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Salary Slip Request Letter Format

Sample letter for requesting salary slip from your office, company or employer. But click these links if you are looking for Salary Slip or Pay Slip .

Sample Request Letter for Salary Slip


Company/Organization Name

Subject: Salary Slip Request Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m writing to request you to please issue my salary slips since June. I have received all the salaries but official salary slips were not issued. I need all the slips for taxation purpose and salary records. I also request you to please issue me salary slips with monthly salary.

Thanking You,


M. Ikram
Manager Sales

Request for Issue of Salary Slip and Experience Certificate

The HR Department
Kinnaird College for Women

Subject: Issuance of salary slip and an experience letter for a new job

Dear Ma’am,
It is to humbly request you to kindly award me an experience letter for working as a lecturer at Kinnaird’s English Literature Department for one complete semester (six months) i.e. from December 1st, 2015 to June 30th, 2015. This will improve my CV. Also, kindly issue me a duplicate of my salary slip so that I can maintain my records for further job interviews.

Working at Kinnaird has been a very challenging experience for me, and I thank you for this opportunity.


Nadia Anjum
English Literature Department

Request for Issue of Salary Slip and Experience Certificate
Request for Issue of Salary Slip and Experience Certificate

Payslip Request Letter

Dear Mr. James,

I am Ms. Mariam Amjad working as Manager Hi-Gene since two years. Recently I applied for foreign immigration and they required my work Experience letter and monthly Payslip as proof of job. I request you to please issue me at least four months payslips since January. I will be thankful to you.

Best Regards,


Mariam Amjad

Manager Hi-Gene

Issue my Wageslip for Future Reference

Dear Ms. Noor Fatima,
I have worked as Marketing Executive at Marhaba Labs. I request you to please issuce my wageslip for official purpose in future. I have had a great experience working with this company. I will be thankful to you.


Salary Slip Request Letter Format
Salary Slip Request Letter Format

Request Letter for Any Suitable Job – Covering Letter Format

Sample Application request letter for any suitable job on the basis of your qualification. You can use this application for multiple jobs in one or more organizations, schools or companies. Free download below applications for suitable job posts.

Application for any Suitable Job Vacancy

Galaxy Town,
London, England, United Kingdom.
The Deputy Director (HR),
London Fire Service,
October 19,

Dear Sir,

Having seen the advertisement of your company in the newspaper, I present my services to the job of Secretary to the Director General, London fire Service. I have been graduated in English Literature and having experience of more than ten years in a reputed organization in relevant filed of drafting and office management. I consider myself a suitable candidate to work for your company.

Therefore, you are humbly requested that my application may please be considered for the interview and provide me one chance to exhibit my skills in office management and duties as a secretary to DG.

Looking for your response.
Jonathan Swift.

Job Application for Suitable Position

Dear Sir,

I instantly make up my mind to work for your organisation. From all the requirements needed for a professional in the field, I find my self entirely appropriate for the said job. I am sure you or someone from your organisation will meet me to seek further information about my expertise.

Best Regards,

Kanza Khan

Suitable Job Application in Email

Dear Sir,
I have attached my Resume with this email. I will be highly grateful to you for considering my CV and giving me an opportunity to work for your prestigious institute.It will be an honor for me if i am given a chance to work in any of the areas.I will be thankful for your humble response.Regards,SANA HAMID

Job Application for Suitable Position


Subject: Application for Any Suitable Job

Dear Sir/Madam,

I went through your web site and wish to be a part of your professional organization.I have achieved Msc Finance Accounts and Management degree from Bradford Management School University of Bradford United Kingdom one of the leading Universities in UK.

I have rich experience in the field of Accounts and Finance, in addition having the ability to work in pressure environment with a passion to prove my worth with honesty and hard work.

I can start as soon as possible if my application has been considered positively for any relevant job and can prove myself as an asset for any organization.

An early response will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and regards

Name and Signatures

Request Application Letter for Any Suitable Job
Request Application Letter for Any Suitable Job

Write an Email Asking For a Job Vacancy

Matt and Murdock


Respected Sir,

My name is Smith and I am writing this letter to ask for a job vacancy at your firm. Sir I am a very talented and hardworking person. I am also passionate about this field and I have a lot of experience. I had to quit my previous job because of some family reasons and I moved to this city. Sir I have an amazing set of skills and I hope that I will help your company to excel. As well as I will be gaining more experience. I can handle any type of office and field work.

Please do let me know if your firm has a job vacancy.


Application letter for job in oil company

The Manager HR,
Aqua Oil and Gas firm,
Industrial Area , Karachi.

Subject: Job Application for the post of Rigging Manager

Dear Sir,

I have come to know through an advertisement published on an online job portal that you are in need of a Rigging Manager on urgent basis.

