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Thanks Letters for business clients, customers, participants, making a payment

Letter To Your Uncle Thanking Him For Lovely Birthday Gift

Sample letter to your uncle for thanking him for sending you a gift on your birthday (laptop, watch, Cash etc) from local or abroad. Sending a thanks letter to your uncle after receiving the gift will also ensure your next gift.

letter to your uncle for thanking him for Gift

Dear Uncle,

How are you? I am fine and hale and hearty. I hope that you will also be fine. Dear uncle, yesterday I received your gift which you sent me on my birthday. When I received the package, my heart was pounding with joy. I opened it and I screamed with joy that to see that it was a branded watch. It was the same watch which I once asked you for. I had no idea that you will keep that thing in mind and would not forget it. I want to let you to that I have very much liked that watch and everyone at home has also praised for its beauty.

Dear uncle, I again thank you for such a lovely gift. Pay my regards at home and love to the children. I will come visit you soon.

Your nephew

Letter To Thanks the Uncle Birthday Gift

Hello Uncle,

I am sure you would be as good as always. First of all thanks for the lovely gift you sent me on my birthday. I was feeling a big need to buy a new laptop but I was unable to purchase due to insufficient funds. I had been saving money for the laptop but last month there was a book exhibition in which I found a good book on literature on which all of the funds were invested. I was a disappointed about my sacrifice but as you know how much I am found of reading good books, but now I think I made a good decision. Thanks again for the new laptop. I would take good care of it . I would also send you the book I bought after I have completed reading it.



Letter To Your Uncle Thanking Him For Lovely Birthday Gift
Letter To Your Uncle Thanking Him For Lovely Birthday Gift

Thank You Letter For Job Offer Example

Sample letter to thank for the job offer with a reference or without reference to the employer.

Thank You Letter for Job Offer Acceptance

Respected HR Manager.

I am very thankful to you from the deep of my heart for offering me the job opportunity. From Mr previous job experience I believe that you will find me much more than your expectations in terms of my devotion, commitment and efficiency on the job.

I am also happy to say that now I will be on the right job according to subject specialty and major area of my studies. Once again thanking you and I will be waiting for job appointment letter as acknowledgement of the job posting.

Sincerely yours,

Yasir Hameed

Letter to Confirm Acceptance of Job Offer

Dear Sir,

It is intimated that I received your letter regarding my selection as an assistant director in your office. Infect it is a moment of great pleasure and satisfaction for me that your selection board choose me for the position. Sir I want to confirm that I accept your offer and  I am available for this post. Sir I will resume by the date which has been mentioned for me to join.

Thanking you

Thank you letter for job offer acceptance
Thank you letter for job offer acceptance

Thank You Letter for Donation to Donor

Sample thank you letter for donation to donor, company, school, business partner, bank, society or agency for a donation of cash, money, books, building, equipment, machines etc.

Thank You for Your Donation Letter

Unique School System,
London, England, United Kingdom.
The Mayor,
Wales, United Kingdom,

Dear Sir,
I thank you for your cooperation and big amount of money which you have granted to our school during the recent visit.
To educate children means you are preparing your future and getting yourself equipped for impending days. It was my ambition to establish an institution that has the vision of imparting education rather than making money. By the grace of God, I have established a prestigious institution in the city that has been acknowledged by everyone.
First of all, your arrival to our institution is highly praised by everyone and worked as a catalyst in gaining fame in the entire city. Secondly, your donation in shape of a big amount of money really is a great help for the poor students studying here.
We assure you that your donation will be utilized fairly as you have directed and it will only be given to those children who cannot afford school and books fee.
I really appreciate your efforts and acknowledge your superiority being a Mayor of our city and assure you to provide altogether assistance in progressive work of the city.
Yours humble Servant
Anton Chekhov.

Thank You Letter for Donation to Donor

Mr. Smith

South Africa

Respected Sir,

I want to say that I am extremely thankful to you for the donation you have provided for our children village. Children are very happy to see those things you have brought them and that’s how our aim to see them smiling has also been fulfilled. We are thankful to you for your generous nature.


SOS Children Village

Thank You Letter after Donation to Donor

Dear Sir,

We are thankful for your donation in our organization. Our organization supports the poor Childs in their studies. We also ensure their medical treatment. So your donation would be very helpful in achieving our objectives. Your contribution would be securing a child’s future making him a successful man.

