Grant Approval Letter of Acknowledgement

Grant approval letter sample from donor agencies, or government offices for NGOs, NPOs etc.

Grant Approval Letter Format 1

Dear Sir,

We have received your request for a grant  towards the rehabilitation work for the intellectually impaired.

After careful consideration, it is our pleasure to inform you that the request has been granted! Enclosed is a cheque no. 53753637 dated 23 November XXXX of Rs. 20,000/- (Rupees twenty thousand only) in favor of AH Foundation.

Kindly Acknowledge receipt of cheque, and send a copy for our records.

[Company] is very committed to the support you are providing, and therefore wish your Organization the best of luck, and success!

Kind Regards,

Signatory Authority

Grant Approval Letter Format 2

Dear Sir,

We are enclosing our cheque No. 6583464536 amounting to $30,000 (Thirty Thousand USD) on account of 100% share of [company] towards the purchase of equipment.

Please forward the project completion report to this office by 17th October XXXX at the least. Please also ensure that completion report is accompanied by the following supporting documents:-

  1. Attested copy of ledger
  2. Attested copy of purchase invoices
  3. Attested copy of cheques issued to the supplier
  4. Color Photographs of the items.

Please acknowledge of above mentioned cheque, and the letter.


Signatory Authority

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    i am managing trustee , i want to write a letter to issueing authority to run coaching classes under the trust,,,, how can i write the letter pls, help if possible as soon as possible.

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