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Leave Application For Stomach Pain For School

An application from a student suffering from food poisoning to the school principal requesting him to grant him a leave for few days.

Leave Application for Stomach Pain for School

The City School,

New York, USA

Respected Sir,

I want to say that I am suffering from stomach pain of extreme nature due to Diahhorea. Due to this stomach pain I will not be able to come to school. I request you to grant me a leave for today. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Obediently,


Sick Leave Application for Stomach Pain

Respected sir,

With due respect I want to say that I am a student of your school enrolled in 9th grade. I have been suffering from food poisoning for last two days. It is a very severe disease with pain and it requires some time for recovery. Due to this stomach problem, I have become very weak. I can barely walk. The doctor has admitted me to the hospital. Due to all the above mentioned reason I will be unable to attend the school for coming few days. Respected sir you are requested to grant me a leave for this stomach problem.

I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.

Yours truly

Sanam Saleem

Stomach Pain Leave Application in English

Dear Teacher,

I am Hira, student of first year writing to inform you that today I can’t come to school due to pain in my stomach started at midnight. I request you to please mark my leave for today and I hope I will get better today and try to come to class by tomorrow. I will be thankful to you.

Warm Regards,

Leave Application Due to Stomach Pain(Belly Pain)

The Principal,

Gulberg College for Women,



Subject: Leave for a day due to stomach ache


Dear Ma’am,

With due respect, it is stated that I had dined out at food street last night, after which I have not been feeling very well. I have vomited twice and still have severe belly ache. It feels like I’ve no energy in my body. I request you to kindly allow me to have a day off i.e. 26th August, 2015 so that I can stay at home and rest.

Looking forward to your approval.


Atiqa Batool.

Grade XI (Pre-Med)

Sick Leave Application for Stomach Pain
Sick Leave Application for Stomach Pain