Apology Letter for not Picking up the Call

Sample of apology letter to friend for not picking up his call earlier due to being busy, and now inviting him to hangout some other time.

Apology Letter for Not Calling Back

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I would like to formally apologize for missing your call the other day, and not calling back. I was caught up at a parent-teacher conference at my daughter’s school, and I was not free until late at night, at which point I did not want to disturb you by calling.

I hope we can catch up later today; we can grab a coffee, and have a chat if you wish.

Waiting for your response,
Mike Irvington

Apology Letter for Not Calling Back

 Dear Uncle,

I hope you are doing well. I am fine too. I sent this letter to apologize for not answering your call last week, and for no response later on. Actually, I had my exams of second semester, and when you called me I was in the classroom so could not answer it, and then later on I got so busy with the exam preparation that it totally slipped my mind. Due to my packed schedule these past few days, I have not been able to get touch in any one. On the brighter side, I did quite well in my exams, and am hoping for a good GPA.

I miss you all a lot, and am planning on coming back to meet everyone this winter vacations. Give my greetings to Aunt, and lots of love to Little Fatima.

With love,

Fatima Noor

Apology letter for not calling back

Dear Anna,

How are you? I hope you are doing well. How’s everything at home? Yesterday, when I got back from my job, and checked the home phone I saw that you had called. I am so sorry for not being able to attend your call. I was so tired that I wasn’t able to call back, and just went to bed. Lately, things have been so busy on my side. Managing my job, the house, and the kids is very difficult, and tiresome. I barely get any time to call my friends, and family which is so upsetting. When I come back from my job I try to spend some time with the kids, and my husband. After that I set up dinner, and then go to sleep. I will surely call you on the weekend, and we’ll have a long chat.

Once again I’m sorry for not calling back.

Best Regards,

Fatima Waqas

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