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Application for Change of Workplace

Sample application for changing of workplace within the company, within school, etc. Changing of workplace location in companies is possible when companies have multiple offices, school campuses in different cities, towns or countries as well.

Application for Changing Working Place

The Manager, Media department,

Respected sir,

With all due respect I would like to tell you that I have shifted to the 1st floor but I am not comfortable here as there is male staff and not a single female staff. I feel hesitation over here and I am not able to focus on my work. I would like you to change my work place and shift me somewhere else.

I hope that you will consider my point and will help me out as I have to work in a comfortable atmosphere. I shall be really thankful to you if you will consider my application and will take quick action. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Miss Khalida Khan,

Request Letter for Shifting our Workplace

Dear General Manager,

This letter is to request a change in workplace. We are currently assembling the products near the chemical storage room. The pungent smell of the chemicals makes us very uncomfortable to work in such a place. This smell is also causing health issues in some of the workers. So we all request to change and shift our workplace away from such smell.


Haroon (Production Head)

Change of Workplace Letter

Respected Madam,

I am Beenish Fatima, English teacher of 8th Class section C, writing to request for change of my workplace from Defence to Gulberg. Recently I got married and my In-laws home is in Gulberg. Now it is very difficult for me to come to Defence campus daily on public transport because in morning mostly I am getting late due to long distance and traffic blockage.

Daily transport fare is another challenge for me because I need to change three bus routes to reach Defence campus. I request you to please change my job to Gulberg campus. I will be thankful to you.


Beenish Fatima
English Teacher

Application for Change of Workplace

I am Ms. Nadia Khan, working in your organization since 20XX. It has been a long time in your organization and due to your job rotation policy, I have been learning new things of different departments. I have been working in Sales Department for a year from 20XX to 20XX. Then I was shifted to Accounts Department, where I am working right now.

As you know, in today’s workplace, organizations are working in complex and dynamic environments. To cope up with these, one needs to make choice in the design of their work organization. Keeping in view the organizational needs as well as my own interest, I am writing this letter  to request you humbly to shift me to Human Resource department as it has been a long time in Accounts department and I have learnt a lot about Accounts handling in this time. I am looking forward to your positive response. Thanking you.

Nadia Khan

Application for Changing of Job Place Due to Change of Home/Residence

It is to tell you that I am currently working at ABC factory under the post of manufacturing supervisor. I have been a loyal worker of this company for two years. In that span of time I have served that company with my full devotion. I have been regular and punctual. I have proved myself as a value able asset to this company.

But unfortunately due to some unforeseen problems and difficulties, I am unable to continue my job and work at that place of the factory. It is due to the fact that I have moved from city ABC to XYZ. Now it is difficult for me to come every day from that long distance and carry out my job and duties. My pay grade is of 17 and you know that if I’ll come from city XYZ to this working place then 50% of my wage will be consumed in fares only and in this way i won’t be able to support my family.

Keeping in view my past experience and loyalty to the company and all other difficulties which I have mentioned, you are kindly requested to change my working place. I have stated my genuine reasons for not being able to pursue the job at this place. I hope that you’ll take my application under your kind consideration. I shall be very thankful to you this kind favor.

Yours sincerely,


Application for Change of Workplace
Application for Change of Workplace

Application for Promotion by School Teacher

Sample request letter for promotion of teacher in terms of scale salary and designation in the school. You can send this promotion request on printed paper or in email and SMS message to principal of the school.

Request for Promotion Template

Respected Principal,

It is to state that I, Mrs Amna Riaz, have been working as the post of Assistant Teacher at your school for four years. In these four years, i have learnt enough to be worthy to work as a subject teacher for science at middle level. The report sheet of my senior co leagues is also attached here with, to support my application. I feel confident to be suitable for the promotion and I assure you that getting promoted will enhance my performance level. I hope that you will grant my request for promotion and give me a chance to perform better.

