Acknowledgement of Settlement Statement Letter

Sample settlement statement template for purchase or sale of items, tax returns, closing, and deductions. Companies can use this for any kind of adjustment/settlement for the return of goods or sending back the goods to the vendor or client.

Acknowledgment of Settlement

Dear Mr. Ehsan,
RST building, MN Road,

Dear Sir,


This is with reference to the captioned subject, and you are requested no. XXX/XXX/XX dated February, wherein you requested us to settle your receivable balance due to the non-availability of internet services for two weeks.

We are pleased to inform you that your request has been approved by the Manager of Servicing. Find enclosed herewith acknowledgment from our side regarding the settlement of your outstanding balance towards us and the revised invoice for your good self.

We shall be obliged if you process the remaining payment at your earliest convenience.

I hope this letter will serve your entire satisfaction
Thank you, and with profound regards.

Truly yours,

Your Name, Designation

Sample Settlement Statement Letter

Acknowledgment of Settlement

I hereby confirm returning _______ number of Glass, and /or _______ number of shells which were obtained on deposit/consignment, and acknowledge (receipt of $ _____) AND/OR [ that I owe $ _______ to the Company] towards full & final settlement of my accounts with the company.

Customer Name                                               Customer Signature

Acknowledgement of Settlement Statement
Acknowledgment of Settlement Statement

Sample Acknowledgement Receipt on Deposit or Consignment

I hereby acknowledge receipt of [liquid on the credit of amount $. _____] OR [above-mentioned quantity of Glass/Shells on deposit /consignment which shall return to the Company as, and when so demanded by the company as the same is property of the Company(Name).]

Customer Name                                               Customer Signature

Acknowledgement for Debit/Credit on Deposit, or Consignment
Acknowledgment for Debit/Credit on Deposit or Consignment

Acknowledgement Letter of Settlement Statement

The manager

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to acknowledge the settlement statement which I received yesterday. After discussing it with my legal adviser, I have decided to agree with the terms and conditions of the settlement. As we discussed in our last meeting, this binds us both to the agreement, and our settlement is now effective.

I look forward to our mutual journey under this agreement and hope for progress and cooperation.


Your Name

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