Sick Leave Application for Student


Sick leave application for any disease from school, college, university for students. You also can use this application for your office. Email format for sick off for 1 week due to medical reasons.

Application for Sick Leave for Student

Subject: Sick Leave Application

Dear Ms. Nimra Asad,

It is to be stated that I am suffering from anemia as well as food poisoning.

As you know that living separately in hostels causes many health related problems. Due to deficiency of iron and other vital nutrients, my skin has turned pale and I constantly feel dizzy and tired in every class. I have not been able to concentrate fully on my subjects. Doctor advised me complete rest for one week along with a suggested diet from a dietitian  Therefore please grant me leave for this week from __________ to ___________ so that I can recover as soon as I could before the examinations are due. Also please ask the teachers to corporate with me by giving me ten to fifteen minutes extra from their schedule if I am unable to understand anything.

I will be thankful to you for your kind consideration.



Safina Ghaffar

Sick Leave Application Sample for Student

Respected Principal,

I am Minahil Qasim, student of BSc Engineering writing for sick leave. I am suffering through dengue fever and can’t come to college to attend classes. Doctor suggest that I have to take rest atleast for three weeks. Meanwhile I am feeling weakness which doesn’t allow me to come to the college. I request you to please approve my leave and check the attached medical certificates.

Warm Regards,


Minahil Qasim

Sick Leave Application From School

Sick Leave Application From School

Application for Sick Leave from Parents

Subject: Sick Leave From School

Respected Madam ,

My son Ahmed Waqar studying in your school L.G.S ‘A’ Sec. He has been sick for 1 week and is not able to attend the classes.
So i kindly request you to allow him leave from 13 Feb, 2014 to 17 Feb, 2014 classes.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,


Ahmad Waqar

Leave Application from School

Leave Application from School


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