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Employers Having Advantage of Unemployment in Pakistan?

It is very true reality that the youth which is majority in Pakistan facing long lasting problems. These problems are being created by unemployment, education system, lack of leadership, political system and instability in politics, bribery system and international pressure and agent politicians. In presence of all these factors there is the only business sector ”employers” in Pakistan who can solve this problem of youth. But unfortunately this sector highly discouraging the youth and educated people by paying low salaries, forced overtime on job, lack of reward and promotion system and over workload.

Employers paying very low salaries and expecting hard work and motivation from employees. They do not know that if the employee will be satisfied and happy only then that will be motivated and will do the best for the employer. I will say that the employer only thinks in their own way but they must start thinking in a professional way.

Even now a day this is also becoming well known that the employers block the salaries of one or two months as security and ultimately if the employee leaves the job then this security will not be paid. Employee with low income can’t do anything with this type of problem unless to keep silence.

I know all above problems will remain same but I will request the employers please reward the employees as per their abilities and education and get rewarded by the employees more than your expectations and status.

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Written by Mr. Sami

How to Work With Your Boss? Do You Know?

The fact is Boss always wants those people who are not much more intelligent. Their performance should not be better than the boss. Boss always pick your weak points and prove you an unintelligent worker. Boss will hide your performance from the senior management especially where the boss is answerable and report-able. Boss will be angry if you show your performance directly to the senior management because they can promote you, can increase your incentive and may think to replace you with your boss’s position.

So if you are a job holder you must be careful about your efficiency. Because if you prove yourself better than your boss, than your boss can be fired any time.  But clever bosses never give you such chances and boss will fire you before you take such opportunity, everybody loves the job.

So what to do?

Just find the right person to whom you need to show your performance. Who can promote you in reality? Who can increase your salary? Who can be beneficial for you in difficult time? If you will be able to find the right person to whom you need to show your performance, only than you will be a successful employee of the company. Otherwise your will ever lose your jobs and face troubles.

Education System in Pakistan. Will We Succeed?

Today education has become necessary for everyone’s life; Survival without education is becoming difficult. A recent survey shows that in today’s environment labour level jobs also requiring education to work on machines, to drive machines and to quantify the work and calculate the earnings.

But in developing countries education is challenge for low earners, especially in Pakistan. Because in Pakistan income is on top priority then education in all institutions. So for low earners it is too much difficult to pay high fees. Free education the government schools and various NGO’s are offering but to study in most of those schools is about none. Low salaries, teachers absents, low qualification and no teacher trainings are the main reasons of low quality education especially in Pakistan. The teachers don’t know what they are teaching, students don’t know what they are studying, and teachers are going to schools for salaries, students for attendance and to satisfy parents. Students learn nothing and wasting their time in Pakistani schools according to current demand and competition. Quality education is also available in Pakistan but that is limited to only few students in 13 Crore students.

In today’s fast moving world Pakistan is still lacking quality education even after having good infrastructure and the same practices are ongoing from nursery to university level. Universities and schools want to earn more and more rather to better education their students. All above reasons promoting academy culture in Pakistan, or part time home tuition culture in Pakistan. Because of tuition culture parents have to pay double fees first at schools, then academy’s. Education system in Pakistani universities is shame for the Muslims. We proudly say we are Muslims but reality is different. The first message from the God to our holy prophet was education.

The government must take the necessary steps to improve this system otherwise we will be failure in the world with no education. Every Pakistani wants to go abroad but they have in mind in advance that they will work as labour and can survive with low earnings. HSMP highly affected Pakistan because the thousands of educated Pakistanis already migrated and many trying to migrate.

If we will not standardize our education system we will be failure state in the world. But unfortunately for this system educated leadership is necessary. No one is thinking about this. But this is guaranteed that we will never grow with this system in the world. Everyone knows what is happening but no one working for its betterment. We should make our country good educational brand.

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Written by: M. Sami

How to study and understand the books?

As the technology has developed and we enter to 21st century study is simple and most easy to read and learn from the books. There are international standards of writing books available. Most of the books meeting the standards I find them very easy to understand and memorize them. Following are the points to read business books especially. Even teacher do not know this method.

Where to start? First of all you need to know who wrote this book and what is the topic is being discussed. Why you want to read this book, you can judge it from the topic. Try to find the first pages if there mentioned “how to read this book” because most of the modern books have this guide page. If this page is available carefully go through it.

What to learn first? Most of the books have contents page and all the contents managed in a hierarchy. Try to understand what the all hierarchy about. If possible try to draw this hierarchy on a page.  If you will be able to do this I guarantee you that you will understand half of the book and 50% of the topic.

