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Letter for Rejoining School/College as Student

Sample application letter to principal, headmaster or director for rejoining the school or college after you have been expelled from the college due to shortage of monthly fees by college administration. Sample letter to principal for readmission is available below after your admission was cancelled.

Letter to Principal for Rejoin College

Dear Sir

It is respectfully stated that I, Mr. Smith S/O Mr. Fleming have been studying in your college in class xi in the two months back. My family wanted to send me in my uncles home in other city for my studies. So then I got my college leaving certificate from here and went to that city and got admission in a college. But due to some domestic reasons my parents have called me back now. And now I want to rejoin your college in the class XI. College leaving certificate is enclosed here with. A sympathetic action is requested please.

Yours obediently


Application for Rejoining College as a Student

Respected principal,

I have been studying in this college for one year as a first year student in arts group. Unfortunately due to financial constraints I could not submit college fee for the months of March and April 2015. Resultant the college administration stuck of my name as a college student. Actually my father who works as a taxi driver could not earn enough during these two months to pay my college fee. Now my father has got rupees 30,000 from bank as loan. So I have decided to rejoin college by submitting the due college fee. I hope you will grant me permission for rejoining college. So that I could resume my studies.

Yours sincerely,


Application Letter to Rejoin the College as Student

The Director,

Government College,


Dear Sir,


I beg to state that I was studying in your institution as a student of Masters in psychology, last year. On account of unavoidable circumstances, my family and I had to move to other city and I did have to leave the college. As we have again come in this city and I need to continue my studies by rejoining the college with your permission.

It is therefore requested that permission may please be granted to rejoin the college so that I could continue my studies.

Your cooperation in this regard shall be highly praised.

Yours obediently,

Tom Hanks.

Letter to Director for Rejoin College as a Student
Letter to Director for Rejoin College as a Student

Letter to Director for Rejoin College

Anthony Wills

45-X, Hall Plane , Mexico


Dear Wills,

We hope this letter finds you in best of your spirits. This letter is intended to reimbursement of your dedications to The Fusion College. We appreciate your direction to this institution and leading it to the peaks of excellence in the field of education by maintaining the standard and quality of education. We shall be very honored if you rejoin the college at your first ease. It would be considered as an addition in your accomplishments to this college and in the best interest of this institution that flourished this far under your direction.  You are invited to reply this letter in first of your spare time.

We shall be waiting for your response in this regard.

Thanks and Best Regards

Board of Trusties

The Fusion College

Letter for Rejoining College

The principle,

Kips college LHR.

I am a student of your college since 1 year. I have passed my 1st year of FSC from your college and got scholarship in my class. But unfortunately in my 2nd year of FSC, i have to suffer some circumstances. My father got a serious accident and had been admitted in the hospital for 8 months. Therefore, i have to join a job for my father’s treatment and to meet other …. During this I couldn’t afford my college fee so therefor, i had delayed my study for some time. Now, with the mercy of ALLAH, my father has gotten well.

Dear sir, now I want to rejoin the college and complete my study and also can afford my college fee. I have a good record of my study in your college. I got scholarship in 1st year. I was also the C.R of my class. I participated in many others activities. I made my college team the winner of city in cricket matches. I always tried to increase the honor of my college.

I request you to allow me to rejoin the college. I hope you will pay heed on my record and situation. It is honorable to me if I rejoin my college and complete my study.



School Leave Application for not Feeling Well

School Leave Application Letter for not Feeling Well to submit it to the principal of the school and college by students of any class.

School Leave Letter for not Feeling Well

Respected Principal,

I am Nadia Ahmed student of O-levels at Liverpool college writing for leave of two days because I am not feeling well since last evening. I am feeling weakness with pain in my right leg and right shoulder so it is for easy for me to move to college and sit in the class due to such weakness. Today I will go to hospital for checkup and I hope I will attend the college on day after tomorrow. Looking for your approval.


Nadia Ahmed
O-Levels, Reg# 746

Leave Letter for Not Well from School

Respected Headmaster,

I am Batool Fatima, student of 9th class. I want to acknowledge you that I am not well since past hour. In morning I was feeling good and came to school but unfortunately No I am not well. I request you to please all me to leave for home right now and provide me exit slip for gate-man. I will be thankful to you.


