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Equipment Maintenance and Repair Agreement Sample

Sample contract of repair and maintenance with companies, clients, customers, schools, universities etc for their electronics, electrical, solar, power maintenance etc.

Maintenance Agreement Template

Introduction of Company and Services:

AMCY5 is celebrating more than 27 years of its operations in Pakistan. We enjoy the pride of being a clean chit company which means no litigations or blacklisting in the market to date. We have got our offices in Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, and Islamabad along with 48 plus distributors network which is in focus for expansion. We are having 12000 plus satisfied clients in our database. AMCY5 has transformed into group of companies.

AMCY-6 is a services rendering wing of AMCY5. Our presence is in all the branches of AMCY5 catering Pakistan by geographically distributing areas. AMCY-6 operate under the supercision of MB management in a structured manner where professional 3R supervisors and area coordinators from call centers manage a fleet of engineers. AMCY-6 aim is to cater clients in a most deserving manner. So it is not our engineer’s confirmation of effective resolution of a single complaint call but your final verdict closes a call in the system.

AMCY5 Brothers deals in following products whereas AMCY-6 renders authorized technical support:

  1. Solar Solutions, Alternate Energy through APC UPS, Surge Control extensions and Power Banks
    (AMCY5 Solar).
  2. Office Automation Solutions through Fax, Scanners, Exchanges, IP/Phone Sets. Projectors, Panahoards and Printers (Panasonic).
  3. Security Solutions through CCTV, IP cameras and CPU/NVR/DVR (Dahua and Panasonic).
  4. ACID – Unified Threat Management for Cyber Security Solutions (AMCY5 Tech).
  5. Video Conferencing Solutions through Polycom and Panasonic, Tele-presence solution through Polycom.
  6. Home, Office, Building and Industrial Automation through Smart 1-lomes powered by G4.
  7. IT Solutions through Laptops, Desktops, Networking, Servers, Datacenters (Lenovo and Fujitsu).

Customer’s Benefits on Maintenance Contract:

  • Free of Cost Complaint Resolution within 24 hours and for Outstation 48 hours as per defined areas of AMCY-6.
  • Free of Cost Periodic Preventive Maintenance.
  • Manufacturer trained Engineers foi- your equipment
  • Back up Equipment will be provided for a limited period of time if equipment is referred to work shop for repair subject to availability. Backup equipment would facilitate the running processes of client whereas client cannot demand exact or any specific model for backup. This facility is not applicable on Outstation cases. Any mis-commitment / negligence from service provider will entitle client to get backup equipment.
  • If referred to workshop the equipment Pick-up and Delivery charges will be absorbed by the “SERVICE PROVIDER”.
  • Online assistance will be provided to the Customer in working hours i.e. 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.
  1. In OUT-STATION Coi Company will not accommodate for BACK UP EQUIPMENT provided if”
    BUYER/CONSUMER” insists for backup, furthermore, only Pabx, photocopier and Fax machine’s backup would be offered on daily charges bases where client cannot ask for any specific model of equipment for backup.
  2. Any mis-commitment /negligence from service provider will entitle client to get backup equipment.

If”PARTS OF EQUIPMENT” Requires any Replacement. That cost shall not be considered a part of this Contract. Estimates would be sent back to client for approval and execution would remain subject to approval of client.

The “BUYER/CONSUMER” shall have to bear the cost of any service rendered after expiry date of warranty period, unless a new Maintenance agreement is signed off.
The Buyer/Consumer shall provide the service provider with such access to the Equipment as is reasonably necessary for the service provider to comply with the terms of this agreement.

This agreement shall be valid for _______YEAR(S) starting from the date _________and end date_________.

If there is any existing wiring issue on “BUYER’s/CONSUMER’s” Premises, that shall not be considered part of this Contract. In case client insists on fixing such issue(s) our Technician shall facilitate however Customer will have to pay extra CHARGES in CASH.

The amount specified in this agreement shall be paid by the “BUYER/CONSUMER” within a period of one week, following the Agreement Award/ Sign Off date. Agreement shall be deemed as canceled if payment is not made with-in specified period. Furthermore, for such delayed cases where “BUYER/CONSUMER” is interested in contract and delay is on his part, extra Charges will be imposed on Daily Basis.

