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Long Term Marketing Plan Example

What is a short term marketing Plan and What is long term marketing plan is described below. Long term marketing strategies. Long term marketing goals example. Short term marketing strategy example. Short term marketing objectives examples. Long term strategy examples. Short and long term projections in marketing plan example. Long term marketing objectives. Short term marketing goals examples.

Long Term Marketing Plan Template

This marketing plan is made for an NGO. Yearly Short term plans to achieve our long term goals
From the year 2018 till 2022

What is our goal (long term plan): basically the goal of this department is to obtain the maximum number of DONORS and give awareness about organisation . Just like we’ve 3000(only from Lahore) donors in 2017 and we wants to achieve 10,000 donors from all over the world. The reason to increase our donors is we refuse many parents to get their child in RSI only due to the lack of donors.

Plan for year 2018

We will more focus on our marketing strategies which includes
• We will publish the success stories of our children to show that how our institute really works on children and make them successful in life
• Increase streams from 5000 to 10,000
• We will also increase our billboards from 5 to 10
• We will place our donation boxes in every big mall
• We required the budget around 60,00,000


Plan for year 2019

Now when we will be having the donors around 4500 we will improve our message and the patron of campaign too. We will try to utilize the donation to get more advance
Machines so the donors get satisfied that their donation is using for good cause and it will also inspire the people who are not donating. And by doing more good marketing we will get 1000 more donors
• We will increase our budget by 20%
• Increase the tv channels for tvc like DUNYA NEWS,CITY 42
• We’ll move towards online donations because in previous years we’ve worked for international donors
• Also broadcast the radio ad in the timings of 7:00 am to 10:00am because people go to office and listen radio and from 4:00pm to 7:00pm at the time when people go back to home.

Plan for the year 2020

We will move on to the other cities like:
• Sahiwal>Islamabad> Peshawar>Karachi>.
• For this we will increase our budget by 40% because we need more
Flyers>billboards>campaigns etc. in different cities of Lahore.
• We will place our boxes too in these cities
• We will improve our donors by 2000

Plan for the year 2021

• We will develop our teaching program more so the parents get attracted and the people who don’t get their children in due to the hopelessness such institutes.
• associate our institute with celebrities who will convey the massage and they will be hopeful about their childes
• We will increase the tv channels for tvc, we’ll move towards the entertainment channels and broadcast our tvc at HUM TV, GEO AND ARY DIGITAL
• 8:00 am to 12:00 am because of the timings of morning shows
• And from 8:00PM TO 10:00PM in drama timings
• Increase our budget by 20%

Plan for the year 2022

Now we stand at a position where everyone knows us not only in Lahore in all over Pakistan and out of Pakistan too if we will keep on improving our ads and keep stronger the messages the people will get more influenced by the work of our organization and we will also work on satisfying the old donors that their donation is using for good cause the result of giving them satisfaction will be more donors because the old donors covey the message to their family and friends and suggest them RSI for this all we will achieve our target to get around 10,000donors

Medical Clinic Business Proposal

Sample medical clinic proposal, clinic proposal sample, sample proposal for health clinic. Clinic profile sample, Project proposal for building a clinic, clinic project proposal, health care proposal template, medical clinic business plan.

Proposal for Consultancy Clinic

To make a consultant clinic at AHF

Name of Clinic: AHF Rehabilitation Clinic for Children

Purpose of this Clinic:

To facilitate the parents who cannot get admission because of residential and family issues or due to non availability of seats.

Abstract of Clinic:

In AHF due to limited sources we cannot give admission to each and every child in order to make their parent satisfied we can offer them a clinic where they can present with their medical as well as psychosocial problems. Affordable people have to pay demanded fees per visit.

Staff of Clinic:

  • licensed medical doctor.(30000)
  • Licensed psychologist(18000)
  • Licensed speech therapist(18000)
  • Licensed physiotherapist(18000)

Services Provided in this Clinic:

Medical Services Proposal

  • General checkup of child
  • Deals with presenting complain of mother and child.

Psychologic Services Proposal

  • Screening
  • Counseling
  • Management
  • Parent Counseling
  • Regular session can be conducted if required(500per session)

Speech Therapy Proposal

  • Assessment
  • Receptive language
  • Expressive language
  • IEP plan and management

Physiotherapy Assessment Proposal

  • Complete assessment
  • Motor assessment
  • Fine motors assessments
  • Exercises and management plan by using different tools.

All services will be provided in $4 per visit

Assessment Clinic Proposal

To make exclusive Private Assessment Team.

Purpose of this proposal.

  • To facilitate the parents
  • In case of private assessment, all team members should be available for assessment only.
  • In case of no assessment, whole team will be available for school task.
  • Assessment report should be given to parents  within 10 days
  • Assessment team members:
  • Licensed doctor(30,000)
  • Experienced Psychologist(18,000)
  • Experienced Speech and Language therapist
  • Experienced Physiotherapist
  • Experienced Occupational therapist
  • Experienced Sensory therapist
  • Types of Assessment & its Charges:

1) Comprehensive Psycho-educational and Medical assessment(15000)

2) Psychological assessment:

  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Development assessment
  • Intellectual assessment(7000)
  • Functional academic assessment
  • Adaptive assessment
  • IEP plan and management
  • Report writing

3)speech therapy assessment(4000)

  • Detail speech and language assessment
  • Give IEP  and management.