Batool Fatima
9th Class

School Leave Application for not Feeling Well
School Leave Application for not Feeling Well

School Leave Application for Not Feeling Well

The Principal,
Institution Name,

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

It is stated that I’ve not been feeling quite well. I am having very severe stomach ache, I have my appointment fixed with the doctor, so I cannot come for the next two days. Kindly grant me a leave of two days, it would mean a lot to me.

Yours obediently,

School Leave Application for not Feeling Well

The principle

Respected Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I am student of 10th grade in the school. I had not been feeling well since last night. I ignored it in the morning and came to school anyway, hoping it would get better. However, I have fallen seriously ill at school and it is not possible for me to attend remaining classes today.

I have attached the examination report of medical officer on the back of this application. The officer prescribes bed rest to me. You are therefore requested to grant me permission to leave from school for not feeling well. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours obediently,

Rene Best

Leave application for accident for student

Sample application letter for school, college or university due to road accident and injuries on legs, arms etc with request of bed rest.

Leave Application for Accident for Student


The Principal,

Islamic College.

Model Town, Lahore

Respected Sir,

With great respect, it has been stated that I met a sad accident while coming to college yesterday morning at around 07:15AM.

The accident took place next to the post office located just few Kilometers away from the college. My motorbike slipped and collided with a car causing severe injuries on my arms and legs.

I’m being treated in a local hospital where the doctor has advised me to take complete rest for at least 2 weeks. Kindly grant me leave from 04-12 to 19-12 so that I can recover from the injuries.

A reference letter from the hospital has also been attached with the application.


Yours Sincerely,

Mohamamd Aamir

Leave application for accident for student


Mr. Darwin


The Public School


Sir, I am Arijit Kumar and I am student of 10th grade at your prestigious school. You are aware of the situation of rough city traffic of Goa and the number of accidents happening here daily. The drivers don’t follow traffic rules and don’t care for the poor motorcyclists on the road. Well, I was a victim of such road accident myself where the guilty fled the scene. However, I was rushed to the hospital. I survived with a few bruises and an ankle fracture and because of that, I am unable to walk. The doctors have advised me to rest and not apply any sort of pressure on the ankle. Therefore, I would like to request you to grant me leave for next 20 days i.e. 2nd December to 22nd December. I wish to recover as soon as possible so I could return to the college and continue my studies.

Arijit Kumar

Section C

10th grade

Leave Application for Marriage of Uncle by Student’s Parents

Sample leave application to attend the marriage of uncle by the parents of students to school principal or headmaster.

Uncle’s Marriage Leave Application in School

Respected principal

With due respectfully it is stated that I am the father of Ali who is the student of fourth class in your school. Sir, there is a marriage party of Ali’s uncle next week. So we want leave for him for coming two days. Because participation of Ali in marriage is necessary so sir kindly grant leave to Ali for coming two days. We shall be thankful to you.

Yours Obediently

Mian Shamas

Leave Application Letter for Marriage of Uncle by Parents

Dear Teacher,

This application is to request a leave application of two days. Due to marriage of my brother we all are going out of the town to attend his marriage ceremony. This would take about two days. As our presence is necessary in the ceremony, so I request to provide a leave of two days to my son. He would surely complete his work within two days after his arrival.


Nick Goulaza

Leave Application for Marriage of Uncle by Student's Parents
Leave Application for Marriage of Uncle by Student’s Parents

Leave Application for Marriage by Parents in School

Mr. Jacob Deck
KSP High School
Ohio, USA

Sir, my son is Patrick Neil and he is a student of 7th grade at your respectable institution. As you know that marriages are of immense importance in our culture and it is considered as an obligation for relatives to attend such events. Therefore, we would like you to grant a leave application for 6 days i.e. 6th December to 12th December so that he can attend his Uncle’s marriage ceremony that is in another state. We would be very thankful to you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Neil Sherman
Ford Town, Ohio

Leave Application for Marriage by Student’s Parents

The Principal

Respected Sir,

With due reverence, it is stated that my son is student of 8th grade in your school. It is to inform you that he cannot attend classes today. That is because he has to attend a marriage ceremony of my brother i.e. his uncle. All of our family is travelling to another city to attend that marriage.