How to start reading? When you have completed the first two steps and you have got the idea what is inside the book. You can start reading it first chapter. According to international standards most of the book author’s summaries the whole book in first chapter. Before starting any chapter keep its contents in mind with hierarchy and try to understand the first chapter in depth. If you learn the first chapter of the book that you are reading you will get the 80% knowledge of the book. If you completed and learn the first chapter carefully, the rest of the whole book will not be a problem for you. No matter whether the book is contains 500- pages or 500,000- pages.

What to do with terms or difficult words? All books have used many terms and lots of word that you may not understand easily. For this problem during your reading keep in mind to check all terms and difficult words at the end of the book in section “glossary”

What to do after completing the chapters? At the end of each chapter you will find an exercise, you must complete this if you really want to learn from the book. When you have gone through the whole book, it will be useless for you until unless you exercise it, teach it, or implement where it can be.  You can find larger case studies and solve them with your own understanding. In this way you will not only read the book in a short time, you will be able to memorize it for life time, get lessons from it. And you will achieve the purpose of the book.

What is happening in our class rooms? In most of the universities, colleges and schools teachers start from the first chapter, shortly go through it, provide an exercise for students to perform, finally in next class more than 80% of the students come without any solution by themselves, 10% copy it from other 10%, and the last 10%, most of them already having knowledge about the topic, some read it from the book and some understand it from teacher. In class teachers only teach few chapters and they don’t care whether the student learnt from the teacher or not. They just try to complete the session. This difference exists in all developing and underdeveloped countries and all Muslim countries. This is the reality of our class rooms according to my experience and that is why we are laggards in the world in education. There are many other reasons but I am not discussing them here.

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Written By: M. Sami

Improve Self Confidence Quickly Its Amazing

Improve Your Confidence Level in 30 Minutes
Improve Your Confidence Level in 5 Minutes

Well educated but not confident. What to do for Building Self Confidence?

Hundreds of articles, books and websites are available on improving self confidence level. But I feel many people who studied those articles, books and websites still not confident or fail to build self confidence. I will tell you few tips to improve your self confidence level and I never studied these points in any self confidence building articles. I drive these tips from my personal and professional experiences. Building Self Confidence requires many aspects to cover but here I am writing the most important. I am sure after reading this complete article “Self Confidence” will not be a matter for you. Specially you will not forget this article once you read it.

Improving Self Esteem and Self Confidence is Not a Matter Now

Example from the History

Just think about the old times what the doctors were doing. They just looked at the face and told about all the problems in the person standing front of them. They don’t have the facility of today’s latest technology, labs and equipment’s. It was all about face reading. From this I want to tell you that your face tell everything about you, no matter whether it is inside the body or outside. Your confidence always measured from your face.

Here are some special points to improve your confidence level. Its all about how you can make your face good looking, happy and confident. If you have any fault inside and outside of your body believe me it will appear on your face and others will read it easily. To make your face confident consider following confidence building tips.

Self Confidence Building Exercises and Tips

Brush Your Teeth:

Before going to any place where you feel not confident you must brush your teeth. Even if you do not have need of this. You will feel happy to give a good smile otherwise you will feel shy. If you brush your teeth before any interview or any situations where you feel not confident your confidence level will increase up to 15% as compared to without brush.

Wear Newly Washed and Ironed Cloths:

You must wear washed and newly ironed cloths, no matter whether the cloths are new or old but they must be washed and ironed properly before going to any situation. If you have some cloths washed before two weeks and ironed before one week. Do not wear them for this kind of situation. This type of clothing will depress you and you will not feel fresh. Also plan your clothing as per situations, whether you need to wear simple shirt and pant, tie shirt and pant or pant coat. Try to wear better cloths which you feel nobody will be wearing in the certain situation. Your confidence level will increase up to 15% as compared to without washed and freshly ironed clothes.

Hair Style and Cutting:

Go to an outstanding hair saloon, where you feel the experts are available. Please guide the barber about your desire and get the perfect and good looking hair style. You can also get the advice from the expert about you hair style. Many hair styling gels and creams are also available you can use them easily.

Shave Properly:

You must have fresh shave before shower and double your shave to make sure that it is perfect. If you will not be sure about your shave perfection, definitely you will lose confidence.  In case you do not have shaved face than you must have proper cutting.

Clean Your Body:

This important point most of the writers will not tell you and I never read this in any article. Properly take a shower with soap and shampoo just before going to any situation. If possible use soap and shampoo two times or more than you regularly do. Try to make your body cleaner than ever before.