Thank you

Amna Riaz

Request for Promotion Consideration by Teacher

How to write a letter to director of school education to allocate me in higher secondary school

School education

Respected sir,

With due reverence, it is stated that I have been teaching in primary school for many years now. With availability of new jobs in Higher Secondary Schools I am very interested in offering my services to a better position. My experience includes teaching a lot of students on academic and co-curricular levels. My expertise extends to sports, games and outdoor exercises along with traditional pattern of studies.

It is humbly requested that I be allocated in higher secondary school so that I work in better environment suitable for my extensive experience.

I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours sincerely,


Application for Promotion to Lecturer

Dear Ms. Safiya,

This letter is to request a promotion. I have been serving as assistant lecturer since three years. It’s the policy of the institute that after the period of three years as an assistant lecturer and with minimum lectures of 1500 the assistant lecturer would be promoted to Senior lecturer and department head. As I have till now given up to 1630 lectures I request the company for such promotion.



Application for Promotion by School Teacher
Application for Promotion by School Teacher

Application for Company Registration

Sample application for company registration by board of directors, management, individual etc in India, Australia, Pakistan, USA, UK, Europe, Asia and UAE.

Company Registration Application

Dear Sir,

We are about to incorporate a new Private limited company with the name “Alpha Aluminum”. The confirmation of the name has been acquired. We request the registrar to register our company and issue us an “Incorporation Letter”. All the other documents of the company have been attached with the application. The objectives of our company are to earn profit and production of aluminum which is legal under the current law. Further all the members and subscribers of our company are reputed persons and none of them is guilty of any kind of criminal activities. We have also complied with all the other requirements of incorporation of the company. The fees in this regard have been submitted and its copy have been attached with the application.


Hammad Aslam

Request Letter for Company Registration

The SECP Head Office

Associated House,


Subject: Request to register a company

Dear Sir,

I have launched a new business of selling imported Korean jewelry. After thoroughly reading the terms and conditions and the availability of names, I’ve titled my company as ‘Glam Up’. Enclosed with this application is a copy of the bank draft and other required documents for registration purpose. Kindly file my company’s name into the registered companies list.

In case of any further queries or information, please feel free to contact me at the provided number. Your immediate assistance in this matter will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Umar Shahzad

Application for Company Registration
Application for Company Registration

Application for Compensation of Expenses

Sample application to request for sharing of expenses or compensation of expenses by company or employer. This letter can be customized for compensation of any expenses from office.

Application for Compensation of Expenses

Dear Manager,

This application is to request compensation of expenses. Due to none availability of residence in the city to which I had been posted last month, I had been asked to stay anywhere near the office for two months after which I was given a residence by the company. The expenses of two months were to be paid by myself which were assured to be compensated by the company. So I request for recovery of the expenses I had paid for my residence during these two months.


Executive Officer Marketing

Application for Compensation Allowance

Dear sir,
I am using my personal car for official purposes in office as required for my job. On Friday i was going for official meeting planned earlier with our client.

When I was on the way for meeting a road accident occurred and my car damaged from the backside. As you know my car isn’t insured so i request you to please compensate 50% of the total repair expense from company.

Please find the attached quotation issued by our company selected workshop with estimated repairing cost of Rs. 70,000/-. I will be thankful to you.

Warm Regards,

Muhammad Samiullah
Manager Resource Development

Application for Compensation Allowance
Application for Compensation Allowance

Request Application for Issue of Guest Coupon

This is a request application for issue of guest coupon for gate entry, launch or attending a seminar of within and outside of your organization. Keep in mind this type of coupon normally issued free of cost when you write application for requesting coupon.

Request for Guest Coupon



The AGM Accounts,


Subject: Coupon for Guest 

Respected Sir,

Most respectfully, it is stated that I have started internship of three month from Date_____ to Date______ in accounts department unit # 36, Please accord approval of guest coupon for me. I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Thanking you in anticipation,


Aleem Ullah

Issuance of Coupon for Guest


Company name.

Subject: Request for Issue of Coupon
Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am ________, (name) and I have been working in your institute as a volunteer in _____ department. My volunteer work is as per part of my course contents, issued by university______ (name). I am working here as a paid volunteer, other than joining any special program. My date of joining is ________ and my credit hours will come to end on __________ (date).