It is therefore requested that leave for 3 days be granted to him. I hope that in the light of reason mentioned above you will accept our request.

I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Jen

Sample Farewell Speech for Graduating Students

Farewell speech to the school students and teacher from which a student has just passed out will all the class fellows in the presence of Vice Chancellor, Chancellor, Dean, Director, Head of Department, principal and headmaster.

Farewell Speech for Graduating Students

Respected teacher, my dear parents and my loving friends, My name is Colley. I have been studying at Winterfell School of Law for last 4 years. Well, I must say that my stay at this school has been very extraordinary. Firstly, the faculty of this school is very generous and well educated. The teachers are very kind and they taught us well throughout their time. This fine young gentleman who is standing right in front of you has been able to make this far due to the collective efforts of such great teachers. Secondly the administration of this institute is remarkably known for its good performance. Well you will be glad to hear that this quotation is 100% true. I never had to face any problem regarding that throughout my life. This old and traditional institute has given me a lot. It has trained to become me a veteran in field of law. Each and everything that I have learned and gained, I owe all this to my teachers. I must say that I am very thankful to this prestigious institute for giving me such a good time and making me a good and extraordinary gentleman. I wish all my friends best of luck for their future. In the end I would like to thank my parents with whose prayers I am able to seek such high place in my field.

Farewell Speech for Students by Teachers

Dear students it is the last day of your university life. A world waits for you with its beauty. Now you are on your own. You have to earn for yourself. I want to advise you to be a good person. You have the ability to change the world. Now you will observe the toughness of life and its struggles, but don’t be afraid. You are the one who poses the power to change the world. And when you would be at the highest rank of your career then you would forget what you have suffered in the past. Always remember that a diamond can only be made out of coal when it survives all the pressure and heat in its life.

How to Write Speech for a Graduation Party


Good evening everyone, so finally the time has come, we are graduated now, it’s been a wonderful time in this institute, time flies, I remember my first day I was nervous and scared, but honestly this place has given me a lot of confidence, this place has given me a new me. From the first semester I have been with great friends and teachers who have always guided me and today I am standing in front of you as a complete person. I am very thankful to this place for giving me what I deserved. I have always seen my teachers working hard for us, I have found everyone here so cooperative, I have seen ups and downs here but I believe that they have played an important role in my grooming and making me a self-made person. I would like to give all the credit to this institute. Last but not the least; I would like to thank my parents who were always by my side in very hard time. They are my inspiration, without them I am nothing, they have played the major role in my life, I would like to dedicate my degree to my parents and I wish all the best of luck to my batch mates and my juniors. Stay happy. Thanks.

Sample Farewell Speech for Graduating Students
Sample Farewell Speech for Graduating Students

Farewell Speech for Graduating Students from a Student

Hey there everyone,

It’s such an important day for every single one person from our batch, it’s been very obvious that we have been enjoying and cherishing every single moment out there in this institution. So and we have been very sentimental regarding our beloved institution, too.

It had never compromised in making us sharp and shine. So farewell speech is a perfect moment to thank our faculty for always remaining by our side.

Through this entire long journey that I’ve spent in this institution, I’d like to thank (Let teacher, 8) for always making me feel that I can get through everyone I want. That respected person has always made me believe that I can get through every difficult moment from my life, and from such moments when I have been trod in the dirt or difficulties, I can rise and thrive.

Without all of such lovable and admiring personalities, my journey would not have definitely been possible so far. Wholeheartedly, a very thank you to every single teacher who had helped me rise and let me be who I am.

Thank you.

Application for Issue Of Bonafide Certificate

Sample application letter to school, college or university for issuance of bonafide certificate due to your best performance and educational achievement during the studies in that particular institute. Sample application for issuing bonafide certificate from school and college.

Application for Requesting Bonafide Certificate

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am a student of National University of New York since 2006. Since the date of joining, I have been a regular and punctual student of this university. I have always stood among top 3 position holders of this university.  Also I am an active participant of international sports gala and debating competition held every year. I also represented my university in International Event held at Singapore University. My background regarding discipline is also clean. I initiated the tree plantation scheme and campaign from my department. Sir, keeping in view all the above discussion, you are requested to issue me a bonafide certificate from the university. I want to apply for further studies for which this is among compulsory requirements.

