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Leave Application from Meeting due to Pregnancy

Sample letter or application for leave of absence from meeting as a result of pregnancy. You can customize it according to your requirements.

Leave Application from Meeting due to Pregnancy

The Branch Manager,
Standard Bank of Norway
May 15,

Dear Sir,

Subject: Letter for seeking leave from meeting as a result of pregnancy

Further to my verbal intimation to the reporting officer I am writing this to you about my pregnancy and condition in which I have been strictly advised to take complete rest by the doctor, owing to some complications. In this situation, it is not possible for me attend a forthcoming annual meeting of the bank on 20th of May.

Therefore, you are requested to please exempt me from the aforementioned meeting and grant me leaves on medical grounds with effect from 16th May.

My medical reports and necessary documents are attached herewith.

Thanking you.

Virginia Woolf,
Assistant Manager Operation,
Standard Bank of Norway

Letter for Leave from Meeting because of Pregnancy

The manager, corporate sector, Nestle

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am informing you that I am unable to attend today’s meeting because of my appointment with my gynecologist. I tried my best to be at office but due to my health issue I am not allowed to travel and walk. I hope you understand my concern and grant my leave for today. I shall be really thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. John Marshal,
Corporate sector, Nestle

Request for Providing Meeting Hall

Sample request letter to event manager, hotel manager, administrator for providing meeting room, meeting hall, conference room, hotel room etc. Sample letter to reserve a venue, booking a venue or use of venue in office or out of office.

Request for providing Meeting Hall


The office Administrator,
Fine Glass Industries,
Gujranwala Road,

Subject: Provision of Meeting Hall,

Dear Ms. Sara,

I’m writing this to let you know that we have scheduled a meeting with some renowned contractors on coming Monday, 12th Dec from 02:00PM-04:00PM here in our office.

Could you please confirm the availability of Hall no. 4 to conduct the meeting as the number of participants is expected to be around 30 and this Hall has sufficient seating place.
We will also require the support of projectors so kindly also organize the same by coordinating with the IT team.

Appreciate if you could confirm the above before COB today so that I can send the invitation to all the participants accordingly.

Thanking in anticipation.
Best Regards,

Mohammad Aamir.

Letter of Request for Conference Room

Mr. Alex Thornton

Manager Events Management

ABC Company,



Dear Sir,

I am hoping that you are enjoying good health.

This is with reference to our initial meeting at your office dated 22 January, XXX on Monday in the noon. We discussed therein the timings of the proposed halls, charges to be paid out and your services to be offered. I requested at that time to provide me two (2) days’ time before reaching a final decision.

I may inform you that I had discussed the matter with other stakeholders who conveyed their consent in favor of your hall.

You are hereby requested to provide us with Meeting Hall ‘A’ on 30 March, XXX on Tuesday for our Annual General Meeting from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.  As per our understanding, the tea arrangement shall be offered by you. We are enclosing the pay order for advance booking purposes.

We are looking forward to receive spectacular services from your good honor.

Thanking you and with profound regards.

Very truly yours,

Alan Taylor

Chief Financial Officer

Letter for Meeting Minutes

Sample letter to ask for meeting minutes from secretary, manager, coordinator, seniors or juniors within the office or outside of company.

Request for Meeting Detail from Project Manager                     

Qarshi Industries,

Lahore, Pakistan,

Respected Project Manager,

I am writing this letter to you because of my absence in the east project meeting. I was unable to join the meeting related to that project as due to some personal reasons I was on a short leave. Please provide me with the details of meeting minutes and the project so that I start to work on it as soon as possible. I shall be very thankful to you.



Letter to Ask For Meeting Minutes


Mr. Robert,

The Secretary,  Descon Pvt Ltd.

Hello Dear,

I hope you will be hale and hearty. As you are well aware of the decision taken by the worthy members of Board of Directors in the first meeting related to New Horizons project. As secretary of the Chairperson in the meeting, you must have Meeting Minutes which I need today to prepare my presentation as Manager Operations for the upcoming meeting scheduled tomorrow. So, I am looking forward to you to receive the Meeting Minutes before noon today.

