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Sick Leave Application Due to Accident

Sample medical leave application due to accident of car, motorbike, road accident for office, school, college, factory, company or any other working place as employee, student or as teacher.

Sick Leave Application Due to Accident of Car

The Managing Director,

Estates Company,


Subject: Medical Leave due to Accident

Dear Sir,

Please be informed that while arriving for office today, I met an accident with a car. I fell from the bike and met several injuries. Due to the severe body aches, I won’t be able to come to office for three days. Kindly grant me leave from 11th August to 13th August. I shall remain grateful to you for this kind favor.


Umar Shahzad.

HR Manager

Sick Leave Application Due to Road Accident

College Dean/ Principal,

Name of college/ office,

Faisal town, Lahore

Subject: Sick Leave Application Due to Accident

Dear Sir/Madam.

It is stated that I was driving from college/ office to my home yesterday. Suddenly a man wildly driving struck into my car leaving me injured on legs and head. Rescuers took me to hospital and after some treatment doctor advised me to take rest of at least four days at home. I know work is important but I would need leave of four days as doctor advised me to take rest. I will get well soon and join office. Please grant me leave for four days. I will be grateful.

Your honestly,

Mr. Umer Farooq

Sick Leave Letter Due to Accident with Car

Dear respected sir,

I am regretfully stating that I had an accident last night while I was going back to my home from the market. It has been very fast and unintentional that for a moment I lost my consciousness after I got hit by the car. I was going through a u-turn and a fast coming car hit me as the driver did not see me coming. I have encountered a lot of injuries and I cannot move myself off bed even. Keeping in view my condition I cannot come to office for 15 days to the minimum as suggested by the physician. Doctor examined me thoroughly and he suggested the bed rest for 15 days. So I cannot continue my services for the company for 15 days. I will be continuing my work as soon as I get back to moving condition.

I hope you understand this matter and accepting my leave will not be a difficult task for you. I am attaching with my application my x-rays and prescription prescribed by the doctor. I will be eternally grateful to you for this kindness and cooperation.

Thanking you and assuring you my best professional services at all times.

With best regards,

Leave Application Letter After Road Accident

Respected Sir,

It is stated that me, Abdul Wahid have been a Senior Accounts Manager in your esteemed organization. I want to put your attention towards a very unpleasant incident I have experienced last night.

Yesterday night, I was going back to my home. I was in normal speed & everything was safe & sound. Suddenly, a car appeared from opposite direction. The driver was driving in wrong lane. I tried to control my motorbike to save myself. But unfortunately, the side of car hit with my leg. Although, car speed was slow but I fell down.

Some people took me to hospital & luckily I had no fracture, only internal injuries were found. Therefore, I request you to please grant me leave for 2 days as doctor has advised me to take complete bed rest for at least two days in order to recover the swelling in leg.


Abdul Wahid

Sick Leave Due to Accident
Sick Leave Due to Accident

Half Day Leave Application for School

Sample leave application for half day for medical checkup or appointment at doctor. Half day school leave application to principal, coordinator, teacher or administrator of the school. Format of half day leave application for teachers and students from school, college or University, academy, tuition center or for evening schools.

Half Day Leave Application by Teacher

Dear Ms. Fatima

With due respect, it is to state i am Ms. Saima Iftikhar, a 6th Grade Science Teacher of your School, working since 20XX. I am writing this letter to inform you that i have to visit the doctor for my check up at the time taken in appointment on the date Jan. 21,20XX at 12 o’clock at noon. For the stated reason, i need half day leave on the said date. I shall be obliged to you for this act of kindness.

Thank you

Half Day Leave Application for Student

Respectfully, it is stated that I, Burhan Ahmad S/O Ali Ahmad, am a student of class 7th section D. As i am the eldest among siblings, I have to take my father to the hospital on Jan. 25,20XX at 12 o’clock noon. For this, I need to take half day leave from School on the said date. Kindly consider my request for half day leave. I assure you to cover my left over work on the next day.
Thank you

Half Day Leave for Student

With due respect, it is stated that I am Ammar Hussain, student of 6th standard at your school. I need to write this request to you on account of the reason that tomorrow a function is arranged for my sister’s birthday and I have to make preparations for the ceremony.