Sir, I hope that keeping in view all the above mentioned pros and cons, you will grant me with the bona-fide certificate. I shall be really thankful to you for this favor.

Thanking in advance.

Yours truly,


Kanza Kareem

Application for Issue Of Bonafide Certificate
Application for Issue Of Bonafide Certificate

Application For Student Loan Forgiveness

Sample application letter to apply for student loan forgiveness due to unemployment or further studies. You can also use below application for extension in loan payment date and period.

Request letter for Student Loan Forgiveness

Respected Sir,

I am a student of Chicago State University. My session is 2011 and I am currently enrolled under registration number 2011-EE-411 in Electrical Engineering Course. Respects sir, I joined this university after mutual agreement of an interest free student loan between me and the faculty of department. Therefore I am supposed to pay my all tuition fee in form of loan to the university after completing my graduation. Sir, I want to further pursue my studies in master’s degree work after completion of my graduation. Due to this I would not be able to do a proper job and in that way I would not be able to pay back the loan on which I agreed. Therefore you are requested to forgive and remit my loan so that I may continue my journey of knowledge.

I hope after reading the above problem, you will forgive my loan on which I agreed. I shall be thankful to you for this favor.

Yours truly

Apply for Student Loan Forgiveness

Respected Sir,

I am a student of University of Engineering and Technology since 2014. I was enrolled in a bachelor degree program in it. At the time of admission I was entitled a lone of equivalent to my tuition fee which I had to pay after completing my graduation. I have completed my degree, but I don’t have a proper employment right now. Due to this reason I am unable to payback my loan. I have been receiving letters and reminders from your university for many weeks and I am tired of this thing. Also the people employed in my field have a very less source of income due to which they are living hand to mouth. Respected sir, keeping in view my all the above mentioned problems you are requested to forgive my loan.

I hope that you will take my application under kind consideration and will forget my loan. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.

Yours truly,

Amir Aslam

Application Letter by Student Loan Waived Off

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I am a student of BBA and I am studying in University of Lahore. My 2nd last semester is going to be started and I am not able to pay as much amount of loan. So, kindly waive off my student loan. I will be very grateful to you.



Application For Student Loan Forgiveness
Application For Student Loan Forgiveness

Sample Student Loan Forgiveness Letter in Mail

School Of Management

United States of America

Respected Dean of Students,

My name is Angelo and I have been studying in your institute for past 2 years now. It is stated with great respect that I was given a college loan to complete my College degree and I was supposed to return that loan with interest. I am writing this letter to let you know that my father passed away recently and he was the sole bread earner of our family. Now whole responsibility of my family is on my shoulders and I have to take care of all of them. It is a request that please Forgive me the student loan I took 2 years ago as I am in a very difficult situation and I need to work really hard to make both ends meet and with all this burden I will not be able to return the loan .

Please pay heed to my kind request


Cover Letter For University Graduate For Faculty Of Public Health

Sample job application for public health jobs in private or govt sector by university graduates to send resumes.

Health Job Application Sample

Respected sir,
I am a fresh university graduate from Lahore. I have done my majors in environmental engineering. I have heard a lot about public health throughout my graduation. I am also familiar with the ongoing projects of the public health like restoration of city sewer lines, detailed food inspection of all hotels etc. I also did my internship in a sector of public health last year. I have read an advertisement in newspaper regarding the opening of jobs for faculty of public health organization. I would like to serve in the faculty of public health. My semester projects were design of water supply system, design of sanitary system and food inspection along with some short study on pharmaceutical studies. Also I have been among top 5 position holders of my department.
I hope that keeping in view my academic background and my interest, you will consider on selecting me as a candidate for faculty of public health.

Cover Letter For University Graduate For Faculty Of Public Health
Cover Letter For University Graduate For Faculty Of Public Health

Sample Application of Student Loan

Sample application letter for loan by students due to financial problems, father unemployment, loss of family member or any other reason. Sample application for educational loan, study loan, student loan from a bank on urgent basis.

