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Request Letter for Air Conditioner

Request for installation of air conditioner. Request letter for air conditioning unit. Request letter for air conditioner in office. Request for air conditioner in office. Request letter for air conditioner in school/ computer lab.

Request Letter for Air Conditioner in Computer Lab

The Principal
Govt. High School

It is with utmost respect that I am writing this application to you. Being a student in this prestigious school is such a privilege. We have remarkable facilities in this school including building, library, science lab and computer lab. We utilize them to our best and every year students come out with brilliant academic results.

But as you know that it is summer season and it gets really warm at times; our computer lab is threated by this much warm temperature. Computers themselves emit heat, and due to this the inside of lab gets quite warmer. It has many profound consequences for both students’ performance as well as our computer lab. We have serious difficulties while working in such warm environment.

Moreover, a few components of computer broke down last week due to over-heating. It is our humble request to consider our application and arrange one air conditioner in computer lab so that we can do our level best and no potential loss of hardware takes place.

Yours Obediently,


Application For Air Conditioner In Computer Lab of College

To principal,
UET Lahore

Subject: Need of Air Conditioner in Computer Lab

I am Asif, studying in civil engineering class. Our class is comprised of 60 students. Sir, we attend two classes of computer in computer lab in a week. As you know, computer lab has no proper ventilation and there are about 60 students in congested class. Moreover, this is hot month of June.So, there is dire need of air conditioner in computer lab.

Sir, as a representative of my whole class, I request you to please issue directives of applying of air conditioner in computer lab. I will be very thankful to you for this kind act.


Leave Application for One Week

Sample leave application to get leaves of at least one week from office, school, college to attend function, ceremony or relaxation at home like bed rest etc.

Leave Application for One Week

The principal,
Govt. College

Respected Sir,
It is stated that I am a good student of your college and always got positions in my class. Sir now my health is too weak and I am not able to attend my classes regularly. Doctors advised me to take rest for one week. So it is requested to grant me leave for one week.
I shall be very thankful to you
yours faithfully,


Leave Application for One Week

The principle,
London school of Arts,

Dear Sir,

I beg to state that my grandfather is not so well in these days and my dad is busy at his work. He comes late at nights from his work and cannot give any attention to my grandfather. My grandfather is osteoarthritis patient and cannot easily walk by their own.

So I want you to grant me leave for one week so I can go home and take care of my grandfather. I shall be thankful to you.

Yours obediently,

Alex josh

Leave Application for a Week

The Manager,
Italian Cuisine

Dear Sir,

I have to join a wedding of my brother which is held on 10th December 20XX. We are two brothers, so I will have to manage and arrange everything on his wedding ceremony and as it would be a first wedding in our family so there will be a huge gathering of our relatives and friends.

I humbly request you to accept my application and approve my leaves for a week. I shall be thankful to you.

Yours faithfully,

Aqib Saqib

Letter for Request the New Headphones

Sample request letter to purchase office supplies, headphones, etc for call centre, customer services etc.

Letter for Request the New Headphones in Our Company Need

The manager, I2c call Center, Lahore,

Respected sir,

With all the respect I would like to inform you that the headphones we were given are not working properly, as you know our job is all about communication so if the headphones will not work, how would we do our work. There is an issue in 5 headphones; I would like to request you to order new headphones for us as we have to continue our work. I shall be really thankful for a quick response. Thanks


Ali Khan, sales department, I2c

Letter for Request the New Headphones

Mr. Albert,
HR Manager
ABC Co. Inc.

Dear Sir,

It is stated that my headphones provided by the company are not working properly as the wire has been damaged. The sound is interrupted because of this damage.  This interruption is making me unable in listening the calls and complaints from the clients properly. You are requested to buy new headphones so that I may do my job effectively.

Thank you so much.

Yours Sincerely,


Letter for Request the New Headphones in Our Company Need
Letter for Request the New Headphones in Our Company Need

Letter Asking Permission to Use Mobile Fone

Sample letter asking permission to use mobile/cell phone or bring cell phone in school, college, university, office or company etc. Sample letter asking permission to bring cell phone in school.

Mobile Use Permission in Company

The Manager Operations,
Three-Star Logistics, London.
Dear Sir,

It is humbly stated that undersigned has been working as a computer operator for your company since 2016. My job description is to prepare database of all incoming and outgoing goods. Along with this, I have to keep a strong liaison with other companies and clients.

In this situation, the use of mobile phone is compulsory and mandatory for the accomplishment of all assigned tasks by the senior management.