The institute is going to organize an event related to volunteer ship including orientation, seminars and further disciplines are to be discussed. This event is on 12th June, 2014. The management and supervisors will specially arrange passes/coupons for the invited students/people. I have also registered myself for some important tasks of that day. I have to do all the paper work including preparing lists, managing students, and some work associated with stage secretary.

I being a part of this institution want to join this event and be an active member of it. As, I am also volunteer here, but my session timings are far different from people who are going to join it now. I request you to kindly issue me the coupon/pass along with other students, so that I may be able to enter the respective place of event and I may not suffer from any sort of difficulty. Otherwise, it would be tough for me to coordinate with the management staff and I’ll be unable to attain my target and responsibilities assigned to me will not be accomplished. I hope that you will consider upon my request and provide me with gate coupon/pass as soon as possible. I shall be thankful to you in this regard.
Thanking you I remain,

Request for Issue of Guest Coupon
Request for Issue of Guest Coupon

Promotion Request Letter and Application Format

Sample application letter requesting promotion on you job. This letter presenting the reason for promotion is education and qualification. You can write this letter for promotion to your boss, manager or director. Of course it is your right to be promoted if your company policy permitted this.

Request for Promotion Letter Sample

The Managing Director,
Massbuild Ltd.
Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Subject: Request for promotion

Dear Sir,

It is to bring to your notice that I have been dedicatedly working at your firm for the past 5 years as the sales executive. During this time, I’ve worked earnestly and passionately for achieving the highest profits for our firm. My diligence has been awarded previously as I received the employee of the year award in 2013.

My sincerity with my work and organization is evident. I have always come up with innovative solutions for any problem encountered in the success of our business. Furthermore, I have also completed my MBA degree in December 2014.

With all the knowledge, experience, and know-how-of how things work here at Massbuild Ltd., I request you to kindly raise my income and promote me to the position of Sales Manager. I assure you, I completely understand the responsibilities with this post and I promise that I will prove to be the righteous choice for our firm.

Looking forward to a positive response!
Thanking you in anticipation.


Lungile Cloter Jonga.
Sales Executive

Request for Promotion Consideration in Email
Request for Promotion Consideration in Email

Application for Promotion on Job

The President
AH Foundation
East London, United Kingdom

Subject: Promotion Request Letter

Dear Sir,

I have passed the Bachelor of Commerce B.Com Examination from The University of Punjab in 2nd Division. I was hire on the basis of I.Com as Resource Development Assistant in Resource Development Department of the AH Foundation Since then I am performing my Duties very honestly and diligently.

Your esteemed organization is following the policy of encouragement of employees on improvement of Qualification. I humbly request your Honour to grant me some special increments for Passing and change my designation from Resource Development Assistant to Resource Development Officer.

Yours Obediently,

Sonia Mehar

Promotion Request Letter and Application Format
Promotion Request Letter and Application Format

Applying For Higher Position Letter

Mr. Smith
Robert Co. Pvt, Ltd

Subject: Request for Promotion

It is stated that I am working on the post of LDC in your company for 12 years. I had joined the company in June 2004 as LDC on the bases of intermediate qualifications. According to the statute book of the company the LDC should be promoted to UDC after 15 years’ experience or he can apply any time after 5 years of his job as LDC if his qualification is graduation.

I have submitted my degree of graduation to the Executive department of the company and I also have submitted my experience letter of 12 years as LDC in the same company. I shall be promoted to UDC according to section 5 of the rule book of company so you are requested to give me time for interview so that I can prove myself best match for the concerned post.

Thank you for your time. It would be an honor for me to work as UDC in this company.


Jacob Cater

Application for Submit Education Certificates at Company for Promotion

XYZ Hospital.

Subject: Application for submission of Degree of MBA for Promotion.

Dear Administrator,

I am working in the Finance Department from past 2 years as assistant accountant. I continued my education and graduated as MBA Finance from University of Central Punjab last month. As per policy I am now entitled to apply for promotion on the post of Accounts Officer.

So I request here by for your kind consideration for my promotion keeping in view my experience and my Degree in Finance.