The “SERVICE PROVIDER” shall not be held responsible for not being able to render the services due to Reasons beyond its control e.g. earthquake, war, flood, natural calamities etc.

“Contract Customer will Enjoy Discount on CONSUMABLE AND PARTS OF EQUIPMENT”
This agreement cannot be sold or transferred to the third party, in such case agreement will be
cancelled/considered void

Courts in Pakistan are authorized for the settlement of disputes which may arise during the execution of this.

Branded equipment’s requires/recommends the use of branded consumables for full performance and safe operations. Repair costs of failure resulting from the use of inappropriate material s shall be billed to the “BUYERJCONSUMER”. Consumables are available for PPC, FAX and Printers.

Annual repair / maintenance fees, are stated below:

S. Equipment Model Equipment Serial No Maintenance Fee
1 PPC DP-8487 DJU13482 5000


  • Amount without Tax : 5000
  • Tax ___________________
  • Net Payable Amount RS 5000
  • Contract Customer gets the benefit of priority dealing as compared to Job Basis Customer.
  • Client satisfaction is of immense importance for AMCY-6. Client’s verdict, after resolution of complaint would be required to close the call rather than our technician’s confirmation.
  • Contract Customer will also have the added benefit of Discount on consumables and parts of Equipment.

NOW, THEREFORE in consideration of the mutual covenants and promises hereinafter set forth the parties hereto agree as follows,

Equipment Maintenance Agreement Terms and Conditions

  1. This agreement covers the service/maintenance (periodical checking, cleaning, adjustment etc.) work to be rendered by AMCY-6. “Trina, Vo1tronicsPover, Panasonic, Dahua, ACID, Polycom, Smart homes, Lenove, Fujitsu AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTRE in Pakistan” which will be “SELLER” for the above stated products located at the following address of the buyer, Which will be referred as “BUYER/CONSUMER”. Thereafter, and in case Buyer and Consumer are different. Then BUYER Has to provide the complete Information of CONSUMER.


  • TeI/ Cell No:


  • Tel/ Cell No:
  1. Periodic Preventive Maintenance shall be rendered on Quarterly basis and if any Customer Demands for Monthly or additional Preventive Maintenance visits then charges of contract will increase.
  2. The “SERVICE PROVIDER” shall bear all Traveling and Daily Allowance (TADA) of its technical staff for the Periodic maintenance services except outstations.
  3. Failure shall be reported within 24 (Twenty four) hours of execution time, where AMCY-6 the “SERVICE PROVIDER” having branch offices, at LAHORE, ISLAMABAD, FAISALABAD & KARACHI and within 48 (forty Eight) hours in all other cities. Repair work shall be accomplished by the “SERVICE PROVIDER”s authorized technical staff during regular working hours. Without verification of area Incharge! Call Agent the “BUYER/CONSUMER” shall not be requested to make any payment for the service rendered.
  4. In case if equipment goes out of order, the “BUYER/CONSUMER” shall bear Traveling, carriage and lodging cost of “SERVICE PROVIDER”s technical staff in other cities than Islamabad. Lahore, Faisalabad and Karachi where the “SERVICE PROVIDER” does not have a branch office.
  5. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties have executed this Agreement as of___________ day of_________, 20___.

Name: __________________________________

Designation: ______________________________

TEL: ____________________________________


Marketing Budget Plan Template

How to prepare a marketing budget. Monthly marketing budget template. Marketing budget plan estimates excel. Sample marketing budget for a small business. Social media marketing budget template. Marketing budget template xls.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Campaigning Cost
  3. Required Budget
  4. Past Campaign
  5. Goal


Advertising has long been the lifeblood for industrial growth. Charity advertising is remarkably similar. Audiences see them repeatedly, perhaps on daily bases. Human Psychology, through its research on marketing, has extensive applications to aid advertising and its compliance with donation requests. Donation is usually predicated on the seeking of a reaction to a serious human condition. Two principles apply almost every time.