4) Physiotherapy assessment.(4000)

  • Gross motor assessment
  • Fine motor assessment

Sample Event Schedule Template Free Download

Sample Event Schedule Template for company, school, college or university. Event schedule includes guests arrival, guest registration, lunch time, tea break and event details.

Event Day Schedule

27th February 2014

10:30 a.m.                                     Arrival of Participating Organizations

10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.          Registration and Stall Set up/preparation

12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.            Lunch (served at EDH).

& Prayer break

1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.              The Internship Fair (Academic Block)

–          Students visiting stalls.

–          Introduction of Participating Organizations to students.

–          Interactive Session between Students and Participating Organizations.

3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.                Arrival of USAID officials

4:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.               Distribution of souvenirs to participants

5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.               Tea Break (EDH, LUMS)

Sample Event Schedule Template Free Download
Sample Event Schedule Template Free Download

Daily Production Report Format in Excel

Daily Production Report Format in excel for companies, Production units of textile, paper mills and printers. The Daily Production Report Samples are available in excel and word formats for free download.

This production report template includes LOT number, Contract Types, Width of Production, quality, Design and length of the final production. This format is taken from textile production unit of a multinational firm.

Sample Production Report

















Prepared By: _______________________________ G. Total
H.O.D: ____________________________________ Average

Sample Image of Daily Report in Excel

Daily Production Report Format in Excel
Daily Production Report Format in Excel

Daily Production Report Format in Excel

Daily Production Report Format in Word

Sample Event Summary for Internship Program Ceremony

A great inauguration ceremony of internship program 2016 was held at AH Foundation on 1st July 2016 in the main seminar hall of RSI.The chief guest of the ceremony was Syed Rehan Gillani,Chief Executive Gardian International accompanied with Mr and Mrs Samin Mir.President of RSE & WS Dr. Abdul Tawab Khan,Vice President Mehmood Ahmad,Finance Secretary Col(r) Saleem Raza Khan were also present in the ceremony.The audience comprised of 145 volunteers from various Institutions such as Aitchison College,LUMS, Beaconhouse,City School,Lahore ALMA,LACAS,SICAS,LGS, DPS,College of Home Economics, Kinaird College who participated in the Internship Program.

The ceremony started with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by a presentation by Dr. Abdul Tawab on the various types of Intellectually Impaired children.He gave a thought provoking speech describing the challenges mentally handicapped children face on a daily basis and enlightened us with the success stories of RSI.

The ceremony further proceeded by showing two documentaries with the intention of raising awareness about special children to the younger generation.The ceremony ended by a speech given by the honorable chief guest Syed Rehman Gillan who expressed his support and appreciation for RSI commended Mr and Mrs tawab for their relentless efforts towards this noble cause.

Task Sheet Template in Ms Excel Free Download

Sample task sheet template in ms excel is available for free download. Best Sheet to manage supply chain tasks of the drivers of supply chain companies.

What is Task Sheet?

Normally tasksheet is used to assign duties and tasks to the staff members working for any project or daily routine work.

Task Sheet Fromat

This sheet is driven form the experiences of many companies working internationally. You can customize it according to your needs. Download this driver tasking sheet in Microsoft Excel Format.

Task Sheet Template in Ms Excel Free Download
Task Sheet Template in Ms Excel Free Download

Task Sheet Template in Ms Excel Free Download

Job Description of Marketing Manager template

Sample job description of marketing manager in hospital, fmcg, manufacturing company and industry to explain the duties and responsibilities of the marketing manager.

Job Description of Marketing Manager

We are looking for active and experienced applicants for post of Marketing Manager. The job includes variety of work which ranges from office work to sales promotion in field. The Marketing Manager will also be responsible for advertisement of the company. Applicant should be willing and capable to handle working with a team as well as an individual.

Age of the applicant should be between 20 to 40 years at the time of applying this job. Candidates with Master’s degree in relevant subject and having more than 5 years of experience will be given preference.

Job Description

Name: _____________

Title of the position: ______________

Department: _____________________

Reports to: ___________________

Overall responsibility: Supervise department staff and find ways and means to enhance funding for the organization.

Key areas of responsibility

  1. Working on all the possibilities of fund raising
  2. Dispatching letters and emails on timely basis
  3. Arranging meetings and executing campaigns which are necessary for institute

Consults with

  • All levels of management


  • Good organizational skills
  • Cooperative behavior with staff as well as with donors
  • Well defined marketing tools
  • Handle elusive tasks given by management

Resource Development Manager

Job Description of Marketing Manager

Dear Mr. Sam


Reference to your job application about marketing manager, I want to inform you that we are considering your application, but before we call you for an interview we want to describe the duties of marketing manager.

