Leave Application for Emergency Leave from Office

Leave application from office for emergency due to mother, brother on the road, or any other place. Samples of applications to get leave from office due to accident of brother, sister, or mother, father. Sample leave application email format for office, company, factory, or job to send to your boss, manager, supervisor, HR manager, manager administration, etc.

Email or Whatsapp Emergency Leave Application for Office

Dear Sir,

In fact, there is an emergency at my house, and I can’t come to the office today. So please give me a day off today. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Emergency Leave Application for Office

Dear Sir,

I am (you name) writing for an urgent leave due to an emergency at home. My mother and brother were going somewhere, but unfortunately, they faced a very severe accident. Both are injured and in hospital. There is no one for their look after. Therefore, I request you to please approve my leave for at least five days. I will be thankful to you.

Your Name

Office Leave Application for Mother’s Accident

To The HOD

Topic-to Grant leave Lesco company Lahore

Sir, I am working as a lane man in the Lesco company for the last three years, yesterday there was an accident with my mother, she got a head injury. And she is suffering from coma condition, she is admitted to Agha Hospital in Karachi in my hometown, and no one could take care of my mother so kindly grant me leave for few days so I will look after my mother after going to home town,

Yours sincerely,


SMS for Emergency at Home

Dear Sir,

An emergency has occurred at my home. I’ll join you at the office late today. My mother-in-law has been shifted to ICU, and I’ve to look after her at the hospital.

Ahmed Raza

Manager Sales

Sample Leave Email Format for Office

Dear Sir,

I am Semi writing for a leave of three days. Due to an emergency, I need to reach my home town to meet some of my senior family members for some important discussions. Therefore, I need three days’ leave from today, 7th April to 9th April, and I will be back in the office on 10th April. Thanking you.


Semi Server

Leeds UK

Sample Email for Two Days Leave From Office

Dear Sir,

I hope you are fine and enjoying good health. As you know, I am an active member of your team, but due to urgent work at my university, I could not come for two days from 9th April to 10th April.

I hope that you will accept my leave and grant me two days’ absence. I shall be very thankful.

Yours Sincerely,


Leave Application for Emergency Leave from Office

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  1. this is asha rani i need to bring into the notice of company where i am working right now that sudden catastrophic disaster takes place earthquick damaged number of buildings and some of the people came into the grip of earthquick some of them injured they scummed to deep injuries and some of them died in the horrible incidence injured were rushed to hospital died were sent for rituals so there is no body left from their family to look after i have to perform that duty staff is responsible they will handle duty in my absence emergency cases would be handled by me proper attention would be paid by me people came from other cities too when they heard this incidence they came to help the orphans there is no other body from there family to even watch the situation i take all the meaures i lodge a complaint into the police station to consider the matter

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