In the light of above mentioned facts, you are requested that I may please be allowed to use mobile phone during duty hours at the place of duty.

Your cooperation in this regard shall be highly appreciated.



Letter for Permission to Use Mobile Phone

The manager, Pepsi Co

Respected sir,

With due respect, it is stated that my wife is not well, she has asthma and due to change in weather she has serious chest conjunction. As per the policy of the company, one cannot use mobile phone during the working hours but I have a serious issue, my wife needs to inform me about her condition after every 2 hours. She is mostly alone at home that is why I ask her to keep me updated about her health.

I request you to allow me to use my phone just to receive her call or to make a call to her. I assure you that the phone will be solely used for this purpose only. I hope you will understand my concern and will allow me to use the cell phone during the working hours. I shall be grateful to you. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Mr. A. George

Letter Asking Permission to Use Mobile in Company

Respected Sir,
with due reverence, it is to state that my work conditions require me use cellphone within company. I have to travel a distance to come to work. I leave my family behind which cannot reach me in time of need because there is no other mode of communication.  Company does not allow usage of mobile phone.

Mobile phones have become an important gadget in modern times. A mobile phone can help not only in my personal life but can also increase my work efficiency. It is therefore humbly requested that use of mobile phone be permitted to me so that I can work in a peaceful state of mind.
I shall be very thankful to you.


Permission to Use Mobile in Company

I’m writing to you to discuss the subject about the use of mobile phones in the company. This is an informal letter but I do hope you will consider what is said.

At the moment it is company policy of a struck no use of mobile phones for privacy purpose. However most of your employees have families and that is including you. When a member of their family a child wife or parent is suddenly sick or in hospital how will they know or be informed. Your employees are asking for permission to have their phones kept in their desk like normal but turned on and can answer if emergency.

I do hope that you get the point and consider this.


Client’s name

Leave Application for Family Problem Sample

Sample leave application letter format for family problem to boss, manager in office or to principal in school, college or university etc.

Leave Application Letter for Family Problem

Mr. Ted,
CEO of Google,
Manhattan, NY, USA,

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am employee of this company as an I.T Expert. I want to take leave for a day as there is a personal issue came up in family. All the family members are going to come in our house which required my presence as well. I would never be asking you for the leave if there such important matter did not come up but now I have to take leave to resolve the problem. I will give instructions to my junior so that all the I.T related work will be going smoothly in my absence. I hope my presence will not be making any kind of problem.

I will be very grateful to you.

Thank You!


Senior I.T Expert

Leave Application Due Family Problem for Office

Leave Application for Family Problem Sample
Leave Application for Family Problem Sample

Leave Application for Family Problem

The Managing Director,
Brand Brigade Lahore

Dear Sir,

It is humbly stated that my father had left an equal property for me and my brothers before his death. We all brothers have been living as a joint family for last five years. But my elder and younger brothers have decided to separate now. They have also been doing some illegal activities to occupy property of my share. I have called upon elders of our family to solve out this serious matter tomorrow. Due to this family issue I request you to allow me one day leave. Thank you.

Your well-wisher

Ali Ahmed

Email Leave Application for Family Problem

The manager, Nestle PVT Limited

Resected sir,

With all due respect I would like to inform you that I need urgent leave for one week as I have to go to my home town because of some family emergency, I have been informed that my family is facing some legal issues and therefore they need me there.

Sir I request you to grant me leaves for one week as my presence is very important there. I will make sure to complete my work in given frame of time and will not affect the work quality. I shall be really thankful for this act of kindness of yours and looking forward for a positive response.


Mike George
IT department

Leave Application for Back Pain

Sample of leave letter due to pain in backbone after injuries, accident, muscle problem, or any other disease.

Sick Leave for Back Pain

The Manager, HR

HBMS Solutions Pvt. Ltd.



Respected Sir,

It is kindly requested that I am suffering with back pain since last night. So I cannot attend the office today. Kindly approve my application for leave and oblige.

Yours Sincerely,


Leave Application Letter for Back Pain

GM Motors Co.,


Respected Sir,

I want to say that I am having a severe back pain due to some backbone issues. I will not be able to sit because of them, which will also affect the office work. The doctor has advised me to have a complete bed rest for a few days. Please grant me a leave for a few days. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Respectfully,

Frank Sinatra

Medical Leave Application for Back Pain


The manager

Dear Sir,

As you know I use motorbike to reach the office daily. Unfortunately, I met with an accident on the road while returning from the office. Thank God! The passersby took me to the hospital immediately. The accident has caused many physical injuries to me in addition to severe back pain due to minor damage to my spinal cord. According to the doctors, it will take at least 15 days to heal my physical injuries and back pain.  Hence, I am unable to perform my duty in the office unless my health recovers. I shall be very thankful on granting me leave for next 20 days on account of my medical reports which are enclosed.