  • The person should be masters in marketing from well recognized university, and should have at least 5 years of experience in this field.
  • Marketing manager will be responsible for marketing of all our products, including new and old products.
  • He will be responsible for planning and designing of new marketing strategies.
  • The selected person should be able to prepare marketing campaigns and should be capable enough to implement it.
  • He should be well aware of online marketing and should also be expert in social media marketing.
  • The selected person should be independent in decision making, hence he would be considered responsible for all decisions.

Hope the above description is enough for you to understand the seriousness of this job. I wish you good luck in your interview that will be conducted on 25th December 2016.

Best Regards

HR Manager,
Hair International

Manager Job Description

Job Description of Manager Fundraising

  1. Name: ___________
  2. Job title: Manager Resource Development
  3. Department: Resource Development
  4. Job location: _________________
  5. Reports to:President and Vice President
  6. Purpose of the job: Fund Raising and Marketing


Job Duties & Key Responsibilities

  1. Follow up Calls to New & Old Donors
  2. Preparation and Dispatch of Letters
  3. Preparation of Monthly Sponsorship Lists
  4. Preparation of Annual Sponsorship Lists
  5. Managing, Sorting and Record keeping of donors and sponsorships
  6. Working for Registration of SMS Short Code Donation
  7. Working for Online Donation via Banks
  8. Working for promotion via Radio and TV Channels
  9. Supervise activities of Volunteers time to time
  10. Managing and Updating Website of AH Foundation
  11. SMS Marketing
  12. Sending Letters & Emails to prospective and old donors
  13. Execution of Zakat Campaign in Ramazan
  14. Executing Schools Campaigns
  15. Sponsorship of Promotional materials like Brochure and Newsletter



Manager Resource Development

Minutes of Meeting Sample Template

Sample format of Minutes of Meeting. This is general format you can customize it according to your needs. This is specifically designed for SMS Fund Raising Campaign for an NGO but it is a very good example of minutes of meeting.

SMS Fund Raising Campaign
Minutes of meeting                         24-03-2010                             Time: 03:05 pm


Meeting called by: Name (Public Relationship Manager)

Type of Meeting: Official

Facilitator: Company Name

Attendees: Name: Manager Creative Work, Name & Designation and Name & Designation,
Duraton: 45 Minutes

Topics Discussed


Discussion: Introduction of Marketing Department of “Company Name” and the “Company Name” Team

Introduction of the campaign by Name & Designation like when it is going to be executed, its mechanism, benefits and outcome. “Company Name” wants to do this because of its corporate social responsibility. Name & Designation introduce the department and give the details of functions performed by the department; Newsletters, Brouchures, Corporate Letters, Email Messages, Banners and Steamers and all communication means with individuals and corporate sector.

Campaign Execution

Discussion: SMS Campaign Execution

Briefing about the joint Fund Raising campaign going to be executed in last week of March. All departments at “Company Name” meet to exchange the full mechanism of the campaign and duties and responsibilities will be assigned before the final execution to achieve the goals and launch it successfully.

Placement of message in newsletter & brochure etc

Discussion: Place and Position of message on newsletter , banners, steamers

Creative Manager of “Company Name” team suggests that the SMS charity message can be placed at the front page of newsletter. It may not be suite able for the banners and steamers.


Discussion: “Company Name” team will help to design our newsletter, brochures. (if required)

Warid team will help to design our newsletter and brouchure if it required in future to make it more attractive and posting the message that how the readers can donate for AH Foundation from their mobile.

Frequency of newsletter and brochure

Discussion: Details of the additions of newsletters, brouchures, and their frequency

Issuance of newsletter after every four months and the brouchure can be reissued after any up-gradation at “Company Name” or according to the required quantity.


Discussion: Coordination between “Company Name” and “Company Name”

Marketing Department of “Company Name” will remain in coordination with “Company Name” Team and provide them all kind of support to execute this campaign successfully.

Prepared By: Name & Designation

Opening Ceremony Program Schedule for Chief Guest

Sample Opening Ceremony Program Schedule for chief guest of program. Opening Ceremony Program Schedule can be used for guests, participants, clients and customers.  The complete schedule is attached in MS Word file. You can customize it according to your requirements.



Opening Ceremony

“Program Name/ Ceremony“

19th December 2017, Time 9:00 AM


Address and Tel Numbers

Chief Guest:                        Guest Name

Chief Executive

Company Name

8:30 am                Registration of Participants

8:50 am                Participants to be seated

9:00 am                Arrival of the Chief Guest & Presentation of Bouquet by name

9:05 am                Briefing about Projects/Ceremony

9:15 am                Visit to the Facilities

9:40 am                TILAWAT

9:45 am                Welcome address by: Chief Executive Officer/Chairman
9:50 am                Inauguration of Course by Chief Guest

Guest Name

9:55 am                  Vote of thanks by:




10:00 am               Refreshments

10:15 am                Departure of Chief Guest

Inauguration Ceremony Program Schedule for Chief Guest
Inauguration Ceremony Program Schedule for Chief Guest

Download Inauguration Ceremony Program Schedule for Chief Guest