Thank You.

Yours truly,


Apologize Letter to Cancel the Meeting

Sample letter to apologize for cancellation of important scheduled meeting with other company, client, customer, manager, boss etc.

Letter to Apologize for Cancellation of Business Meeting

Mr. Charlie Adam
Po-lox Ltd.
London, UK

Sir, I am writing this letter to apologize for the cancellation of our meeting yesterday. I am deeply sorry to cancel it at the last second as I did not have any knowledge of the upcoming tragedy. However, I have arranged a meeting on the coming Friday at 11 o’clock. Thank you for your kind gesture.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Jackson
GGS Ltd.
Birmingham, UK

Apologize Letter to Cancel the Meeting

Frito Lays Co.,
Plano, Texas, U.S.A.,

Respected Shareholders,

It is to inform you that the meeting we were going to have has been cancelled due to several reasons including that the company has a meeting with Lever Brothers Co. at the time when we had scheduled to have meeting with you. And that meeting is a very important one as they are going to talk to us about a contract to which is likely to be accepted by them, which will be very profitable to us.

I apologize for the inconvenience you will suffer in the cancellation of the meeting but the thing is that company will get a lot of benefits if that contract gets accepted and as we are all here for the betterment of the company. I hope you understand.


Director Company,
Robinson Crusoe

Apology Letter to Postpone the Meeting

All members

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that due to critical circumstances meeting has been cancelled. We understand the inconvenience it might have caused and truly apologize for it.

New schedule of the meeting will be announced and delivered to you soon. Please continue your regular routine until further notice.


The Office Manager

Apologized For No Attend In School Guardian Meeting

Sample apology letter to school principal for not attending the parents or guardian meeting called by the school authorities.

letter to teacher for not attending parents meetingExcuse letter for not attending parent teacher meeting. Application for not attending parents teacher meeting in schoolExcuse letter for being absent in school meeting. Apology letter to school principal from parent.

Excuse Letter for not Attending Parents Meeting in school


The principal

Dear Sir,

With due respect, I wish to apologize for not being able to attend Guardian meeting. I work in a company which requires me to travel a lot. It was a co-incidence that I was posted in another city during the time of Guardian meeting. Therefore, I could not attend it.

Please, accept my apology as I understand how much it means to everyone. I will visit you as soon as I get back from work to catch up with details.

Thank you very much for understanding my situation.

Yours sincerely,


Apologized For Not Coming In School Guardian Meeting

Respected Principal,

I highly apologize for not participating in the guardian meeting of this year. Due to the Annual General Meeting of the company in which I am employed I could not attend the guardian meeting of my son. The AGM took place at the same date and timing on which the guardian meeting was scheduled. I know that this absence is cannot be satisfied, but I have had detailed discussion with all the teachers after the school. I am very sorry for my absence in the meeting and assure to be present in the next meeting.

Sincerely Yours,

Hamza Khan

Application for not Able to Attend the PTM


The principal

Lawrence College


I am father of your student Iqbal Qasim, who is studying in your college in inter class. Sir I have received your letter for attending the parent’s teacher meeting, but sir I am going out of country on business tour, that’s why it’s not possible to attend the meeting. I really apologize for not attending the meeting but sir I will see you soon after my return back to home. Hope so you will understand the situation.


M. Qasim

Apologized For No Attending School Guardian Meeting


The headmaster, D P S, Lahore,

Respected sir,

With all due respect it is stated that my aunt had died last week in Gujranwala and we had to go there on urgent basis to attend her funeral service, I am extremely sorry for not attending the school guardian meeting, pardon me for this. I make sure that I will bring my guardian in the next meeting to discuss my progress report. I understand it is very important for parents and teachers as well. Thanks.