I look forward to your kind approval of my application.

Thank you

Best Regards

Leave Application Due To Back Pain


The Manager,

Human Resource Department.

Dear Sir,

I met an accident yesterday on my return to home from the office. According to the doctor, although I was lucky to escape serious physical injuries, yet sudden physical thrust due to fall on the road side had caused persistent back pain symptoms. He advised me to take rest at least for one day so that the back pain could not get worse. I shall be unable to work in the office tomorrow due to constant back pain. I shall be very thankful to you for granting me leave for tomorrow so that I could properly follow doctor’s recommendations.

By the grace of Almighty God, I am feeling gradual relief to my back pain after taking medicines. I am optimistic that my health fitness will be recovered in next 24 hours as predicted by the doctor. I am eager to resume my work in the office.

Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

Best Regards,


leave application for back pain
leave application for back pain

Sample Leave Application for Mother Operation

Sample of leave application to go to hospital for your mother operation and surgery in the hospital. Sample emergency leave application for mother operation or surgery of any type in email. This application can be used for eye operation, heart, kidney, brain, leg or arm related surgeries etc.

Leave Application for Mother Surgery

The Managing Director,
The Telecom Company

Subject: Leave for 3 days for mother’s operation

Dear Sir,

It is to request you that my mother has a cardiac problem and is to be operated day after tomorrow. I request you to kindly grant me leave for three days i.e. from 18th August, 2015 to 21st August, 2015 so that I can be with my mother, support her and care for her. I have provided my number, if I’ll be needed please do not hesitate to call me. I am very hopeful that you’ll grant me leave for this genuine reason.

Looking forward to your kind response. Thanking you in anticipation.

Most sincerely,

Umar Shahzad

Leave Application for Checkup after Operation

The Principal
The Home Economics College
London, UK


Respected Sir ,

It is humbly requested as you also know about my chin operation last week due to road accident. This Thursday I have an appointment with the concerned surgeon for a follow up checkup at the hospital. Kindly grant me leave for this day.

I shall be very grateful to you.
Yours Sincerely,

Shaista Refeeq


Leave Applications for Mother’s Operation of Eyes

The Manager,
Human Resource department
Pepsi Cola International

Dear Sir,

My mother has been suffering from weak eyesight for last six months. On her previous medical checkup, the doctor has recommended surgery for recovery of her eyesight. As per doctor’s advice, the sooner the surgery will be carried out, it will be better for the patient. Moreover, I have completed my project which was assigned to me during previous week. I have submitted its final report to human resource department just an hour ago. I shall be grateful to you if you could grant me leave for next three days so that I could take my mother to the hospital for surgery of her eyesight.

Thank you for your time.

Yours truly,

Mr. Maxwell Mark

Leave Application for Mother Operation
Leave Application for Mother Operation

Leave Application for Marriage Anniversary

Sample leave application for office, school, college, university to attend ceremony of marriage anniversary with your wife, husband, kids and other family members. You can use below leave application for first, second anniversary of your marriage.

Leave to Celebrate Marriage Anniversary

The Principal,

Shalimar School


Subject: Leave to celebrate 1st wedding anniversary

Dear Ma’am,

You’re requested to kindly sanction me one day leave i.e. on 1st August, 2015 as tomorrow is my 1st wedding anniversary and all my in-laws are coming to my home for celebrating this happy day with us. I have to do a lot of preparations for their arrival at home and so I won’t be able to come to school tomorrow. Kindly facilitate me in this regard.


Mrs. Asma Awan

Teaching Assistant

Department of Political Science

Leave Application for Wedding Anniversary

The Managing Director,

Pharmaceutical Company,


Subject: Leave for 25th marriage anniversary

Dear Sir,

It is my immense pleasure to inform you that tomorrow is my silver jubilee wedding anniversary. In order to make it special for my wife, I want to take a day off and spend all the time with my family. We have plans for celebrations tomorrow. I request you to kindly assign me a day off.

Thanking you for your cooperation.


