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Invitation Letter for Diwali Celebrations

Diwali also known as Deepavali. Sample invitation letter to friends, boss, colleagues for Diwali celebrations in India. You can invite foreigners and Visitors to celebrate Diwali Festival with you and your friends in India.

Invitation Letter for Diwali Celebrations in India


Mr. Ankit Tiwari

Manager Human Relations

Tata Motors

Delhi, India

Sir, you know that Diwali is one of the most celebrated events in India and it is also of immense importance in every family. My family hosts this event each year with pure joy and happiness. We would be honored if you along with your family would come and spend the Diwali at our place. It would also help the two of us to leave work aside for time being and have a moment just like in old days. I hope to see you there.

Jayant Singh

Street No. 2, Targil Colony

Delhi, India

Letter to Invite Friend for Diwali/Deepavali

Mr. Vikram Bhatt,

ABC Production Company,

New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

It will be an honor for us to invite you as a guest in our company’s get to gather for the eve of Diwali. We want you to join us on Diwali and make this event rejoicing and memorable.

After color splash there will be a lunch with dance party and distribution of annual performance prizes to our employees by your hand.

We will wait for you anxiously to make this event as a best one.

Thanks and Regards,

Fire Works Music Company

Diwali Celebration Invitation in Office

Dear Colleagues,

I invite all of you on behalf of TATA Industries at Diwali Festival to celebrate this best ever, joyful event at Company Auditorium. I will be waiting for your arrival on Sunday at 4:00pm with ready arrangements.

You are all invited from the deep of my heart and I am sure everybody from office will come and join these happiest moments.

Happily Yours,


Manager Administration

Write a Letter to Your Friend Inviting Her for the Diwali Vacation

Mrs. Arooj Anand,

Dear friend,

I am glad to have this opportunity to write something to you and invite for the occasion of Diwali at my home. Before this, let me know how are you and your life going on? How are your kids and husband? I am happy with my children and loving husband.

In fact, I wish to invite you and your family to spend some time with us on the occasion of Diwali. As you know there would be three holidays for Diwali festival this time as announced by the government and you can easily spend time with us in these days.

It is humble request of me and my entire family to please come and spend time with us during Diwali vacations. My family and I shall be very delighted and thankful to you for accepting our request.

With regards,

Your best friend,


Invitation Letter for Diwali Celebrations
Invitation Letter for Diwali Celebrations

Leave Application for Diwali Festival

Sample leave application for Diwali festival in India  and other countries to get leaves from office, overseas employment, overseas office etc. Diwali also called Lakshmi Puja, Laxmi Puja and Diwali Puja. Leave for Diwali and Chhath Puja to hr manager. Write leave application for Diwali/Deepavali email samples are below:

Leave Application for Diwali to Manager

The Manager,
H.R Department,
Panasonic Electronics, Malaysia,

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that I belong to the Hindu Religion and I need vacations for Diwali which is going to start from 19th of October and will lasts on 23rd of October. As I belong to India and my whole family is situated there that’s why I need vacations to join my family in India to celebrate my religious ritual.

I will be very thankful to you for this favour.

Thanks and regards,

Singhania Roy

Application for Diwali Leave in Email to Boss

Subject: Leave Application for Diwali Festival/Event

Respected Sir,

I am Vikram Shankar from India working in your firm as Company Accountant in UAE. Our religious Diwali festival is approaching and will start from 19th October. I request you to grant me 10 days leave to celebrate Diwali with my family members and friends in India.

Looking for your kind approval.

Vikram Shankar

Leave Application for Diwali to HR

Mr. Akash
Managing Director
Pepsi Co, India

Sir, I am Mr. Kumar and I am the employee at accounts department in your company. As you are aware that the prestigious event of Diwali is coming up and for that I request you to kindly grant me a leave for 6 days i.e 19th October to 25th October.

Due to distance, I have not been able to meet my family much recently and I have been spending Diwali with my family since birth and I would like to continue this chain as much as I can. I shall be very thankful to you for this gratefulness.


Employee, Accounts

Leave Application Letter for Diwali Festival

Mr. Kevin Shephard
GAC Ltd.
Texas, USA

Sir, this is Mr. Robert Williams and I have been an employee at your firm for the last 2 years. I have completely devoted myself to the well-being of this company and have not looked back since then as the colleagues here make this place feel like home. I have not taken any such vacations since the beginning of my employment because of which I have had to listen to a lot of criticism from my family.

As you know that the prestigious event of Diwali is around the corner. I was hoping to back to India to celebrate Diwali it with my family and friends. For that purpose, kindly grant me leave for 3 weeks i.e. 2nd October to 23rd October. I will be available on phone if any emergency ascends. Thank you for your kind gesture.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Williams

Employee, Administration Department

Leave Application letter for Diwali
Leave Application letter for Diwali

Leave Application Letter for Diwali by a Servant

The Branch Manager,
Levis, Toronto, Canada

Dear Sir,

I beg to say that I am a sweeper in this branch and a   Hindu by religion. Our sacred event of Diwali is coming this week. Our community has made a plan to celebrate this function on a particular place with full of freedom.

As it is not a Government holiday here in Canada. I request you to allow me two days leave of Friday and Saturday so that I could have a great fun with my friends and family.

I am waiting for your kind response.

Your servant,

Gopal varma

Leave Application for Diwali

Respected Sir / Ma’am,

With due respect it is to state that the most awaited colorful event of Diwali is coming and you know it’s the most ceremonial festival. For this colorful event I am moving to my native area with my family for its celebration, for that reason wanted to have leaves of one week. I will be grateful for your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely,