Letter For Student Bank Account Opening


This is a request letter for student bank account for any country like UK, USA, India and Pakistan.


The Branch Manager


NY City


Subject: Request Letter for Student Bank Account

Dear Sir,

I am a student currently enrolled in the University of Texas . Your bank has sponsored many of our university events and there are only your branches throughout our campus. I want to open up a savings student account in your branch.

I am from another city and it’s difficult for my parents to send me money from there via other means. Therefore it is crucially important for me to have a bank account as it will be safe as well as a place where I could manage my budget. Please allow me to open up my account so that I shall submit the initial payment.

Please consider my request and I will be grateful to you for your kind consideration.

Sincerely Yours,



MBA Marketing

Application For Student Bank Account

Application For Student Bank Account


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