Yours Truly,

Hammna Manager Donations

Donation Thanking Letter to Donor

Dear sponsor/donor,

On behalf of AHF I want to extend my gratitude you for your commitment to the cause of mentally and physically challenged children. With your (continued) support and donation for AHF, we have been able to achieve many milestones in our service to special children.

It was the vision of AHF to have a platform where special children were given attention and care, and where they would be trained to face the challenges of life as capably as their contemporaries in other educational institutions. Your generous contribution in this regard has helped make our vision a reality by helping to offset the costs that the AHF bears for each child. Today almost 68% of the children with us are fully funded, while others are given subsidized packages, with the family bearing drastically reduced expenses.

As we continue to grow and succeed, please know that your support is vital to our success as an institution, and we hope to receive your donations in the future as well.


Anjum Hameed

Thank You Letter for Donation Money


Emirates Airlines



Dear Mr. Joe

We are gratefully thank you for your concern about the thalassemia diseased children and the grant you have granted to our organization shall be a hope for thousands of patients. We admire this kind act of yours. We assure you the proper and clear utilization of your donation.

Thanks and Best Regards,




Letter of Acknowledgement for Equipment Donation

The Manager,

Standard Chartered Bank,

Wales, United Kingdom,

Dear Sir,

We thank you for your cooperation and acknowledge your efforts in shape of one number of water-dispenser that you donated to the staff of London Fire Service.

We shall be obedient to you in providing rescue services in case of any unfortunate incident and also available for you to impart training to your staff members, free of cost.

With regards,


Officer in London fire Service

Thank You Letter for Warm Welcome

Letter of thanks for warm welcome after visiting an organization, business or event and further proceedings in the business.

Letter after a Warm Welcome

Dear Hassan,

This letter is to thank all the faculty members for such a warm welcome. I have been appointed as the new CEO of the company and I never had such a respect and friendly atmosphere. The welcome treat was exceptional. All the employees seemed to be very friendly and cooperative. I again show gratitude for such a welcome at the office.

Sincerely Yours,

Hamza Khan

Thanks Letter for Warm Hospitality

Faisal Town,

Dear Robert,

I hope you are doing fine. I am writing to you because I am greatly impressed by your hospitality and respect you gave us when we visited you lately. I am so lucky to have a friend like you who is so sophisticated. I am very much impressed and happy to have you. I thank you so much for everything.



Grateful for Your Warm Welcome

SemiOffice’s Official team visited the Marhaba factory on the 19th June. We received a very heart warming welcome and were impressed by the way we were received and welcomed in your factory. We visited so that Marhaba Factory could provide collaboration with SemiOffice and provide jobs to our internees for the betterment of their future and we returned greatly pleased as Marhaba provided their full support. The chief executive himself visited us and we were grateful for the beautiful gift packs we received. We look forward to further collaboration as well and will be pleased to cooperate with you in future as well.

Yours Faithfully,


Warm Welcome Thanks Letter Sample

Dear Col Ahmad Khan, Assalamu Alaikum,

Thank you very much for your warm welcome on my recent visit to your great Institution. Indeed your team is doing an excellent job on which Pakistani nation and the Muslim Umma could be proud of. May Allah reward you all in both worlds.

I have conveyed my impressions to our team here and we have decided to send a four member team in the first week of November for an in depth study. Insha Allah officials of Educational Trust will coordinate with you about the arrangements. We look forward to your valued cooperation.

I have sent a separate mail to Dr. Khan to thank him. My gratitude also goes to your wife who took great interest in explaining the project.
Insight Centre for Education Development
Sri Lanka

Thank You Letter for Warm Welcome
Thank You Letter for Warm Welcome

Welcome Letter to New Members Sample

Sample letter to welcome new members of shopping outlet, club, franchises, hotel, pizza point, etc. This letter can also be used to welcome new employees in the company.

Letter to Welcome New Members

Mrs. Saima Jameel
General Manager
Saima Corporation
Tariq Road,

Subject: Welcome Letter to New Members

Dear Sir/Madam,
Nimra Linen welcomes you to the privileged circle of Nimra Royale card membership holders. Enclosed is your ticket to experiencing exclusive benefits throughout the country at all our outlets.
As a holder of the Nimra Royale Card, you can rest assured that you will be the first to enjoy the best that Nimra Linen has to offer. As a member, you are eligible for the 10% discount on all products, updates on your favorite Nimra Linen products through newsletters. Furthermore you are a privileged member of this card for lifetime. We value our customers and their loyalty.

