Sample Event Summary for Internship Program Ceremony

A great inauguration ceremony of internship program 2016 was held at AH Foundation on 1st July 2016 in the main seminar hall of RSI.The chief guest of the ceremony was Syed Rehan Gillani,Chief Executive Gardian International accompanied with Mr and Mrs Samin Mir.President of RSE & WS Dr. Abdul Tawab Khan,Vice President Mehmood Ahmad,Finance Secretary Col(r) Saleem Raza Khan were also present in the ceremony.The audience comprised of 145 volunteers from various Institutions such as Aitchison College,LUMS, Beaconhouse,City School,Lahore ALMA,LACAS,SICAS,LGS, DPS,College of Home Economics, Kinaird College who participated in the Internship Program.

The ceremony started with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by a presentation by Dr. Abdul Tawab on the various types of Intellectually Impaired children.He gave a thought provoking speech describing the challenges mentally handicapped children face on a daily basis and enlightened us with the success stories of RSI.

The ceremony further proceeded by showing two documentaries with the intention of raising awareness about special children to the younger generation.The ceremony ended by a speech given by the honorable chief guest Syed Rehman Gillan who expressed his support and appreciation for RSI commended Mr and Mrs tawab for their relentless efforts towards this noble cause.

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