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Sample speeches free download for Official Events and for School, Colleges and University Students. We also provide consultancy for writing speeches for CEO’s, Directors, Chancellors, Professors, Teachers, Students and Executives.

Speeches are commonly known as “address to audience on an important topic in events, gatherings and in webinars”. Speeches are also delivered for recording purposes to release later or to play in recorded programs on tv or ceremonies.

Soon We will add more speeches on variety of other topics like public speeches, inauguration speeches, annual day speeches etc..

Welcome and Farewell Speeches

Welcome and Farewell Speeches



  1. I would like to join this program.

  2. tete says:

    Very helpful

  3. Ishmeal Kanneh says:

    I want to add up my skill in public speaking

  4. shamsa says:

    Please you can send to me same application about environment because I have a meeting on coming week..


  5. muazu Mohammed says:

    Good site

  6. laxmi says:

    very help full hain

  7. Tanya Porche says:

    This sounds like a very good site. I have not used it yet but it looks like it will definitely come in handy.

    • Sami says:

      I hope you will like this site. We are working on regular basis to improve and add new letters and documents at semioffice

  8. Henry McCaulley says:

    Kindly provide me with some applications on speeches..

  9. Gabriel Weah says:

    I love this program

  10. Pradip Bar says:

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  11. hassan says:

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  12. Bamfo eric says:

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  13. Nyakeh Joe Miller says:

    I hope to be part of this programme

  14. David Emekwi says:

    I would like to beef up my speech speaking.

  15. Chip Phiri says:

    I want to improve my skill in letter writing and public speaking

  16. Chipo muchanga says:

    please help me with a speech to deliver during interviews

  17. Sheku J. Idriss says:

    Please help me with a speech to deliver as a welcome address during public gathering

  18. Sheku J. Idriss says:

    Please help me with a sample of public speech

  19. ABUBAKAR says:

    I like to be current in public

  20. Karena Honeywell says:

    I would like to join this program.

  21. victor says:

    Pls help with an application on letter writting and public speak

  22. benazia says:

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  23. raymond charles f.s. says:

    Great one there

  24. Costar Kim says:

    Dear Service Provider,
    I would like you to send me a full copy of any kind of speeches for my further study.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Costar Kim

  25. manasa says:

    I would like to know wether required speech will be sent to me through mail or just posted here

  26. Steve Haruna says:

    I will like to built on my skills in speech delivery. Thanks.

  27. Am happy to join this program

  28. Amir afzal says:

    I just donlowded this app. So at the moment cant say any thing maybe later.

  29. Dawa Tsering says:

    I have already installed the apps, and seems to be very useful. The content inside the apps layout programmes are also seems to be of much interest but my complain is that the very app is unable to open when I trying to get into.

  30. annie rose reyes says:

    Ferewell speeches to a barangay turned over crowned

  31. Joseph Menlor says:

    I actually need a tip on how to write speech for a graduation party. Few weeks from now, I will be graduating from the University.

  32. annie rose reyes says:

    Pls. Send me a farewell speech for turning the crwoned

  33. ravi says:

    I am going to office today. My leave completed .so inform to you

  34. Joseph A Nanoh says:

    My boss is leaving the country for the united States next month,please help me with a farewell speech. Thanks in advance.

  35. chum idadi says:

    Please,sent me a speach on mobilisation of youth in agriculture

  36. Ezekiel says:

    I’m interested on the public speeches

  37. Tomar loyi says:

    I need speech about of mather.

  38. kato adams says:

    I want speech for the meeting of head of department

  39. Godwin Ihemefula says:

    I would like to join this program

  40. gabriel n says:

    The App.is a very good one but it can not be use offline why?

  41. Sulemana Abdul Razak says:

    Good morning, please I would be grateful if you could share with me sample of end of project speech

  42. prince layleh says:

    I appreciate this application hardly. I will appreciate if I can have some format of public speeches

  43. Dayyabu Ahmed Dukku says:

    Very helpful and enlightening

  44. Samir says:

    How to write a E-mail for rate quotation

  45. Emmanuel Tarpeh says:

    I want to learn how to speak in public places.

  46. Esrom Lais says:

    Please provide a public speech ,quoting Christmas messages

  47. Isiaka M. Emmanuel says:

    I think I love this site an I will be glad if can use use this opportunity to elevate my public speaking.

  48. Violeta says:

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  49. Duku kingsley says:

    This is a very nice site. Keep it up

  50. Skhi bwoi says:

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  51. Zebron Zulu says:

    Helpful indeed


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