my constituency is NA- 92. I want one day leave from the department because the by-elections are going to held in our constituency on September 1st 2016.

As an affected member of Pakistani nation it is my moral duty to contribute in the process of democracy by casting my vote and electing a representative in the legislative assembly.

I request you please grant me leave for one day on September 1st 2016. I shall be obliged.

Abdul Mnan
MS Philosophy
3rd semester

Leave Application for Society Elections

The CEO,
London Times,

Dear Sir,

It is humbly stated that I am a candidate of President Post in our society elections. Elections will be held after one day. Regarding preparations of elections we have planned some street meetings and campaign tomorrow. In which we shall approach every home and trader of society. The purpose of this is to assure good leadership and to urge them to cast their valuable vote to me. My presence for these campaigns is necessary. I request you to allow me two days leave. I shall be thankful to you.

Senior Manager,
Robert Dean.


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