Electrical Engineer Experience Letter Sample

Sample experience letter for electrical engineers from companies or employers in word doc and pad files. Electrical engineering is becoming common day by day and mostly top educational universities are offering electrical engineering degrees.

Electrical Engineer Experience Certificate

To Whom It May Concern

It is certified that Mr. James has worked as Electrical Engineer at Elemetic Group of Companies from January 2013 to April 2015. He was appointed to lead the electrical team of ten engineers in the quality control department of export division for Power Distribution Transformers. During the job we found him responsible, sincere, committed and devoted to his job responsibilities.

We wish him best in his future endeavours.

Khushnood Aslam

Group Head HR Policy

Electrical Engineer Experience Letter

To whom it may concern,

It is verified on behalf of Electric Electronics Company that Mr. James was a part of our Electrical Engineering division. He was appointed as team leader to lead and monitor a team of ten engineers responsible for Quality Control and inspection of installed electrical components. He has extensive knowledge of his subject and has good command on installation of delicate electrical components. During his period of employment here, he has been a dedicated and capable individual with strong commitment to his work responsibilities. He has been a vital part of our Quality Control Department for three years and we strongly recommend him for any future appointments. Our best wishes are with him for his future endeavors.

Chief Executive Officer

Experience Letter for Electrical Engineer

To Whom It May Concern
It is certified that Ms. Ayesha Yousaf was permanent employee of Geskon Engineering since 2004 and submitted her resignation in February 2015 for career growth. She was a very good emplyee of the company and she always be remember for her pleasant and cooperative personality. We wish her best growth in the future.

Signatory Authority

Electrical Engineer Experience Certificate
Electrical Engineer Experience Certificate

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