Apology Letter To School For Misconduct

Format of letter to apologize from teachers, principal, boss of either a school, or work place to whom your attitude might have caused trouble

Apology Letter for Violating School Rules


The principal, Epic grammar school

Respected sir,

With all my sincere respect, I am writing this letter to make an apology regarding the miss behave I did yesterday in the class room. It was totally unintentional, and was done in the moment of heat. I know damaging the school property is not acceptable at any cost. I am really embarrassed for what I have done. I have talked  to my parents, and they are ready to pay the amount for the broken chair. Being a good student it is my responsibility to take care of school property, and to not fight with the students. I promise you that I will not repeat this again, and will be a good student. Please accept my apology. I shall be really thankful to you for this act of kindness.  Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

Michael John

Grade 8th C

Apology Letter for my Misconduct Towards the Office

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing great in health. As you know about the yesterday’s fight, I want t apologize for my behavior at office. All office staff is well aware of the misbehavior of Mr. Salman with me that made me aggressive yesterday. I am really sorry , this is not going to happen again.

I hope you will accept my letter.



Junaid khan.

Apology Letter for Violating School Rules

To the respected principal Mr. Blackford,

I am writing this letter to formally apologize for my behavior in the past week. I have not been following the school rules, and this was a grave mistake on my part. I deeply regret my past actions, and I, without a doubt, will not engage in this behavior again. I promise to respect the school, the rules of the school, and my respected teachers. I will engage in class, and follow all school rules, and you will never receive any complaints about me again. I ask that you accept my apology, and give me another chance so that I may redeem myself, and prove that I can be a better student in the future.


Paul L. Polson

Apology letter for violating school rules

Dear Bilal,

I am writing this letter to you with much disappointment. Recently, I received a complaint regarding your behavior in school, and I was very shocked by this. I contacted the person who wrote me the letter to confirm if they were mistaken. You are an outstanding child in your academics, extra curricular, and your behavior. You are one of our institute’s star students. I have been told that you violated the school rules by misbehaving with several teachers, and students. A fight was also reported to me, which you started. I am not sure why you are acting this way but I want you to stop. If there is anything bothering you, please do let me know, and I will help you out. Since you are one of our good students, I will deal with you leniently, and let you go with a warning. If such an event is reported again, I am afraid you will be suspended from school, and we will have to call your parents as well.

I expect that such an occurrence will not happen again.

Best Regards,


Apology Letter for Violating School Rules

Respected Principal,

I sent this letter as an apology for violating school rules. Day before yesterday, I was caught smoking on the school grounds, and I am very ashamed for this act. I promise you that this will not ever happen again, and I will value the school’s rules, and regulations. I hope you accept my apology. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor

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