We take tremendous pride in providing this high quality professional services. If you have any question or would more information, please contact
Nimra Linen

Welcome Letter to New Members Sample

Mr. Calvin Porter
London, UK

Sir, we are delighted to inform you that your request for membership of HFBS Club has been approved. The membership number assigned to you is 92212. Your membership card has been dispatched and would be delivered at earliest.  We hope to satisfy your needs with our services. Thank you.

Mr. Kevin Harris
Club Secretary
London, UK

Welcome Letter to New Members Sample
Welcome Letter to New Members Sample

Welcome Letter to New Members

Mr. A. Will, Accounts office

Respected sir,

We are pleased to welcome you to our firm as an accounts officer. We expect a great time with you and we expect your attention and sincerity to the work. We always encourage our employees to work hard and encourage them. We treat our employees as family and try to give every opportunity to them. We hope you will have a wonderful time with us and will grow more in our firm.


Team HR

Thanks Letter for Visitors Free Download

Sample thank you letter for visitors for visiting our stall in exhibition or any other place. Thanks letter to visitors with gratitude and request for future business relations.

Thanks Letter for Stall Visitors

Dear Mahrukh,

Its a great pleasure to meet you at our company stall in Expo Center on 8th May. I am thankful for your precious time and hope we will have long term business affiliation. As discussed I will be pleased to have a short meeting with you as per your convenience. I can visit your office on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Looking for your response.

Sincerely yours,

Rehana Yousuf

Thanks Letter to Visitors

Ms. Saima Jamal
Director Marketing
BHT Trust

Subject: Thanks Letter for Stall Visitors

Respected Sir,

On behalf of AH Foundation, I would like to thank you for visiting our stalls and buying souvenirs made by our students. This initiative was a success. The contribution you have made in this regard is duly appreciated.

We at AH Foundation believe that it is the social responsibility of individuals to give back to the society. We therefore seek your generous contribution in the future as well, and hope that you will continue to support our cause through your donations.


Manager Marketing

Thanks Letter to Guests on Stall

Dear Dr. Sehrish,
Thank you very much for visiting our stall in Medical Fair at Sheikh Zaid Hospital. We have exclusive discounts for visitors of our display stall in Lahore Medical Fair as committed before the participation to this exclusive event.

I am enclosing complete list of our product range with regular price list. You will be eligible for 7% discount before 30th June. I request you to spare some of your time to visit our main display center at Mall Road, Lahore where I will show you the product range, quality of our products.

I will be waiting for your visit as soon as possible. Please give me a call before you leave for our display center.

Thanking you,

Manager Client Services

Thanks Letter for Visiting Stall
Thanks Letter for Visiting Stall

Thanks Letter for Stall Permission Free Template

Sample thanks letter for stall permission to display products, brands, handmade products for free and paid. Sample letter of thanks for business cooperation, business support, profit sharing, long term business relations between two parties.

Sample Thanks Letter for Permission

Dear Ms. Khadija,
Thank you very much for allowing us to put our stall inside the Hyper-star Super Market on a discounted rate. We hope that our affiliation continues in future as well for such opportunities. Our installation team will visit the assigned space for design & measurements on Monday at 11 AM and your cooperation will be required in this regard. Your support will be highly obliged.


Manager Corporate Services
SemiOffice Corp

Stall Permission Thanks Letter Format


Subject: Thanks Letter for Stall Permission

Respected Sir,

The AH Foundation would like to thank you for your continued support and generous contribution for the special children at our institution. We are especially grateful to you for the recent Vocational Products Stalls at your outlets that was sponsored by you.

Not only the people visited the stalls able to promote awareness among the community, they also felt proud of by being part of such a noble cause. And the response that we got from the Stalls was phenomenal with total sale of Rs. 120,000/- from two Outlets. Your Outlets Staff was really very cooperative and provide us guidance during the whole activity.

Please know that your support and generosity does not go unnoticed. Without your involvement, all this would have been impossible to achieve. Thank you once again for your generous contribution.

We hope for your continued support in the future as well.

Warm Regards,

Manager Marketing
AH Foundation

Thanks Letter to Exhibitor for Stall Permission

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to you to thank you so much for providing me with the permission to have my stall in your event. It is the only source of my income. I am highly obliged that you have provided me with this opportunity.

Yours Respectfully,


Thanks Letter for Stall Permission
Thanks Letter for Stall Permission

Thanks Letter for Permission of Placing Stall

Event Organizer
Elite Events Inc.