Yours obediently,

Tasha Ali,

8th j

Application of Apology For No Attend In School Guardian Meeting
Application of Apology For No Attend In School Guardian Meeting

Sample Letter Requesting Sales Meeting and Greetings

Sample letter requesting sales meeting and greetings to the sales team members of the company. The meeting letter can be send in email or on letter head for official meeting call to company sales employees or others.

Sample Email Requesting Sales Meeting

Respected Sales Team Members,

We are pleased to announce the sales staff meeting for greetings and announcement of plan for next get to gather for annual award ceremony. We request all the sales staff members across the country to join the “Sales Meet & Greet” in company headquarters.

Meeting will be for two days from 22 April to 23 April in the Gold Auditorium. Meeting agenda will be as follows:

  • Welcoming to all the sales staff members
  • Greetings for All the Sales Teams across the country
  • Announcement of achievements and rewarding procedures
  • Plan for upcoming annual award ceremony will be discussed
  • Venue of the annual award ceremony will be announced
  • A surprising gift for all meeting participants

It would be a great pleasure for us to meet you all the sales team member from across the country in one meeting. Please find the attached schedule of meeting proceedings. See you all in the meeting.



Agha Adnan

Director Sales

Sample Letter Requesting Sales Meeting and Greetings
Sample Letter Requesting Sales Meeting and Greetings

Letter Requesting Meeting with Principal

Sample meeting request letter for principal of school, college to discuss the student matters, student progress report, student dispute with teacher, misbehave of teacher or misbehave of student.

Request Letter to Principal for Meeting


Mr. Harrison Atkins


KJH High School


Sir, my son has been studying at your school for the last 3 years now and we are very pleased with the devoted staff of teachers that are available at your school. However, my son has shown signs of bad behavior and foul language. For this matter, I would like to have a meeting with you and your staff members individually as well. I hope you will consider this proposal in near future. Thank you

Jason Milik


Request Meeting with Principal

Respected Principal,

I am Ms. Amna Riaz, working as Fine Arts teacher at your school. I am writing this letter to request a meeting with you for the reason that I want you to clarify and guide me; how you want me to manage the uniform inauguration ceremony going to be held at school next month. As no more time is left, so I request you to manage and give me an hour out of your busy schedule, so that I can have some discussion with you on some points.

Thanking You,

Amna Riaz

Letter Requesting Meeting with Principal
Letter Requesting Meeting with Principal

Confirmation Letter for Appointment in Email

Sample Confirmation Letter for Appointment with the CEO, President, Manager, Boss, Business Meeting Appointment or appointment with school principals, college principals, NGOs, Non Profit organizations etc.

Letter to Fix Appointment Time

Respected Sir/ Madam
Greetings from OBTC

My name is Anila Azmat and I am working as a “Community Service Coordinator” in OBTC College for women. I am writing you to show my keen interest in your organization, which is already working for the betterment of the community.

Community service has been made mandatory for under graduate students in OBTC College, as we want our students to learn about assisting in providing services to poor, disadvantaged, and other individual or groups unable to secure assistance to address critical problems. In this regard students are required to spend 100 hours in community service.

During summer we would like our students to assist you in your community work. We are also open to any suggestions or any other area of work where you think our students will be able to assist you and your organization in any way.

I will appreciate if you can give me some time and we could meet in person and discuss this program in detail. You can fix an appointment, from Tuesday- Friday, 9 am – 2 pm. It is requested to please confirm me the appointment at least two days before so that I can make some official arrangements for my transportation.

Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards

Community Service Coordinator

Confirmation Letter for Appointment for Meeting
Confirmation Letter for Appointment for Meeting

Appointment for meeting letter request to Managers, Doctors, Companies in email available for download.

Postponed Meeting Letter Sample

Sample memo and letter to postpone business meeting in email for managers, executives, CEO’s, GM, Directors, Officers, Sales Associates, Marketing Staff and other staff members of the company, school, college, university or office.