Mr. Asim Raza

Sales Manager

Leave Letter for Anniversary of Marriage

Dear Manger Sale Audit,

Hope you are fine. I am Muhammad Ali have been working as assistant sales audit manager. As you know, I have been married with one of my cousin last year. It’s been 1 year of my marriage.

My first marriage anniversary is on 15th of this month. I want to make this day memorable with my life partner as I will take her to the northern areas. So I request you to please grant me leave for 2 days so that I can feel enjoy and celebrate my anniversary in efficient manner.

I am looking forward for your support to make this event unforgettable.


Muhammad Ali

Leave Application for First Wedding Anniversary

Dear Respected Sir,

It is stated humbly that I am working in your company as junior accountant from last 3 years. I have been married last year on 21st September. So as you may be well aware that this is the month of September this is currently going on. It is already 15th September, 2015 so I would like to have a leave for my wedding anniversary celebration on 21st, September, 2015. As it is our first wedding anniversary so it must be celebrated with great pride as my marriage has been great throughout the past year. So I am planning to throw my wife a surprise anniversary party at an exotic restaurant or venue so that it lives deep down in our memory for coming years. For this purpose to be held completely as planned I will not be able to provide my services for 2 days  in accordance to the anniversary. So I cannot come to the office on 20, September and 21st September, 2015.

It is humbly requested that considering this a very important matter kindly approve my application of anniversary leave. I will eternally grateful to you for this kindness and love.

Looking forward to have a positive reply from your side. thanking you in anticipation of the leave approval.

Thanking you and assuring you my best professional services at all times.

With best regards,


Office Closing Reason for Business Loss Letter Format

Sample letter of notification of office closing due to business losses to company employees, clients, customers and govt authorities.

Office Closing Reason for Business Loss Letter

It is to inform you that due to some heavy losses in the business we are about to close our office permanently. If there is any query regarding our organization then you can call on this no

Business Closing Letter Due to Losses

The Employees

Sobia Zahra Boutique


Subject: Closure of the DHA outlet of Sobia Zahra

Dear Employees,

I regret to inform you that our outlet of Sobia Zahra at commercial area DHA is permanently closing down as we have suffered great irrecoverable business losses over the past 2 years. All the taxes and bills against our outlet have been cleared and notices have been put up for the sale of this property. We are sorry to notify that your job here terminates in one month i.e. on 31st August, 2015. You are advised to hunt for new jobs or apply at our other outlets of our company.

We express our deepest gratitude to all our employees for their dedicated services at our outlet.


Mr. Zaeem Ullah Khan

Branch Manager

Sobia Zahra Boutique

Office Closing Due to Business Loss Letter Format
Office Closing Due to Business Loss Letter Format

Sick Leave Application Letter for Office

Sample sick leave application format for employee, staff members, company staff and workers of office, company or factory. Sample sick leave letter for employee due sickness, illness in English language available.

You will also learn how to write sick leave application for office from below formats. Sample medical leave application letter for office in emails or handwritten to boss for leave due to some medical problems. surgery of kidney etc.

Sample Sick Leave Application for Employee

The Manager,
Customer Services Department

Subject : Sick Leave Application from Office

Dear Mr. John Lee,
It is for your information that I am an employee under your supervision in customer services department in unit of maintenance.

My subject matter is that I was not feeling well for three days, thus I visited my family doctor. He asked me to have blood test. According to the report of blood test I have a dengue fever/flue, Cough, Temperature. And the doctor asked me to have bed rest at least for two weeks. That’s why I cannot come to office. Kindly accept my sick leave and grant me leaves for two weeks. I will be very thankful to you.

Thanks and regards,

Ali Aslam

Officer-customer services department

One Day Sick Leave Application for Employee

The Managing Director,
Telecom Company

Subject: Leave for a day After Internal Injury

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that I, Umar Shahzad, working as the sales executive at our firm, had accidentally fallen from the stairs at my home last night. Due to this, I have a severe backache and have got some really painful bruises. I request you to kindly allow me leave for today i.e. for 17th August so that I can take rest and come at work tomorrow.

Thanking you in advance.


Umar Shahzad

Paid Sick Leave Application for Employee

London Contractors
East London, UK

Dear Madam,

This application is to request a sick leave for three days. Due to the change in the weather I had got I fever with a sore throat. Doctor had prescribed me some medicine and advised to rest for three to four days. To become well again I request a paid sick leave of three consecutive days.