So I request you to grant me short leave for second half for tomorrow. I will cover my absent work the very next day. Your permission for my short leave will be an act of kindness and a chance of gratefulness for me. Thanking you.

Half Day Leave Application for Not Feeling Well from School

With due respect, it is stated that I am Miss Maria Khalid, 7th grade teacher at your school. Unpleasingly I am writing this letter to let you know that I am facing some problems relating to my health, that are being the cause of my under performance at my tasks. I need to consult the family doctor to get the health issues resolved.

On account of the reason stated above, I am going to file a short leave from school on 8th march, 20XX. I request you to grant my request for short leave and to arrange the alternate teacher for the stated date, for the class duration of my unavailability. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Half Day Leave Letter for School

The Principal,
Knowledge High School,

Respected Madam,

It is to inform you that I, Ayesa Faheem have been working as Art teacher in your school for the last 3 years. I have received a call recently about the health problem of my father. He is suffering from heart disease & started feeling pain in heart.

For this I would need to take him to hospital immediately as the doctor has already advised for his heart surgery. I request you to please grant me a half day leave so I can take my father in time.


Ayesha Faheem

Half Day Leave Application for School
Half Day Leave Application for School

Application for Sick Leave in School by Parents

Sample Sick leave application for student’s parents or guardian to submit in school/college for sick leave of their child/student due to fever, flue, temperature, cough, aching, accident, injury etc with/after doctor’s recommendation. Sick leave application can be submitted by father, mother or guardian to school/college.

Application For Sick Leave In School By Parents

The Principal
The City School
Subject: Sick Leave for My Child

Respected Sir/Madam,
It is stated that my child Kristin is studying in your school. He comes to school regularly. From yesterday he is suffering from fever and sore throat. Doctor advised him to rest for at least two days and take his medicine on time. Please grant him leave for two days I’ll be very grateful to you.

Your truthfully,
Michael, Father

Sick Application to Principal for Leave Due to Fever by Parents

The Dalton School
New York, United States

Respected Principal,
It is humbly stated that my son is the student of 9th class in your school. From last few days, he is having severe attacks of yellow fever due to which he is being not able to attend classes at school. We all are worried at his critical condition as it has turned into the loss of his time and studies as well. Doctor has advised him complete bed rest for 1 week. He has been a regular student at your institution and is among few talented students of school.
Considering all the reasons that I have mentioned, you are kindly requested to grant him leave of 1 week. I hope you will bring my request under your kind consideration. I shall be very thankful for this kindness.

Yours truly,

Medical Leave Application for Daughter

New York Harbor School
New York, United States

Respected Principal,

I am father of Minahil Qasim enrolment no. 57634 student of 10th grade in your prestigious school. She is not well and I am writing this application for her leave from school for medical checkup. She is feeling sickness with pain in right knee. I request you to please approve two days leave for her and I will submit another application for further leave if doctor suggested her rest because of pain in knee.


Muhammad Qasim

Sick Leave Email from School for Son

Woodrow Wilson School
Philadelphia, United States

Respected Principal,

It is to state that my son Muhammad Bilal S/O Ahmad Ali is a student of your school studying in 5th grade. He is suffering from high fever and Diarrhea since yesterday. On account of this reason, he is unable to attend the school. Kindly grant him leave for two days; from January 5th to 7th, 20XX. It will be a great act of your kindness.
Thank you,

Beenish Aslam

Leave Application by Parents in School for Son

The Principal
Bilingual School London
London, UK

Subject: Sick Leave Email for Child

Dear Sir,
It is to inform you that my son Raza Ahmed student of class 3-C has been diagnosed with chicken pox. Since this disease is contagious, the doctors have strictly instructed that he should stay at home and take his complete medical treatment. Due to this, my son won’t be able to come to school for the next one week. Kindly grant him sick leave for these days. I shall remain grateful to you.