Education Loan Request Letter Sample

Howard School of Sciences
United States of America

Respected Dean of student,

My name is Charlie and have recently completed my high school education. I was offered scholarships from many institutes but I chose Howard School of Sciences because of its amazing repute, faculty and quality of education but it was due to some other factor that I was not being able to receive a scholarship from the institute and I have to think of some other way. The only way for me to enter in Howard is by financing myself and that is not possible for me to bear that huge burden.

I hereby request for financial aid or student loan, so that I will be able to get admission into Howard and pursue my dreams. I have attached my official transcript with this application and also the results of my SAT. I hope that I will be included among those lucky students who have the honor to sit in Howard School.

Waiting for your response anxiously

Apply for College Student Loan

The manager, MK bank, Miami

Respected sir,

With due respect,

I would like to tell you that I have got to know that you are providing study loans to students, sir I am applying for MBA but as you know it’s an expensive course and as I belong to a middle class family, I cannot submit my semester fee, my fee is 2000$ per semester. My financial details are attached with this form which includes my utility bills, my rental agreement, job letter, ID card.  Sir I request you to consider my request and provide me the study loan to support my studies. I shall be really thankful for this act of kindness, looking for a positive response from your end. Thanks

Mr. ted Wilson, Miami

Application to Bank for Study Loan

Dear Credit Manager,

This application is to request a loan to meet my present educational needs. I am a day scholar at National Institute. To pay for my examination and lab fees I need to pay a lump sum amount of 200$ in the next month. To meet my present needs I work part time in a research institute and receive a 10$ a week. So to pay such a huge amount in lump sum is difficult.

I request your bank to issue me I student loan of 200$ which I would return your bank within two months. I am ready to deposit any kind of security your bank needs. This would be great if all the procedures are done in a short period of time in order to pay my fees in due time.

Amna FaheemMBA Marketing (LSM)

Application for Student Loan

Respected Sir,
It is stated that I am a student of engineering at GC College. I want a student loan in order to continue my Master’s studies. I am a talented student and I currently lie among top 5 position holders of the department. My topic for Master’s research is “Light weight concrete bridge deck system”.

If you will issue me the student loan then I can assure you that I can turn out to be valuable asset for your institution by conduction research in this modernized topic. As of now I cannot afford to pay for your institution due to some financial issues.

I hope keeping in view my above arguments you’ll be convinced and issue me the student loan. I shall be very obliged for this kind favor.
Yours truly,


Student Loan Application for University

Respected Principal/Dean,
I want to say that I have secured my admission at University of British Columbia in Masters of Civil Engineering. I successfully completed my Bachelors in civil engineering with majors in structures. My passing percentage has been 95% in general. However due to some nationality issue I am unable to secure a scholarship for the masters at your university.

Dear sir, as you know that the educational as well as living expenses are very huge in amount at this university and also I belong to a third world country due to which I would not be able to bear expenses of this university all by myself. I have been a brilliant student throughout my student career and I am very eager to study at University of British Columbia. Keeping in view my all the problems and hurdles, you are kindly requested to issue me a student loan so that I may continue my journey of knowledge.

I all full hope that you will allow finance department to grant me a student loan in order to bear my educational expenses. I shall be thankful to you for this favor.
Yours sincerely,


Loan Application for College and School

Respected sir,

It is stated that I have recently got my name in FAST University. As from my records you can see that I have scored A+ both in my Metric and Intermediate education. And the thing is financial aid was given to me on the basis of my financial condition and educational record. Sir, I have keen interest in studying Computer Science from your university. As FAST University is very expensive so I request you to offer me student loan.

It shall be grateful to you for this favor. It will really help me in achieving my ambition.

Yours sincerely,

Sample Application of Student Loan
Sample Application of Student Loan

Letter to Bank for a Loan to Have Higher Studies in USA

Mr. Kapil Sharma
Managing Director
Bank of India
Goa, India

Sir, I am Jayant Sharma and I recently completed my intermediate studies. I applied for higher studies in USA and with the blessings of my family; I got selected at Harvard University. However, the road to success is not paved with flowers. The lack of financial resources is hindering my way to the top. Also, this would become a huge burden on my parents’ shoulders. Therefore, I request you to kindly grant me a loan so that i can pursue my studies at one of the best universities of the World. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to be hearing from you in the near future.