Sick Leave Application Format for Employee in Email

Respected Manager,

I am Sahil Tanveer, marketing officer in your department writing to inform you that I am sick since last two days and could not come to office. Today I went for checkup and doctor advise me rest of more 3 or 4 days. Sir I am feeling pain in my body and weakness and really need to have rest. Looking for your approval.

Sincerely yours,

Sahil Tanveer

Marketing Officer

Sick Leave Email Format for Office

Respected Manager,

I am Nadia Umer, Assistant Director writing this email for leave of two days due to sickness with flu, cough and high temperature. Right now I am in hospital for checkup and physician tells me that I will be okay by tomorrow. Sir If I got recovered by tomorrow than I will come to attend my office on the day after tomorrow. In any other case I will inform you through email or sms.


Nadia Umer

Assistant Director

Sick Leave Application Sample for Employee
Sick Leave Application Sample for Employee

Application for Paid Sick Leave for Employee

Respected General Manager,

This is Samiullah writing to inform you that today I will not come to office due to sickness. From yesterday I am facing some food poisoning issues with weakness which makes me feeling sick. I request you to please approve at-least two days (Thursday & Friday, 30 and 31 July) paid sick leaves according to law/policy for me in office and send your approval to the HR department as well. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely yours,


Assistant Manager

California Branch

Sick Leave Email Letter from Office Due to Fever

Dear Ms. Samina,
This is to inform you that today I will not be able to attend my office due to sickness. I am suffering through high temprature, cough, flu since last evening. Today I will go to doctor for medicine. In present situation I am unable to attend my office till health and I am informing you through this email. Please consider this application for official record and on my return I will also fill the sick leave form of the office.
The full recover may take two or three days and in any other case I will inform you or my wife will write you an informing email. During my absence please assign my tasks to someone in the office.
Sincerely yours,


Sick Leave Application Due to Fever for Employee

Dear Sir,
I am Sanam, Officer HR having fever from last evening. Yesterday in office I was also not feeling well and when I reached home fever push me to lay down on the bed. Although I am taking medicine from last evening but still I am feeling high fever and weakness. So today I am unable to attend my office. Please grant me leave of one day. Your kind act will be highly obliged.

Office HR

Sick Leave Application Sample for Employee
Sick Leave Application Sample for Employee

Sick Leave Application Sample for Office Due to Surgery

Respected Sir,
I am Liaqat Ali, officer planning and development at DES Engineering writing for leave to one week due to my operation/surgery. I have stones in my bladder and kidney as per my medical checkup after a very severe pain. Doctor recommended me to go for this operation as early as possible to avoid any damage to bladder. For this operation I need leave for five days from Monday to Friday and I will join the office back on next Monday. On my return I will submit my medial reports as evidence of this leave. Please consider this leave as informed and I will be happy if company would pay me for these leave days because its a natural sickness. I will be thankful to you.
Sincerely Yours,

Liaqat Ali
Officer Planning and Development

Sick Leave Application Sample for Employee in Office

To the manager HR,

Sir i am Alan Harper I am working in Industrial  Building no. 3 as shift in-charge. I took  leave from my duty today at 11’o’clock from my floor supervisor since I was feeling  sick. I went to the E.R immediately on the way back from work . The doctor ran some tests and diagnosed that I am suffering from severe diarrhea. I was given a drip there in the hospital so that my body fluid level can be elevated, which was way below normal levels. I have given medicines and the doctor has advised that I should take complete rest for at-least 7 days.Sir kindly grant me sick leave for seven days so that I could take rest for my complete recovery. During my absence I will be leaving in-charge Charlie who is junior shift in-charge. He will be responsible for all the operations and correspondence

Yours truly,

Alan Harper

Sick Leave Application for Teacher

Dear Madam,
I am Farooq Ahmad, Science Teacher for LGS Gulberg Branch. Madam yesterday I could not come to school due to fever and sickness. Please approve my one day leave for yesterday dated 1-7-17. I will be thankful to you.

Farooq Ahmad

Application for Sick Leave from Office by Parents

Ms. Urooj Ashraf
Manager HR

Subject: Sick Leave From Office by Parents

Respected Madam ,

My son Ahmed Waqar working in your company as manager marketing. He has been sick for 1 week and is not able to attend the office. So I kindly request you to allow him leave from 13 Feb, to 17 Feb with pay.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,

Saqib Ali

Sick Leave Application for Employee
Sick Leave Application for Employee

Email Application for Leave to Take Rest Due to Sickness

The Manager Operations,
ABC Logistics Company,
RRR road, Gujranwala.