I am hopefully waiting for your response.

Respectfully yours,

Assistant Accountant

Apply For Higher Post in Same Company

The HR manager, Mobilink head office Lahore,

Respected sir,

I would like to bring it your knowledge that I am working In your company from last 5 years as Media management officer as at the time of applying for this job my qualification was BS but now as I have completed my masters in the relevant field and also have gained experience to apply for the higher post. I would like to apply for the corporate media manager’s post because I know this work well; I have been in this department from last 5 years so I think I can manage things well. I shall be really thankful if you people consider my application considering my excellent performance as well.


Mr. Tahir shah
Media management officer,
Mobilink head office Lahore

Request Letter for Promotion from a Clerk

The Director General,
Glasgow Emergency Service
May 11,

Respected Sir,

It is submitted that I am working as a junior clerk in the service for last ten years. Sir, I have not been promoted yet to any further scale since my appointment date in spite of the fact that my performance meets the standards of the service and every officer has appreciated my work as well.

Secondly, when I had joined this service I was unmarried and now owned a family comprising of children.

Sir, I am the only breadwinner of my family and leading a miserable life in contemporary society where inflation rate is more than one can help.

Keeping in view the aforementioned facts, you are requested earnestly to please promote me to upper grades so that I could manage my financial matters smoothly.

I would appreciate your immediate attention in this regard.

XYZ, Junior Clerk

Letter of Recommendation For Advance Salary

Sample letter of recommendation for loan or advance salary from the company.

Letter of Recommendation for Loan


Mr. Janjuwa
Director Finance
Rochdale, United Kingdom

Subject: Letter of Recommendation For Advance Salary

Dear Sir,

Mrs. Saima, manager marketing is working with our company since 4 years. She is devoted to her job and she is performing all of her duties very efficiently. I request you to please pay her $4000 as advance salary and deduct it from the scheduled month. Her application for advance salary is also enclosed with this letter. She need advance for the treatment of her Father. I will be grateful to you.

Warm Regards,


Mr. Asif

Director Marketing


Letter of Recommendation for Advance Salary
Letter of Recommendation for Advance Salary

Application for Advance Salary for House Maintenance

Sample application for advance salary for house maintenance from employer, company, school or any other working place. You can customize this application as per your needs.

Application for Advance Salary for House Maintenance


The manager

Dear Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I need my salary in advance this month. Due to heavy rainfall, a portion of my house has been damaged. It requires immediate attention otherwise it could damage more parts of building. Also, my family is endangered if I do not fix this.

However, I do not have enough money for the house maintenance. Therefore, it is humbly requested that my salary be granted in advance which is due in 10 days. If you allow this favor, then I will be able to fix my house before more damage is done.

I shall be very thankful to you. I hope you will understand my position.

Thank you


Advance Salary Request for House Maintenance

To: Mujtaba Khan
Leeds Enterprises
Leeds, United Kingdom

Subject: Application for Advance Salary for House Maintenance

Dear Sir,
I am Mr. Babar working with Leeds Enterprises since 3 years as Manager Marketing. I am writing to request you for advance salary of three months for house maintenance. I would deposit three cross cheques in the name of company for three months salary as security as per company policy. Furthermore I am going to marry within six months and I request you to please issue the advance salary within a week so I will complete the house maintenance and marriage arrangements. I will be thankful to you.

Truly yours

Babar Manzoor
Manager Marketing

Advance Salary Application for House Maintenance
Advance Salary Application for House Maintenance

Application for Advance Salary for House Repairing and Paint


Mr. Jackson Smith


Shell Ltd.

Texas, USA

Sir, I am George Harris and I am an employee in the Human Resource. I was posted here a decade ago and I have been affiliated with this region since then. The house I shifted in has started showing signs of renovation and maintenance in terms of water leakage and hollow wood. Therefore, I would like to request you to kindly provide me $5000 as an advance salary for house maintenance. I allow an equal share of amount to be deducted from the next 4 monthly remunerations.  I shall be very thankful to you for this kind gesture.

Yours sincerely,

George Harris

Employee Human Resource