Ahmed Shaheen

Sick Leave for Son as Mother

Sick Leave Email as a Parent for son

Australian International High School

Sydney, Australia

The Principal,

This is to have your recommendation for the sick leave of my son Eden Hazard currently studying in class 6 in your school with enrolment number 4563.  He had caught high fever last night so he cannot come to school for 3 days until he gets the proper health to assure his full dedication to the studies. Kindly grant him leave for 3 days. I shall be very grateful to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Sarah Hazard

Sick Leave for Daughter by Mom

The Principal,

Army Public School and College System

Subject: Sick leave for two days

Dear Sir,

Most respectfully it is stated that my daughter Sara Ajmal student of Grade 3 is suffering from high grade fever, cough and a bad flu due to the weather changes. Kindly sanction her leave for two days so that she can take rest and recover her health speedily. I’ll teach her at home for the course work she’ll miss during these two days. Thanking you in anticipation.


Mrs. Saeeda Ajmal

Leave Letter by Parents to School Teacher

Al Waha International School

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Respected Principal,

Greetings! I am Junaid Sheikh. My son Shahzib Junaid is the student of class 2-B in your school. It is to bring into your notice that he has been facing tonsils problem in his throat for the last 3 months. Due to this, he remains sick off & on. This thing really made me upset. I have consulted with one of my friends who is a best child specialist in town.

I request you to please grant a sick leave for today so I can take my son to the doctor for better treatment.


Junaid Sheikh

Application for Leave Due to Fever by Parents
Application for Leave Due to Fever by Parents

Email Leave Application for Son’s Illness

Mr. Chips,
Chicago School, USA

Respected Sir,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing this letter on behalf of my dear son who has been enrolled in your school from 2014. He is a student of 8th standard and not doing well from the past couple of days. He is very sick from the last night and we had to go to the doctor in emergency. The doctor told us about the illness due to change in season. He advised to stay at home till fully recovered. I know he is missing the part of study which is being taught in the school in his absence but I am sure he will cover that part after his fully recovery.

I am requesting you to please grant him leave for two days. I have also attached his medical certificate along with the application. I would be very thankful to you.


Hussel Matin,

Leave Application for Son’s Sickness in Email

The Principal,
American School,

Dear Sir,

This is hereby requested that my son named Obaid Ali (Grade 2, Section C) has been feeling out of sorts since yesterday evening. He was checked up by the physician who has advised complete rest for him at least for three days. Kindly grant him leave for three days starting from today 24th Nov to 27th Nov so that he can recover from the ailment rapidly.

I will be highly grateful in this regard.

Thanking in anticipation.

Sincerely Yours,


Medical Leave Application for School Students

Sample leave application for medical from school by students. Any medical reason can be mentioned. In this application we are mentioning sickness. Tified fever application for school leave for students.

Medical Leave Application for School Students

Beaconhouse School System,

Pennsylvania, United States

Respected Sir/Madam,

I want to say that I am suffering from a sickness which will not allow me to come to school because of its contagious nature. I request you to allow me a leave for a few days so that I come after being healthy and the illness doesn’t spread. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Obediently,


Medical Leave Application Format for Students

The Principal.

Fazaia Intermediate College,


Subject: Medical Leave

Dear Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I am Raheel Malik studying in class XI-A (Pre-medical).  I had been diagnosed with Jaundice. The doctors had admitted me and recommended bed rest along with medicines to me. Enclosed with this application is my medical certificate. I request you to kindly grant me medical leave for the period I couldn’t attend school i.e. from 21st July, 2015 to 1st August, 2015. Kindly accept my leave and emit fine from my fees. I shall remain very grateful to you.

Yours obediently,

Raheel Malik,

Grade XI-A (pre-medical).