Firstly – it’s crucial to create an emotional connection
Secondly – the call to action must be extremely clear

This immediately makes donation a personal matter involving emotions and value judgments. Henceforth, crafting extensive and constant charity campaigns leverage a donation based organization like AHF to build awareness, tell stories and drive in pro-social behaviour, inclining respondents to donate.

The current year’s Ramadan was a challenging for the RD to meet the targets due to emerging market players with huge investments on the advertising. The monthly expenses, of both the RSI campuses (D.H.A and Mughulpura), are Rs. 90,0000 and these expenses are rapidly increasing. This year those donors who used to donate 1,00,000/- are now donating lesser. Hence, to reach maximum growth targets for the coming year, AHF needs to deploy a strategic advertising strategy that leverages multiple advertising mediums in unison to build awareness and increase fund generation.

Required Budget

Marketing budget plan estimates excel
Marketing budget plan estimates excel
Marketing budget template xls
Marketing budget template xls

We are hoping a 30% discount in all the rates mentioned above as a charity organization. Still above budget is too high for us to afford but we will go with selected options and We request you to allocate minimum
Rs. 7 Million
as Marketing budget for the year 2017-2018 in addition to our previous spending’s that are almost 3 million.

Past Campaigns

During Ramadan 2017 AHF displayed 1000 streams in the D.H.A and Lahore cantt, Wateen telecom ran a documentary about AHF on their cable channel (FOC), displayed 5 billboards and 60,000 letters/brochures were sent to homes. The total material cost of all the advertising activity was around Rs 30,00,000/- however most of the material was sponsored. Furthermore, the total funds generated from this campaign were Rs 3 Million


With the above budget we will be able to achieve 50 million rupees additional income for AHF

Further we will improve and update accordingly on this page.

Long Term Marketing Plan Example

What is a short term marketing Plan and What is long term marketing plan is described below. Long term marketing strategies. Long term marketing goals example. Short term marketing strategy example. Short term marketing objectives examples. Long term strategy examples. Short and long term projections in marketing plan example. Long term marketing objectives. Short term marketing goals examples.

Long Term Marketing Plan Template

This marketing plan is made for an NGO. Yearly Short term plans to achieve our long term goals
From the year 2018 till 2022

What is our goal (long term plan): basically the goal of this department is to obtain the maximum number of DONORS and give awareness about organisation . Just like we’ve 3000(only from Lahore) donors in 2017 and we wants to achieve 10,000 donors from all over the world. The reason to increase our donors is we refuse many parents to get their child in RSI only due to the lack of donors.

Plan for year 2018

We will more focus on our marketing strategies which includes
• We will publish the success stories of our children to show that how our institute really works on children and make them successful in life
• Increase streams from 5000 to 10,000
• We will also increase our billboards from 5 to 10
• We will place our donation boxes in every big mall
• We required the budget around 60,00,000


Plan for year 2019

Now when we will be having the donors around 4500 we will improve our message and the patron of campaign too. We will try to utilize the donation to get more advance
Machines so the donors get satisfied that their donation is using for good cause and it will also inspire the people who are not donating. And by doing more good marketing we will get 1000 more donors
• We will increase our budget by 20%
• Increase the tv channels for tvc like DUNYA NEWS,CITY 42
• We’ll move towards online donations because in previous years we’ve worked for international donors
• Also broadcast the radio ad in the timings of 7:00 am to 10:00am because people go to office and listen radio and from 4:00pm to 7:00pm at the time when people go back to home.

Plan for the year 2020

We will move on to the other cities like:
• Sahiwal>Islamabad> Peshawar>Karachi>.
• For this we will increase our budget by 40% because we need more
Flyers>billboards>campaigns etc. in different cities of Lahore.
• We will place our boxes too in these cities
• We will improve our donors by 2000

Plan for the year 2021

• We will develop our teaching program more so the parents get attracted and the people who don’t get their children in due to the hopelessness such institutes.
• associate our institute with celebrities who will convey the massage and they will be hopeful about their childes
• We will increase the tv channels for tvc, we’ll move towards the entertainment channels and broadcast our tvc at HUM TV, GEO AND ARY DIGITAL
• 8:00 am to 12:00 am because of the timings of morning shows
• And from 8:00PM TO 10:00PM in drama timings
• Increase our budget by 20%