Yours sincerely,
Jayant Sharma
Tajpur town
Goa, India

Student Loan Statement Request

Respected Financial Department,

My name is Michael and I am a student in the engineering department and I want to bring this to your kind notice that I need a loan to complete my thesis and research on my subjects. Sir my transcript is attached with the application from there you can see that I am a very hardworking and intelligent student. Sir I am nearly to complete with my research and I do not want to back up now just because of the financial problems.

That is why sir I am writing this application so as you could give me a loan to complete my studies and research, with interest free loan or with minimum interest rate for loan as possible.

I will be very thankful to you.

Application for Student Loan

The Finance Manager,
XYZ University,

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I have successfully passed Intermediate exam with 75% marks. I am willing to complete my higher education and planning to start CA. Unfortunately, I cannot afford the costly education due to financial barriers. The estimated fee for my education is PKR 6, 00,000.

I want you to finance my education and provide a student loan. I shall be very grateful to you.

Yours sincerely,

Application for Student Loan

The Bank Manager,

I informed you that I want to study abroad, I applied for admissions in different countries but i can’t took full scholarship for Masters in computer sciences. The scholarship which I was awarded is partial as the government award the tuitions fees only. My all other expenses like rent and residence is not included in scholarship and due to this reason i want you to give me loan on the behalf of my mother’s gold. I will return you as soon as possible. I will be very thankful for this favor.


M Umar

Application for Educational Loan to Branch Manager

The branch manager

Dear Sir,

I am an account holder in your bank from last five years. I have recently passed Masters in English from Punjab University. Now i am looking for MPhil in same subject and for further studies i need to submit a fee of 2 lacks per year.

I request you to issue me a loan according to a special policy of bank for student account holders, so that i could submit my fee and continue my study. This loan could be deducted from my account in every month installment. I shall be highly thankful to you for your kind favor.

Ahsan Javed

Application for Educational Loan for Studies

Branch Manager,
Zahoor Elahi road Gulberg,

It is to request you that I have recently done B.com from Government Islamia College and secured good marks. Now I want to take admission in MBA but I am financially weak, I cannot pay my university fees. Please sanction me educational loan so that I can complete my studies. After studies, I will pay off my loan to your bank.

I shall be highly grateful to you.


Application for Library Card Issue

Sample application for request to issue a library card for first time or duplicates or old students of the school, college, university or area.

Application Letter for Library Card

Dear Librarian,

This application is to request issue a library card. I was used to visit library to study books in the evening from last two years. But due to time issues now it’s difficult to visit library every day to study books of my interest. So I request to issue me a library card which would help me to take books home and study them in free hours. All the documents required for this purpose had been attached with the application.

Warm Regards,

Sobia Sameer

Request Letter for Issuing Library Card

Respected Sir

It is humbly stated that I am doing my masters from the City University in English literature. I have come to know through my friend that your library have quality books related to my subject. Furthermore libraries provide very peaceful study environment. It is therefore requested that a library card may please be issued in my name. An early action will surely be appreciated and enable me resume my study.

Yours obediently


Application for Issue of Library Card

Subject: Application for getting library card

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am an old student of your college. I started college in the academic year 2010.
My batch was 2010 till 2014.I studied Undergrad there. I did bachelors in Arts my major was catholic and roman history.
After completing my studies I did my internship at brooks cultural center in Brooks College. After completing my internship I was offered the post of junior lecturer in history department at Brooks College. Currently I am teaching 2 foundation year courses at undergrad level. As you are aware that in teaching field one should have good reference books and access to historical archives . And in my case it’s a must for a teacher to have good reference books and access to archives. Unfortunately at brooks we have a library with a very small number of books .Out of those books there are even few of my subject. It is my humble request as alumni that please issue me library card of your institute so that I can use the library resources, I would be very grateful if you can issue me full membership so that I can have complete access of the library as well as the facility to issue books.
Yours Obediently.


Application for Issue of Library Card
Application for Issue of Library Card