Notification of Meeting Postponed

Respected Directors,

This letter is to notify that the scheduled meeting of board of directors which was going to held on 5th march had been postponed. Three of our company’s directors have requested some more time to form their report on the last agenda and company’s performance.

Further two of our board members are out of the station to attend a seminar on directors training. Considering all these reasons we have postponed our scheduled meeting of 5th march. The meeting would now be held on 26th march at National Hotel from 9 am on wards. Any other agenda that any board member thinks can communicate to the chairperson of the Board.


Manager Communication and Development

Sample Email Letter to Postpone Meeting

Dear Sir,
Monday’s meeting is postponed for three days because Dr. Ayesha Director Marketing isn’t available on Monday. Furthermore a notice will be issued in email before one day of meeting. Meeting agenda already have been sent in the last meeting invitation.

Warm Regards,

Minahil Qasim
Manager DR

Sample Letter to Postpone Meeting

To: Promotional Staff

Dear Staff Members,
It is to inform you that Manager Promotional Activities Mr. Amjad has postponed today’s meeting and now the meeting will held on tomorrow morning at 10:00 sharp in the Meeting Hall. In meeting performance of all the promotional staff will be discussed and new incentives will be announced for top performers. In addition to this new schedule of a training seminar for the staff members will be announced after discussions.


Sanam Baloch
Manager Administration

Postponed Meeting Letter Samples
Postponed Meeting Letter Sample

Postponed Meeting Letter

The manager, Net-sol

Respected sir,

This letter has been written to inform you that the meeting we scheduled this week has to be postpone as our CEO is going out of country due to some important issue that has to be resolved on urgent basis. We are really sorry for the inconvenient and we request you to reschedule it on next Friday. Venue and timing will be sent to you within this week. We shall be really thankful for your cooperation. Thanks


Mr. Mark John

Confirm Meeting Appointment Letter Sample

Confirm Meeting Appointment Letter Sample for business meetings, sales meetings, interview meetings, discussion meetings etc.

Confirm Meeting Appointment Email

Cape Industries Co. Ltd.,
United Kingdom,

Respected Sir,

This letter is to inform you that your request for an appointment has been accepted. Your meeting will be arranged tomorrow with the Owner of the company. Please come on the requested time otherwise you will miss the meeting.


Cape Industries Ltd

Confirmation of Meeting Appointment

Dear Ms. Mashaal,

Thank you very much for requesting meeting appointment to discuss the issues faced by your company. Mr. James, CEO have nominated Ms. Areeba for this meeting as requested. We hope all of the issues will be resolved in the meeting. The meeting venue, date and time will be the same as said by you.


Manager Corporate Communication

Letter to Conform Meeting Appointment

Dear Ms. Anum Fatima,

I presented your letter to our president and he agreed for the meeting on agenda said in your request letter. Furthermore the time slot suggested by you is not convenient for us. We can be available on very next day at the same time.

Please check this time slot for you and write back to confirm about the meeting. Otherwise we can have a new schedule for the meeting in case of your non availability on the next day. Looking for your response.

Sincerely Yours,

Abeera Fatima
Company Secretary

Email to Meeting Appointment Confirmation

Dear Ms. Maryam,

Thank you very much for your reply and sparing time for meeting with us. I will reach with my colleagues (Mr. Hashim and Ms. Anum) at 11 AM for sales team meeting as suggested by you. We will also bring all the reports and documents for discussion. Again thanks for your time.

Sincerely yours,

Kanz ul Eman
Manager Corporate Sales

Meeting Appointment Sample Letter

Dear Ms. Mehreen,

I am pleased to write back with confirmation of meeting appointment with Marketing Team. I hope all the staff of marketing team will be present in the meeting with performance reports. Meeting agenda is enclosed with this letter and I request you to please distribute this agenda to all meeting participants. Hope to see you in the conference room for meeting on Tuesday at 11 AM.


Sumbal Arif
Director Marketing

Letter to Conform Meeting Appointment
Letter to Conform Meeting Appointment