Plan for the year 2022

Now we stand at a position where everyone knows us not only in Lahore in all over Pakistan and out of Pakistan too if we will keep on improving our ads and keep stronger the messages the people will get more influenced by the work of our organization and we will also work on satisfying the old donors that their donation is using for good cause the result of giving them satisfaction will be more donors because the old donors covey the message to their family and friends and suggest them RSI for donation.by this all we will achieve our target to get around 10,000donors

Medical Clinic Business Proposal

Sample medical clinic proposal, clinic proposal sample, sample proposal for health clinic. Clinic profile sample, Project proposal for building a clinic, clinic project proposal, health care proposal template, medical clinic business plan.

Proposal for Consultancy Clinic

To make a consultant clinic at AHF

Name of Clinic: AHF Rehabilitation Clinic for Children

Purpose of this Clinic:

To facilitate the parents who cannot get admission because of residential and family issues or due to non availability of seats.

Abstract of Clinic:

In AHF due to limited sources we cannot give admission to each and every child in order to make their parent satisfied we can offer them a clinic where they can present with their medical as well as psychosocial problems. Affordable people have to pay demanded fees per visit.

Staff of Clinic:

  • licensed medical doctor.(30000)
  • Licensed psychologist(18000)
  • Licensed speech therapist(18000)
  • Licensed physiotherapist(18000)

Services Provided in this Clinic:

Medical Services Proposal

  • General checkup of child
  • Deals with presenting complain of mother and child.

Psychologic Services Proposal

  • Screening
  • Counseling
  • Management
  • Parent Counseling
  • Regular session can be conducted if required(500per session)

Speech Therapy Proposal

  • Assessment
  • Receptive language
  • Expressive language
  • IEP plan and management

Physiotherapy Assessment Proposal

  • Complete assessment
  • Motor assessment
  • Fine motors assessments
  • Exercises and management plan by using different tools.

All services will be provided in $4 per visit

Assessment Clinic Proposal

To make exclusive Private Assessment Team.

Purpose of this proposal.

  • To facilitate the parents
  • In case of private assessment, all team members should be available for assessment only.
  • In case of no assessment, whole team will be available for school task.
  • Assessment report should be given to parents  within 10 days
  • Assessment team members:
  • Licensed doctor(30,000)
  • Experienced Psychologist(18,000)
  • Experienced Speech and Language therapist
  • Experienced Physiotherapist
  • Experienced Occupational therapist
  • Experienced Sensory therapist
  • Types of Assessment & its Charges:

1) Comprehensive Psycho-educational and Medical assessment(15000)

2) Psychological assessment:

  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Development assessment
  • Intellectual assessment(7000)
  • Functional academic assessment
  • Adaptive assessment
  • IEP plan and management
  • Report writing

3)speech therapy assessment(4000)

  • Detail speech and language assessment
  • Give IEP  and management.

4) Physiotherapy assessment.(4000)

  • Gross motor assessment
  • Fine motor assessment

Sample Business Proposal for Courier Services

Sample proposal format for courier services for clients, businesses, companies and firms to whom to want to offer your services. You can also use this letter for offering transportation services.

Proposal Letter for Courier Services

Subject: – Business Proposal for Courier & Logistic Service
Dear Sir,
This is with reference to discussion with Mr. Alex regarding courier/logistic services from OCS. I like to share company profile which would help us to increase our business relationship.
OCS (Pvt.) Ltd has been acquired by Muller & Phipps, serving in the sub-continent since, 1912 and contributing in the Distribution and Logistics business on the large scale with a yearly turnover of around 700 billion. Unilever, Samsung, Getz Pharma & Huawei are our major clients with the top Pharmaceutical Companies available in the Country. Having worked successfully in the courier and logistics industry for 27 years, OCS has amassed unrivaled operational experience and expertise. Following are some of the key strengths that make us such a viable partner for our diverse and valued corporate clients:
-  Worldwide direct network of 240 offices in over 100 countries
-  1500 locations served in Pakistan
-  250 Express Centers nationwide
-  10 major hubs in Pakistan
-  125,000+ pickups and deliveries per day
-  Dedicated team of over 1,800 employees
-  Extensive 1500 vehicle fleet
-  Over 1,145 couriers
-  Modern barcode and web tracking
-  Virtual private network
-  24-hour UAN 111-202-202
OCS takes pride in offering unique and customized solutions for any customer. Through a vast range of services that includes the efficient conveyance of express courier packages, secure transport of heavy freight, personalized gift delivery and many more, OCS offers its clients unrivaled diversity, reliability and expedience:
-  International Delivery Service
-  Domestic Delivery Service
-  OCS Road & Rail
-  Expressions – Premium Gift Delivery
-  Hand-Carry Service for Valuables
-  Overnight Express
-  Same Day Express
-  Sunday/Holiday/Time-Bound Service
-  Logistic Management Services