I would like to offer my services for the above mentioned position as I have worked at the same position in some well reputed Oil&Gas companies in the UAE and Africa.

Attached is my detailed CV and kindly give me a chance to prove my skills.


Steve Murray,

Request Letter for the Advance Payment

Sample request letter for Advance Payment Format for issuing advance payments to companies, clients, vendors, suppliers, workshops for repair, maintenance and parts changing etc

Cover Letter for Advance Payment

Minahil Qasim
Director Finance
OBTC School
Faisal Town,

Subject: Advance payment recovery request

Dear Sir.

It is to inform that we may be in loss as we are having heavy expenditure for the repair and maintenance of the machinery at our factory area. Some machinery need oil change and repair and that require huge amount. So I request you to issue the 50%advance payment as early as possible.


Assistant Manager

Advance Payment Recovery Letter Format
Advance Payment Recovery Letter Format

Application for Advance Payment

The Voice President
OBTC School

Subject: Request for the Advance Building Rent

Respected Sir,

As per our contract with the land lady of our hostel building we had to pay three months advance rent on 20th February 2017. Due to your small pilgrimage we remained unable to provide her the cheque of advance payment. I request you to please instruct the accounts department to prepare her cheque of $12000 for advance rent of three months (Jan to March 2017) as we are already late for the payment.

Thank You,


Request Letter for the Advance Payment
Request Letter for the Advance Payment

Request Letter for the Advance Payment

Mr. James Parker,

Dear Sir,

Hope that you will be fine. According to policy of our company, you are required to pay half of the money in advance to our company under the agreement signed by you with our company for the construction of your new house. As you know that the construction involves the building material and the machinery for construction as well as workforce to be hired, so all these things must be engaged in advance.

Please pay the money as soon as possible so that the construction must be started. Without payment it is not possible to purchase the material for construction.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,


Application for Annual Leave Encashment

Sample application for leave encashment from employer or company. Leave encashment mean the payment of your annual leaves which you do not avail for any reason. Sample request letter for annual leave encashment from company, office, HR Manager or HR Department if you qualify for leave encashment as per company policy after the financial year.

Application for Annual Leave Encashment Template

The Chief Financial Officer
IR Systems

Respected Sir,

Most respectfully, it is stated that I have completed another successful year of my service in IR Systems as on 20th February, XXXX. Therefore, please accord the approval for my leave encashment as per company policy. I shall very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Syeda Mehreen
Accounts Officer

Annual Leave Encashment Request Letter

The Branch Manager,
Standard Chartered Bank.
Gulberg 2, Lahore.

Subject: Application for Payment of Leave Encashment

Respected Sir,
It is stated that I am Kareem Fahad, working in Standard Chartered Bank, since last three years. It is to inform you that at the end of every year as per the policy of bank, leave encashment is provided to the employees.

I want to get my leave encashment of this year in the next week. As, I have taken leave of few days and moving on to another city, and i need some money for this purpose. Kindly, grant my leave encashment of this year as soon as possible. It would be a great favor for me.
Thanking you I remain.

Yours sincerely,

Kareem Fahad

Application Format for Leave Encashment

Finance Manager,
Esna Foundation.
Gulberg 2, Lahore.

Subject: Request for Leave Encashment

With due respect it is stated that according to the policy of our company, leave encashment to every employee is provided. I want to inform that being a sincere staff member, another year of my employment is over and my leave encashment of the year XXXX is still pending.
I request you to kindly provide me with the leave encashment facility. It would be a great source of pleasure for me. I shall be highly obliged.
Thanking you.

Hamza Aslam

Application for Annual Leave Encashment
Application for Annual Leave Encashment

Request Letter for Information Collection for Univeristy Projects

Request for Information for Educational Projects


Dear Sir/Madam,

The students of MBA majors in marketing would like to do a project at [company]. The project is based on the audit and taxation course taught by [teacher name] at the Lahore School of Economics.

Following are the names of the students:

  1. —-
  2. —–
  3. —–
  4. —-

We want to assure you that the information collected will be highly confidential and can never be revealed to any person or any institution. Further, the information gathered will be exclusively used for the academic purpose only.

We thank you in anticipation for your co-operation and we greatly appreciate your contribution towards training and development of our graduates.

Yours Sincerely,

Urooj Fatima
Lahore School of Economics

Request Letter for Information Collection for Univeristy Projects
Request Letter for Information Collection for Univeristy Projects

Request Letter to Fill The Application Form for Job

Sample letter to staff members, new employees, job applicants requesting to fill the application form for job. This form used to keep employee records or to collect bio data information of job applicants.