Dear Alex,

I just have received the confirmation of my stall booking at spring carnival. I am glad to hear and writing to thank you for your support for this stall placement at such a grand event. This stall shall give me a great marketing and business opportunity.

Best wishes for your team.
Yours Affectionate

CEO, Xerox

Thanks Letter to Chief Guest and Guest of Honor

Sample thanks letter for chief guest and guest of honor after the ceremony for thanking the guest. Download the letter sample for guest and change as per your needs.

Chief Guest Thank You Letter

To_Chief Guest Name_________

Subject: Thanks Letter to Chief Guest and Guest of Honor for Attending Ceremony

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to thank you for sparing time for the opening ceremony of our  training program ‘Skills for job’ for the youth. Your kind presence in the program encouraged us a lot and made us more confident in our struggle. It was a great pleasure to host you at our organization as the Chief Guest/Guest of Honour.

I appreciate your interest in the well-being of the Youth. Your suggestions have provided us a guideline to proceed more precisely for the betterment of this noble cause. We hope that this kindness and cooperation will remain continue in the future.

With warm regards,


Manager Communication

Thanks Letter to Chief Guest and Guest of Honor
Thanks Letter to Chief Guest and Guest of Honor

Thanks Letter for Guest of Honour

To_Chief Guest Name_________

Subject: Thanks Letter to Chief Guest for Sponsorship

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your visit of [place] and Sponsorship of Rs. 72,000/- for one year. As per our discussion I am sending the images of [venue]. Soon you will receive the official slip of your sponsorship cheque at your mailing address.

Best Regards,

Signatory Authority

Thanks Letter to Guest of Honor

Chief Guest/ guest of honor

Dear Sir,

We want to thank you for honoring us with your presence. It was a wonderful experience to have you as your presence added to the charm of the event.

An honorary is attached to this letter. We are looking forward to invite you again.

Thank you very much again.



Thank you Letter for Business Partnership with Gratitude for Valued Association

Sample thanks letter for business partnership with gratitude, well wishes, terms of partnership special thank to the other partner. You can send this partnership thanks letter in email or in courier service. Simple partnership letter is free for download but strongly prohibited publishing it on internet or elsewhere.

Sample thanks letter for business partnership with another company, business, corporation to make a joint venture or enhancing/expanding the existing business with more financial resources etc.

Letter of Thanks for Business Partnership

Uzma food,Inc
AA road,


Dear Sir,

Thank you for making us as your business partner. I would appreciate that you respond to our request soon and bid obliged to you for making us as your Business partner. Your expression of trust is expressed in believing us. We together will pursue this business and flourish soon with hard efforts. Once again, thank you very much for believing us.

Yours sincerely,


Sun Company

Business Partnership Thanks Letter


Mr. Camila Andrade
Managing Partner
AH Foundation
East London
United Kingdom

Subject: Thank you Letter for Business Partnership with Gratitude for Valued Association

Dear Sir/Madam,

Toba University is running Volunteers in Service Program quite successfully for last 5 years. We have deployed more than 10,000 volunteers in different organizations. Many of our volunteers have made splendid contributions to our partner organizations while contributing to the society and serving our community.

All of this could not have been possible without the cooperation and all out support of our valued partners like AH FOUNDATION. We want to express our gratitude on your continued support and cooperation in this regard. This is a great service to the nation that AH FOUNDATION and London School of Economics are providing through this partnership.

We hope that you will continue to stand by our side in this great endeavor of promoting volunteerism and fostering Socially Responsible Citizens. Thank you so much for the role that you are playing alongside London School of Economics. Please find enclosed a copy of our Annual Report of London School of Economics volunteer program]. Accept our gratitude for all your support and cooperation. Looking forward to a long lasting relationship between London School of Economics and AH FOUNDATION.

Warm Regards,


Minahil Qasim
Incharge Volunteer in Service Program

Thank you Letter for Business Partnership with Gratitude for Valued Association
Thank you Letter for Business Partnership with Gratitude for Valued Association

Thanks Letter for Business Partnership


Mr. James john, Alex spare parts, LA,

Respected James,

I would like to say thanks to you for the partnership you offered me. I think we both know this business well and we will touch the heights of success in future. It was so nice of you that you chose me for the partnership. I was already willing to work with you and I promise you to give my best to this partnership. I pray that the bonding between us remain the same and together we will achieve more. Once again thanks for putting your trust on me. I will maintain it.

Yours truly,

Dexter Morgan,


Thanks Letter for Business Partnership
Thanks Letter for Business Partnership