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly for further queries.
Warm regards,
Ather Hafeez
Proposed Rates
Express Service
Weight Slabs Within City Same Zone Different Zone
0 to 0.5KG     14                 30                   45
0.5 to 1KG      30                50                   80
Each Additional KG 30    50                  80

Fixed Fuel Charges 15% in addition to above mentioned rates.
GST as per law.
Rs.100/- hand carry charges for flyer shipment
Rs.20/- per flyer.

Proposal Letter for Training Program

Sample proposal letter for training program in school, college, academy, training institute.

Invitation Letter for Training Program

Good Afternoon Sami,

I am a specialist Autism trained teacher from the Uk. I train parents, teaching assistants, new teachers and other professionals in autism awareness and autism strategies for parents for the home setting through the NAS EarlyBird Plus program. I am on Lahore every year for 4-6 weeks if you are interested in my services. I have only recently heard about your school and I am returning to uk on Saturday. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me as I am staying with relatives near your school.

Course materials for the EarlyBird Plus program can be obtained in English and Urdo. Any other courses I can tailor to the needs of your staff but these will be in English.


Kind Regards

Emer Bilal

Sample proposal letter for training program
Sample proposal letter for training program

Sample Letter for Sending Generator Proposal

Sample letter to send proposal to clients, customers and companies from your company, store or selling purposes.

Proposal Letter to Offer Services

Sub: Generator Proposal for (1 x 10KVa, 1 x 15KVa & 1 x 25KVa)Diesel Gen-Sets

Respected Sir,

This is in reference to your inquiry regarding purchase of the above mentioned Power Generation Units.

We are pleased to submit our proposal in compliance with your present power requirements.

Our foremost concern since our inception has been to provide turn key power solutions that fulfill the client’s needs and are in line with the current market and technological trends. These solutions are unparalleled in excellence and are all backed by our brand of service – that is warranties and after-sales services with an assurance of equipment repair and restore with shortest possible downtime and lowest possible costs.

We look forward to hear from you soon. With this endeavor that we will be able to develop a long lasting business relationship with your esteemed institute.

Thanking you and looking forward,


Application for Sending Proposal for Generator

The General Manager,
Ice cream Company.

Respected sir,

As you know that we are in the ice cream business and it is vital for us to maintain temperature within prescribed limits in our freezing chambers. Failure in doing so causes problems in maintaining taste of our products and many of them are temperature sensitive.

Therefore, we require continuous supply of electricity at our branch. Unfortunately, due to recent increase in electricity demand, this area is a subject of frequent load shedding, which is causing great loss to inventory and decline in customers due to deterioration of taste.

Under these circumstances, it is requested that a heavy duty generator should be provided to this branch as early as possible to facilitate us in managing the business properly.

Yours faithfully,

Branch Manager

Prequalification Letter As Contractor for Supply of Material

Sample letter to apply for pre qualification as supplier to companies, manufacturers, production units, factories, processing units in US, UK, Europe, India, Asia and UAE. You can write this letter to registered with companies as a supplier of raw material, machinery, mechanical machines, engines, plants to companies, goods, production material, recycled items, steel etc.

Sample Letter of Intent to Apply as Supplier

Sub: Pre-qualification Letter As Contractor for Supply of Material

Dear Sir,

Having come to know that you are looking for Contractor for supply of various materials for your Cement Plant. We are pleased to introduce our self as one of the leading contractor for supply of various materials especially in the field of Steel items, Such as Achor bolts, Steel Plates, Pipe supports fabricated items as per drawings and specification and requirements of the client.