Medical Leave Letter for School

Respected Ms. Minahil Qasim,
I am student of A-Levels section A3, barqi campus writing for leave of one week. I was feeling sick since many day and I went for medical checkup. After the detailed examination doctor recommended  me to have rest at home and take medicine properly for early recovery. I am suffering from tified fever and feeling weekness. Please approve my leave application for one week. I will be thankful to you.
Sincerely yours,

Ayesha Manzoor

Leave Application by Student due to Doctor Recommendation

The Principal,

Ali Institute


Subject: Leave for two days

Dear Sir,

I am Ahsan Javaid, student of Class 8th B. I have to make a request to you. Yesterday, while playing football in the evening, I got my ankle twist. My ankle is very painful now and I cannot walk. The doctors have recommended me complete rest for two days. Kindly grant me leave from 1st August, 2015 to 2nd August, 2015 so that I can recover quickly. I shall be very grateful to you for this kind favor.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Yours sincerely,

Ahsan Javaid.

Class: 8th B.

Medical Leave Application for School Students
Medical Leave Application for School Students

Maternity Leave Application Format for Office

Sample Maternity Leave Application Format for Office after the recommendations by family doctor or physician. Pregnancy Leave Application Format for child birth or delivery time period during job. You can make any change to below application as per your needs.

Application for Maternity Leave from Office

Dear Madam,

I am Monica working as Sales Associate at Target Stores since three years. As you know last year I got married and now seeking for maternity leave as suggested by the doctor for upcoming three weeks starting from 5th of January. I request you to please approve my Maternity leave for three weeks as per company policy. Later I will submit another application if I need to change or enhance the leave duration. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely yours,

Sales Associate

Leave Application for Pregnancy from Office

Respected Sir,

I, Sadia Usman seeking for leave of at least three weeks due to pregnancy and doctor recommendations. Yesterday I went for my medical checkup and our family doctor strongly recommend for bed rest to avoid any problem. I request you to please grant me leave for three weeks starting from today 10th September. Your approval will be highly obliged and also looking for your prayers for my health.


Sadia Usman

Maternity Leave Application Format for Office
Maternity Leave Application Format for Office

Maternity Leave for Air Hostess/Flight Attendants

The Blue Airline

Respected Staff,

It is kindly stated that I am a flight attendant and my name is Lily Watson. I have been a perfect employee and I never took a day off. I got married last year. Now I am passing through my maternity period and it looks very awkward working like this in the public. It is also not good for the health of my baby. I feel sick while I am on the flight. Recently, I got very sick on the plane that I needed to get medical attention. I hereby am writing this letter to request for maternity leave as to avoid any inconvenience in future. I hope that you will accept my application and provide me leave for 2 months.

I hope to hear positive response from you people, my health condition report along with the stamp of my doctor is attached with the application.

Employee number # 1234
Duration of leave#2 months
Lily Watson

Application for Pregnancy Leave From Office

Company/Organization Name

Subject: Pregnancy Leave Application

Dear Sir,
Most respectfully I am requesting to leave for 3 months from 1st June. Because I am pregnant and my family doctor suggests me bed rest for a few days before & after delivery.
During my absence my colleague will handle all the routine tasks as I have already given him the details.

Sincerely Yours,
Your Name and Signature

Pregnancy Leave Application Format

Pregnancy Leave Application Format

Maternity Leave Application for Office

The Manager,
Alpha Pharmaceuticals
Philadelphia. USA

Subject: Provision of Maternity Leave for 30 days.

Respected Sir,

I am working as a research assistant under your supervision. I am writing this to inform you that I am pregnant and my gynecologist has advised me to take bed rest until the time of delivery. Under these circumstances, I am unable to take work stress and deliver my duties appropriately. Therefore, I request you to grant me maternity leave of 30 days, from 30th December —– to 30th January ——, for which I am entitled to according to the rules and regulations of this organization.

I hope that my request will be granted soon.

Yours sincerely,

Maria Albert.