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Appreciation Letter for Manager

Sample appreciation letter for manager, bank manager, HR manager etc. Thanks letter to boss for appreciation.

Appreciation Letter for Manager and staff

The manager, DBX

Respected sir,

We would like to congratulate you and the staff under your supervision for showing excellent performance during this month and for that every person under your supervision will get a bonus this month as a gesture of appreciation. We expect the same effort and dedication from the staff for future. We wish you all the very best. Thanks


Airport management authority, DBX

Appreciation Letter for Manager

To Manager,
Custom office, Taxes, USA

Dear Barbra Oliver,

It is great honor to know that our project from loss angles has been accepted and it is been used by more than 2000 people in USA. We congratulate you for such great achievement for our company.

It would never be possible without such great effort of Miss Barbra Oliver, who worked with great enthusiastic and struggled to fulfill this project. We appreciate all her effort for this project.

Thank You


Camilla Nathan

Letter of Appreciation for Teamwork

I am looking for a letter to send to employees for their many years with the organization. These recipients will be honored at a special event that we have annually.

Letter of Appreciation for Sales Team

The Team


Dear Team,

Hope you are enjoying the good time here working with us. We appreciate all the efforts, accomplishments and dedication you have given so far to this firm to excel and succeed in the current market scenario. This is the time to applaud you on the success that all of us have achieved till now.

For this purpose we have planned the annual dinner tonight where the team members would be appreciated and awarded by the best performances in their capacities and departments this year.

All of you are requested to join the senior management at this annual dinner so we can make plans ahead with great celebrations of what we have achieved so far.

The CEO, Logicause

Write an Appreciation Letter to a group of People


Laeeq Khan,
Group HR Manager,
Grand Facilities Management Services,
Downtown Dubai,

Dear All,

We are pleased to inform you all that we have been awarded the long awaited project of Marina Towers, a property owned by the renowned Emaar group.

The management would like to take this opportunity to thank all our technical staffs for their excellent and tiring efforts that enables us to prove our professionalism.

To celebrate the achievement further and to give appreciation letters to you all, please join us tomorrow at  The Dubai Mall Food court exactly at 09:00PM where Mr. Anthony, the General Manager will welcome you at the main entrance.

Thanks once again.


Laeeq Khan,
Group HR Manager,

Appreciation Letter for Teamwork

Mr. John Miller, Nestle

Dear Mr. Miller,

We are writing this appreciation letter to congratulate you on your successful project related to dairy farming. You have been a wonderful mentor and project manager throughout the project and have successfully given amazing output.  We are fortunate to have workers like you in our firm. We have decided to give you bonus this month as a reward of your hard work. We are planning to promote you as a team leader for upcoming projects. We wish you a very good luck and expect same outputs by you.


Management Head, Nestle

Letter of Appreciation to Employee Free Download

Sample Letter of Appreciation to Employee from Employers for best services, long service, good performance, leaving the company or for hard work. This letter can be used for HR and HCM Departments, Managers, Executives, Officers, Accountants and all other posts within the organization.

Performing Arts & Theatre ‘14

Letter of appreciation

Dear Participant,

On behalf of “AH Foundation” and the respected management team of Performing Arts & Theatre’14, we are thankful to each one of you for your participation. It’s a real honour to have you here.

The institute intends to provide you all a platform to show your talent. This institute for special children recognizes your individual as well as collective efforts that you have exhibited on this charitable form.

We would like to wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

Thank you,
Manager Marketing

Employee Appreciation Letter Sample


Subject: Employee Appreciation Letter for Achievements

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am deeply impressed by your accomplishments, achievement and your invaluable contribution to the welfare of our society. After surfing through your website I came to realize that there’s a reason as to why the withering moral fabric of our society hasn’t really diminished altogether; it’s because of such courageous efforts. I am appreciating your efforts through this letter.

Best Regards

Manager Admin

Letter of Employee Appreciation Sample for Achievements
Letter of Employee Appreciation Sample for Achievements

Acknowledgement Letter for Job Well Done

Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. Ltd,
United Kingdom

Respected Austin,

I am writing this letter because I want to appreciate you with an open heart about the job you have done at the company. You have become the best employee in my eyes, and have improved a lot since you have joined. But there is still a lot to achieve. I want you to improve more and more with the passage of time so that you become eligible for the promotion.

Your Employer,

Manager Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. Ltd

Letter of Appreciation to Employee

George Duke, Accounts department

Respected sir,

We are pleased to inform you that you have performed very well this year. Your evaluation report has shown excellent results and we congratulate you on this success of you. We appreciate your dedication and sincerity to the work. We wish you all the very best for your future and hope to see you giving your best like this.


Team HR

Certificate of Appreciation & Commendation

Sample Certificate of Appreciation Format for Teachers, Employees, Clients, Customers, Guests, Volunteers with sample wording. What is a certificate of commendation. Commendation certificate meaning.  Commendation certificate wording.  Certificate of commendation template usmc, navmc certificate of commendation, Certificate of commendation marine corps.

Commendation Certificate Sample and Wording

LESCO hereby confers commendation to Mr. XYZ, Assistant Manager (OP), Bund Road Sub Division, in recognition of his meritorious services rendered by him beyond the call of normal duties during the quarter ending June -20XX


Chief Executive Officer

14th August, 20XX

Commendation Certificate Sample and Wording
Commendation Certificate Sample and Wording

Sample Appreciation Certificate

Company Logo Here

Certificate of Appreciation

This Certification is presented to


In Recognition of

Participation in providing unstinted and invaluable services

to the community and to the cause of

“Event/Program Name”

___________________                            ___________________

President                                                                      Director

Address 1:__________________________________________________

Address 2:__________________________________________________

Sample Appreciation Certificate
Sample Appreciation Certificate
Certificate of Appreciation Format free download
Certificate of Appreciation Format in Word for Free Download

Certificate of Appreciation for Employee

Dear Mr. Hamid Majeed,

This is to acknowledge you support in Value Chain Mapping of wheat crop of our Electronic Trading Platform for Agricultural Commodities project. We have found your work extremely professional and you have worked very admirably despite the tight timelines.

Please accept our sincerest gratitude for the superb job you have done. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours and we hope to work with you again in future.


Chief Executive