Company Bank Account Opening Request Letter to Bank


This is a request letter to bank for opening a company bank account or business bank account. We also suggest you to give a clue to the bank if your account will be huge. Like you will have big deals with this account etc. But don’t write any business or company secret to the bank. Now a days account opening for a company is not an issue most the the banks looking for company accounts with maximum facilities.

Request Letter to Bank for Company Account

The Branch Manager

Chartered Bank

New York,


Subject: Company Bank Account Opening Request Letter

Dear Sir or Madam,

This is to request you for opening company account in your branch of New York City. We are going to start business operation in New York City form November. Our Company has very good reputation and huge turnover. Please facilitate our account in the name of “SemiOffice” in your branch as soon as possible. We will provide all the information and documents that you may require to open this account.

Looking for Your Favorable Reply,



Mr. Kerry

Regional Manager Finance


Company Bank Account Opening Letter

Respected Branch Manager,

We are very pleased to inform you and your bank that we have started a new company named “OBTC”. Our head office is located in your branch area. We are expecting a huge turn over for our solar products because of increasing awareness and cost effective solution for the local residents. I already have my personal bank accounts in your branch and I will be very happy to open our company account in your bank branch under the title of OBTC. Later I will also prefer to maintain our employee accounts in your branch. For now I request you to please open our company account, a duly filled account opening form is attached including references of the account holders. I will be highly obliged.

Thanking you,


Zahid Nawaz

Company Bank Account Opening Letter Format

This letter is written by the employee of bank for the clients to open their company bank accounts with all the requirements and standard pattern of letter for company bank account.

The Branch Manager,
Dubai Bank Limited,
Dubai UAE


Sub: Request for Account Opening for Company

Dear Sir,
It is certified that I am running a company with the name of ABC Company which deals in the manufacturing of confectionery items. I am the sole owner of such company. I am operating ABC company since 2010. Company’s office landline no is 042-72259608.
Kindly open my Allied Business Account in your prestigious bank. Below is the brief detail of my company:

Proprietor: Muhammad Umair
NTN NO: 3410133626657


Muhammad Umair

Letter to Open Company Bank Account

Letter to Open Company Bank Account

Company Account Opening Request Letter to Bank

Company Account Opening Request Letter to Bank


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