Dear Sir,

With due respect it is stated that I have been suffering from headache since last evening after returning from a rather long travelling to attend the meeting with the new client M/S JJJ Companies.

I was appointed by you to meet this potential client in Karachi where I travelled b train to and from the Karachi. This caused a reasonable fatigue but yet I preferred to join my duties without delay.

However, it seems my body needs sufficient rest in order to perform well.

Please grant me leave for two days starting from tomorrow 09th Dec to 10th Dec.

Your cooperation and understanding will be highly appreciated.




Application for Medical Leave from Office in Email

Dear Sir,
I am Samiullah Manager Marketing feeling pain in upper end of knee since two days. Today I went to hospital for checkup and after a medical checkup by orthopedic specialist doctor at Jinnah Hospital I have been strongly recommended to have bed rest for at-least two weeks before a second checkup. Doctor also recommend medicine for two weeks and said results would be depending upon the bed rest. I request you to please grant me leave for two weeks for the betterment and speedy recovery of the inner side pain of knee. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely yours,

M. Samiullah

Manager Marketing

Medical Leave Application Sample to Boss in Email

Leave application due ot stones in kidney, treatment of kidney, surgery of kidney or kidney ka illaj etc from office.

Dear Sir,
Respectfully stated that i am Mr. Ali Asif, working in your company as Auditor. I write this letter, being sorrowful, to inform you that i was having severe pain in my right kidney. When inspected, the doctor diagnosed some stones in it, that are needed to be removed at once. Doctor has advised me to get operated in next week. So i have to request you for a leave of next week from 27th feb. To 5th march, 2017. My assistant will look after the matters in my absence. I’ll be thankful to you for this favour and i will be back to work as soon as i seek permission from the doctor.


Ali Asif


Medical Leave from Office Email

The Managing Director,
I-Cam Photographers Co.

Subject: 2 days Medical Leave

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that due to the weather changes I have caught a bad flu and a sore throat. I have severe body aches and need rest for 2 days to recover completely. I request you to kindly sanction me leave from 1st August, 2017 to 2nd August, 2017. I’ve completed the tasks till today and have passed on instructions to my assistant. He will look after the office work in my absence.

Thank you.

Ahmed Sohail.

Senior Photo Editor.

Medical Leave Application for Office
Medical Leave Application for Office

Leave Application to Boss for Not Feeling Well Email

Respected Ms. Minahil Qasim,
I am Sami executive marketing officer writing for today’s leave. I am not feeling well today because of flu and cough with temperature. I took medicine in evening and morning but not in a position to attend my office. Please approve one day leave and if needed I will submit another leave application for leave extension.
Thanking you,

Sami Yousaf
Executive Marketing Officer

Leave Application Format for office  for Not Feeling Well

Moruti Corporation
Mumbai, India

The Manager Human Resource

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I am Mr. Shah Hussain, an employee of your company, working in HR Department. I have to request you that it would be a matter of gratefulness if you grant me leave for two days, from 6th to 8th Jan. 2017, on account of the reason that i am suffering from continuous headache and nausea. I assure you that I’ll fix every thing when i will be back. I’d like to thank the management for the support being given to me in this concern.
Thank you

Shah Hussain

Leave Application Format for office for Not Feeling Well
Leave Application Format for office for Not Feeling Well

Half Day Leave for Not Feeling Well from Office

KP Engineers
Washington, New York

The Manager,

Honorably stating that I am smith, an employee of your organization, working in manufacturing department. This letter is being written to you to let you know that I am not feeling well since yesterday. I am having headache and low blood pressure. I need to consult my physician. But he is available only at after noon time. So I request you to grant me half day leave for tomorrow i.e 6th april, 2017.

Keeping in view the reason, I hope you will grant my request for short leave. Please feel free to contact me in case of any hurdles in the official matters. Thanking you for the consideration and co-operation of the management as well


Not Feeling Well Leave Letter for Office in Email

Respected Sir,

It is to bring into your kind notice that I, Awais Butt have been working as Sales coordinator in Sales department. Yesterday, I went to a festival with my family. There were different stalls of eatables. Me & my family have visited various different food stalls and ate different items.

When I came back home, it started pain in my stomach. I took medicine as well but the infection was worst and I couldn’t sleep for whole night. Therefore, I request you to please grant me leave for today so that I can consult with my family doctor.


Awais Butt

Leave Application Not Feeling Well
Leave Application Not Feeling Well