Resignation Acceptance Letter Sample

Sample resignation acceptance letter format for companies, banks, schools, and organizations. This resignation accepting letter was issued in response to a resignation letter submitted by any employee, or staff member of the company, school, social organization, etc.

Email Reply to Acknowledge That Your Resignation is Accepted

Dear (name of employee)

Your resignation is received and acknowledged. Please check with the HR department for further process & clearance.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name, Designation

Resignation Acceptance Letter Format

Respected ex- Employee,

It is to inform you that your resignation letter for the post of assistant manager has been accepted. You are no longer an employee of Rose Petal Group.


Rose Petal Co. Ltd.

Resignation Acceptance, and Relieving Letter

Dear Mr. Stephen

Reference is made to your resignation dated 25 Jan in which you have requested that you want to discontinue your service in this department. The reason you have mentioned in your resignation seems of critical nature and keeping that in view your request for resignation is hereby accepted, and you are intimated that you may stop attending the office from next Monday, please.


Nick Golaza
Manager HCD

Resignation Accepted Letter to Employee

Dear Jay,

This letter is to notify you that your resignation has been approved. We have received your letter of resignation, and after your due verification have also accepted it. Your salary which was due by the company has been deposited in your account. Further, the pension and other funds as you requested have also been deposited in your bank account. We apologize if you have faced any kind of difficulty in your employment duration in our company. Our company would always remain thankful for your contribution to our company.

Sincerely Yours,

Executive Director

Acceptance of Resignation Letter from HR

Dear Sir,

This letter is to inform you that your resignation letter has been approved. You resigned from the job of production manager on 6th May. We had received your resignation, and after your confirmation have duly accepted it. All the payments which you had right upon had been credited to your account. We wish you a happy life.

Sincerely Yours,

Manager HR Group Policy

Resignation Acceptance Letter Format

Ms. Urooj Ashraf
Marketing, and Finance Officer
Lahore Branch

Subject: Acknowledgment & Acceptance 

Dear Ms. Urooj Ashraf,
This is to acknowledge that your letter dated 04 April (Date) pursuant to which you have tendered your resignation from the post of MFO has been received and accepted by the relevant Functional Head. Accordingly, your last working day as per your letter will be April 31, (Date).

Your final settlement shall be processed in accordance with the bank’s policy, and rules. It is subject to clearance from all relevant sections/departments. Any payment that may be due to you shall be subject to adjustment of any outstanding amount owing from you to the bank.

Truly yours,

Mariam Ijaz
Manager HR Operations

Resignation Acceptance Letter Sample Free Download
Resignation Acceptance Letter Sample Free Download

Acceptance of Resignation email

Dear Rosey Naeem,
Thank you very much for your email including your resignation from the post of manager marketing. After discussion with the head of concerning department, I am confirming the acceptance of your resignation as per terms, and conditions agreed at the time of appointment.

You can collect an employee clearance form, and get it signed by relevant departments.
We are grateful for your great services for Semi Office Corp, and best wishes for your future.

Sumbal Arif
Executive Director
HR Services

A letter acknowledging the acceptance of the resignation letter from an employee of the company.

Acceptance of Resignation Letter from Employer Sample

Dear employee,

It is to inform you that you applied for the resignation on 15th of this month. The company has accepted your resignation letter. The remaining payment of the month has been transferred to your bank account. The experience letter will be sent to your home address after 2 days.

However, you are required to collect your original documents anytime from the company’s human resource department. Please verify that you worked for the company for 5 years almost starting from June (Date) to June (Date). You were designated as a 17th-grade junior engineer in the Geotechnical Engineering field. You will need to come personally to collect all the bonus cheques. We wish you the best of luck in the upcoming future.

Reminding you again that your resignation has been accepted, and you may collect your original documents from the company.

Manager Human Resource

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