Make Under Shave Properly:

Make sure your under shave is OK, and never compromise on this. If your under shave is not properly done you will lose your confidence up to 30%. You can experiment it suppose if your shave is not properly done, just do it, and feel the difference. This will change your face expressions and makes you confident.

Use New Under Garments:

Most of the time people wearing old undergarments do not have a happy face. Make sure your undergarments are not older than their life if you want a happy face. Also make sure that all under garments you are wearing are neat and clean as your cloths. Try to use new garments in special situations. If you are wearing new undergarments your confidence level will improve up to 10%.

What to Do With Your Shoes?

Always try to have special shoes that suites your personality for the special events and do not wear them any where else. Make sure they are properly polished and cleaned and having their perfect look. Believe me if your shoes will be older and not polished properly you will lose your confidence. No matter somebody is looking at your shoes or not but your face will tell the others about your shoes as well.


Do cut your nails properly on the day or before the day you are going to present yourself. If you have your nails already in proper form. Just make sure their perfection. Otherwise you will not be able to show the gestures and postures easily of your body. Ultimately you will lose your confidence.

Use Perfumes:

If you have a good perfume only then use it otherwise avoid it and search for a good one. You should use body spray and perfumes separately. Make sure your body smell is attractive otherwise person around you will avoid you.

How Confident People Get Their Confidence?

This is the reality that all confident people are habitual from all above mentioned points. That is why they always looks confident. If you want to realize this just meet a confident person and check all above mentioned points on his/her body. Than you will accept me as a master of confidence improvement.

What to do with your language?

Prefer your national language and be smart. No matter what the language you speak but you should be proud of that language. Express your feelings in the language you feel easy, no matter what will be the audience says to you. Smartly try to use sentences and phrases from the desired language of the audience. If the audience can understand your language please do not confuse yourself if you can’t speak other language properly and this will be your strength. I know many people who do not speak English in their routine life but they try to speak English in certain situations like interviews. They lose the results and do not get jobs because they show their weakness and ultimately lose confidence answering certain questions in English.

What We Do in Routine Life?

Most of the time we do not consider all the above points and do not feel confident even after having many degrees in our hand and just blame others that they did not appreciate and didn’t selected you.

What to learn from this article?

If you have gone through this whole article you may feel that it is a full time job to perform all above points and you can’t do this. But if you start performing all that this will not take more than two hours. If two hours of your life can make you succeed, don’t waste them it is investment. After adopting all above points your face will look confident, satisfied and will show your passion to perform any task with 100% results and hide many of your faults. Exercise all above discussion and note the results you will find the difference. No matter whether you are going for an interview, speech or meeting you will not lose your confidence.

If you will be neat and clean everyone loves to get closer to you and love to hear you otherwise mostly people may avoid you. If you will be neat and clean your body and brain performance will be extraordinary. Also follow the above discussion on the marriage day. Just look the celebrities. Neat and clean body improves their performance and makes them more attractive and confident. So they are leading the world. All of them are not educated. But they are working on TV Channels.

Neat and clean body can hide hundreds of your faults and impress many around you. If you are quick it will not take much more time and simply make it your routine to ever stay confident.

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How to Improve your Confidence in Office Free Tips

How to improve your confidence in office. The most easiest way to motivate your self toward growth. Here we will discuss most important points for improving confidence level in office.

Keep your self clean for confidence

Make sure to keep your body and dresses clean. Specifically you need to take shower daily, brush your teeth, wash your face maximum after 5 hours, and keep your office table clean and mange the items on your table, also keep your surroundings clean.

Dressing for confidence

Good dressing always increase your confidence, so you always try to care your dresses. Keep them clean. Wear new dresses in parties and offices ceremonies. Choose suitable color and always try to wear different colors. Matching of dress pant, shirt and tie always enhance your confidence.

Hair Style & Cutting for confidence

You must choose a hair style suitable for your office. It highly depends on type of your job. You can consult a hair dresser for this purpose and this will add a thrill to your level of confidence. Always choose best hair dresser shop for cutting.

Shoes for confidence

Always choose high class brands for shoes selection. Good shoes mean can put back your boss. All the people around you should ask which brand you are wearing. Then your feel will be totally confident.

Language for confidence

Always prefer to use best language according to your office environment. Never speak useless words. Always keep yourself smart in speaking.


To get satisfy and remain confident you must need to show your performance. Always choose those jobs where you can perform well and love to do that work. Boring jobs can make you less confident. Also try to choose good company for your good introduction. This will be edge to improve your confidence.

If you follow all the above points you definitely will be a confident guy in your office.