Permission Letter for International Travel

Sample permission letter for international travel from father. This letter normally required by the embassies from the parents as a declaration in case of any emergency and other legal requirements.

Sample Letter of Consent to Travel Without Parents

Embassy of Netherlands

Diplomatic Enclave

Islamabad / Pakistan



Saqib Ahmad,

Temple Road, Lahore / Pakistan

Father of:

Miss: NOOR                             Date of Birth:  12. 05.1985

Passport Number:  jlajf58573893-342/24

I, Saqib Ahmad, holder of Pakistan National Identity Card number 12345-123456-7, father of the above mentioned Miss Noor herewith allow her to visit the Netherlands as a tourist tentatively in the third week of September 2016 for approximately 10 days.

I am a business person and owner of the firm “PRECO ELECTRIC” in Lahore, which deals in the manufacture and import of electrical equipment. I am financially sound and enclose my bank statement as proof of my financial strength for your consideration.

Furthermore, I declare myself responsible towards the Dutch authorities for timely return of my above named daughter from the Netherlands to Pakistan within the validity period of the visa granted by the Dutch embassy in Pakistan as well as for all expenses of travel, boarding, lodging and health and other guarantees as may be required under the Dutch law.

Signature:        _____________________                      Cell No.:1244944984

(Saqib Ahmed)

Dated: Lahore/Pakistan, 20. August 2016

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