Condolence Letter for Death of Mother

Sample letter to friend, brother, sister, or any relative about the death of mother. Letter to friend condoling, or consoling him on the death of his mother. Condolence letter to a friend on her mother’s death. Letter of condolence to a friend who lost his father.

Letter to Friend for Death His Mother

Dear John,


It was shocking news for me to hear about death of your mother. A mother is a great blessing, and no one can take place of such a character in our life. I have no words to define such a big loss of one’s mother. I still cannot imagine that she is not among us now. When I came to her funeral ceremony I saw that all your relatives, and neighbors were seriously depressed for losing her specially your son. Please accept my deepest condolence. You do not need to worry about your office. I shall deal with all your clients on your behalf. Your family need a brave support of you otherwise they will not be able to manage with such a hard time. May she get a good place in heaven?

Samuel Dean

Letter for Death of Mother


Dear friend!

I know you have been calling me for the past few days, and I was not able to respond you on time. I had to fly back in emergency to London due to my mother’s collapsing health condition. When my brother called me he just told me that mother was suffering from some internal infection but when I came here that infection diagnosed to be a cancer leaving my whole family in utter shock, and disbelief. When we asked about treatment to doctors he gave a vague reply saying that anything is possible at this point nothing can said with complete surety.

But we still started her chemotherapy, and all the necessary medication. Just three days back doctor said that she was showing a bit improvement, and that she may be one of those brave people who win the battle with this deadly disease but just morning after that she complained about having a dry throat, and then she started coughing heavily , also showing extreme difficulty in breathing. The doctors, and nurses rushed to her side to check her up but within a few moments she was not with us anymore.

My mind could not comprehend what just happened in those five to ten minutes. We somehow knew that it was coming but it still did not feel real when it happened even still today i listen to her calling my name. I know that the empty space she has left in my life will never be filled again, and I would have to live with this void in my heart till I die.

Her service will be arranged tomorrow if it would be possible for you to come then that would be really comforting for me. Hope to see you tomorrow at the service.



Letter for Death of Mother

Dear Brother,

I hope you are doing well but here is something terrible happen that mother passed away. It is really hard for me right now. She was not feeling good in past days so we took her to the hospital yesterday, and doctor said that she had heart attack, and she couldn’t survive it. Everyone is really sad so please come here as possible as you can. And her funeral is on 10th of Feb.

I hope you will be here soon.


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