Letter to Fill the Application Form for Job

The Interviewee,

Dear Interviewee,
This letter is being written to you on behalf of XYZ Telecommunication Agency. It is stated that you have not filled out the Application Form that was sent to you on your postal address. As your interview is due next week, you are requested to kindly fill out the application form and post it back as soon as possible. Failure to do this might result in cancellation of your job request.

Best Regards,
HR Manager,
XYZ Agency.

Request Letter to Fill the Application Form for Job

Dear Ms. Hewett,

I am hoping that you are enjoying good health.

It is to inform you that we have received your request letter in relation to interviews to be conducted by ABC Company dated 19 December, XXXX.

On completion of initial scrutiny of your said letter, we are hereby requesting you to visit our premises, meet the receptionist and fill in the application form for the underlying job.

On submission of form to us, our HR Department shall proceed further and scrutinize your application. You shall be contacted in case you qualify for the interview.

Your satisfaction is our foremost priority. Have a nice day.

Truly yours,

Alan Taylor
Human Resource Manager
ABC Company

Letter to Fill The Application Form for Job


Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your application and the interest you have shown in the ABC Solutions. Congratulating you are shortlisted for the pot of Online Sales and marketing. We are UK base Company ABC Solutions provider.

We want to check your ability for this purpose and we set an application form. Please find the attachment. Fill this form and send us As Soon As Possible.

Kind Regards,


Request Letter of Sponsorship of Food Items

Sample Request Letter for Sponsorship of an Event

Event Sponsorship Request Letters

To: Ali Arslan
Regional Marketing Manager
KFC Pakistan
Head Office, Barket Market,

Subject: Request Letter for Sponsorship of an Event

Dear Mr. Ali Arslan,

We are organizing a bake sale event at [company name] to raise funds for students studying in the institute a charity based organization and largest one in Pakistan. This event is fully organized by the internees at AH Foundation and sponsored by different organizations.

We request you to please sponsor 30 Deals of your food items free of cost. Your cooperation will be appreciated and help us to raise funds for AH Foundation. For any further information please visit our website. Many other esteemed organizations are participating in the Bake Sale Event subway, coke, pepsi, nestle.

Looking for your favorable response


Sumbal Arif

Request Letter of Sponsorship of Event
Request Letter of Sponsorship of Event

Request Letter for Sponsorship of Food Items

The Managing Director,
Blue Water Ltd.

Dear Sir,

We are a Non-profit organization and our aim is to work for the provision of hygienic basic necessities to the under privileged people in this area. We are striving hard to take our part for the betterment of society.

Currently, we have come up with an initiative of supplying free food items to the under nourished poor population in this area. We request your support in bringing this project to reality by sponsoring the food items which we aim to deliver. This campaign will surely enlighten the image of your organization as a society friendly business and will impact your business positively.

We hope that you will support us in this noble cause as your generosity can help us feed many poor souls.


Adam Oscars.
Life NGO

Request Letter for Placement of Donation Boxes with Thanks

Sample Request Letter for Placement of Donation or fund collection Boxes for events, organizations on stores, super malls, shops or any other place of an organization with thanking the donor for help.

Request Letter for Placement of Donation Boxes with Thanks

Mr. James Bay
Head Supervisor
HH Shopping Mall
Texas, USA

Sir, it is a universal agreement that every man should help the needy as much as they can. Not only would it help the poor but it would also erase the sins and replace them with good deeds. This is the main objective of our organization ‘Save the World’ which helps the poor men, women and children in Africa who do not even have supplies of fresh water.

For this purpose, we would like to place 3 donation boxes at your checkout section so that people can donate some money that would eventually affect the lives of poor people. Even the minimal amount can save lives of many innocent people. Therefore, kindly accept this request and allow us an opportunity to make this world a better place to live for everyone. Thank you for your kind gesture.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Wes

Save the World NGO

Letter for Placement of Donation Boxes

Ms. Minahil,
Mall Manager
Star Market,
Lahore Cantt

Subject:  Request Letter for Placement of Donation Box

Dear Sir,

I am writing for special thanks on behalf of [company name] for your favor to [company name] by placing donation boxes at [business name] Stores. You will be happy to know that we are receiving good response from all the donation boxes at [business name] Stores and covering the dues for a number of students at [company name].

We are expanding our operations and a new floor of Defence Campus completed recently. Now we are also ready to increase the number of our students on Defence Campus.

I would like to request you to please place our more donation boxes at [business locations] branches as well.

Best Regards,

Manager Marketing and Promotions
AH Foundation,
Faisal Town, Lahore

Request Letter for Placement of Donation Boxes
Request Letter for Placement of Donation Boxes