Absence Excuse Letter For Institute


A request application from student to the headmaster requesting him to accept his absence excuse from school on annual sports gala. Sample apology letter to school principal, or headmaster due to absence from the school.

Excuse Application to Principal

Respected Headmaster,

I want to say that my name is Will Smith, and I have been student of your school for past 8 years enrolled under roll number 498-112 in 8th grade. Sir there was annual sports gala of the school on yesterday. It was a very important event for the school. My presence there for necessary since I had taken a lead role in a drama. Unfortunately it happened so that I was not able to come to school yesterday due to some urgent business at home. My father was coming from the other city, and on his way to home he met a serious accident. My other siblings are not old enough to take care of themselves so I had to remain home in order to look after them while the other family member had to go, and attend to father in hospital. I know that I made a terrible mistake my not coming to school on that important day but sir I was bound to do so. I request to please accept my apology on fair terms.

I hope that after given my explanation to you I have satisfied you regarding my absence from school yesterday. I shall be thankful to you for forgiving my such act. I will be obliged really.

Yours Obediently

Will Smith

Absence Excuse Letter For Institute

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