Currently we are supply Achor Bolts, Rock Bolts, Steel Plates, Pipe supports (Fabricated) to a Power Project.

It would be a great honor if you please enlist our company name as supplier in your organization. Our company profile is enclosed herewith. If you need any further details or information, please feel free to contact the undersigned.

Thanking you and assuring you our best services. We remain,

Yours Sincerely,

Director H Engineering

Sample Letter of Intent to Apply as Supplier
Sample Letter of Intent to Apply as Supplier

Letter for Material Requirements

The Procurement Manager,
Pioneer Constructing LLC.
Media City,

Dear Sir,

Hope you are doing well.

Refer to the meeting we had in the last week where the mobilization of our newly rewarded project was discussed.

Kindly note we need below material immediately. We need to take over the construction site which is going to be in the coming week perhaps.

Following material must be ready till day after tomorrow:

A double –Cabin Pickup with the driver

  • Electrical tools kit (Spencer) 3-boxes
  • Safety Gloves 10 pairs
  • Safety Shoes 10 pairs
  • Reflector Jackets 12
  • Wooden Table 2
  • Revolving chairs 2
  • Folding chairs 6

Please do let me know if you need any further assistance in this regard.

Thanks indeed for your usual cooperation in this regard.

Many Thanks.

William John,
General Manager- operations

Sample Proposal for Construction Services

Format of covering letter for sending sample proposal for Construction Management Services to your clients. Please read the letter carefully and make amendments as per your needs. This letter also include attachments. But if you don’t have the attachments with your proposal than you must remove the words for attachment and you can add all the specification on the same letter if it is short.

Proposal of Construction Services


Subject: Proposal for the Construction Services of Commercial Shops

With reference to your inquiry and detailed discussion regarding the above cited subject. We are submitting herewith our Revised Final proposal for your kind consideration. Details as follows:

  1. Building Structure
  2. Material to be used

Detailed BOQ unit rates and salient feature of contract (2) pages are attached herewith. We hope that you will find our rates most competitive in all respects. If you need any further information or details Please feel free to contact us.

Thanking you and assuring you our best services. We remain

Your Sincerely,

Your Name and Signatures


Proposal for the Construction Services Covering Letter
Proposal for the Construction Services Covering Letter

Cover Letter for Sending Business Proposal to Company

Sample Cover Letter for Sending Business Proposal of Design, website, business model or any new idea for approval from the company with proposal development timeline.

Letter for Sending Business Proposal

Nimra Asad

Manager Development
Guardian Properties
East London
United Kingdom

Subject: Proposal of Design

Dear Mirza Athar Baig,

Hope you are fine and will have a good tour of Dubai. As per our telephonic conversation I am sending you one design proposal. This is just a structure and need lot of finishing work with your coordination. I make this web structure to fulfill all present/future needs and dummy text/images are been used. After the approval of the structure the development and design work will be started which will take minimum 20 working days to complete.

This design include only one main image[ basically that will be a slide show]. Please visit this link at www.semioffice.com and comment about the design and structure. This design is also suitable for Guardian Properties website. This structure is very easy to manage/edit/change without going to any complications.

I also request you to give your suggestions for any changes in layout or full design. After your reply I will prepare a new design if needed.

Best Regards,

Minahil Sami

How to Write a Business Proposal to Companies

The CEO,
Generix Corporation.

Subject: Proposal for Business Venture.

Dear Mr. Iftkhar,

I hope that you are fine. Let me introduce myself, I am M. Usman Zaka, we met on international science Exp. We were introduced by Mr. Ali the Organizer of the event when I presented my prototype of the 180% more efficient radiator design. You promised me to invest in my project and help me commercialize my idea.

I have modified some part of the ventilation system which increased the efficiency 40 more percent aggregating the efficiency to 220% than the conventional design.

I have attached the business plan of the joint venture for your kind consideration and I would be honored to work with your company and launch my breakthrough product under the name of your company.

I will wait for your response.



Cover Letter for Sending Business Proposal
Cover Letter for Sending Business Proposal