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We are providing application templates to help you write your own application for all purposes. Writing letters and applications might feel like a hassle, but they are one of the most efficient ways to get your job done. Moreover, every official process requires a formal letter or application to proceed. Hence, the importance of their formats and content is immense.

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This site offers you a huge variety of sample applications. We serve your needs and provide you with every possible type of letter that you would ever need. From school applications to business letters, we have got you all covered.

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  1. Today I check my result but my result was very low for my acceptation please sir recheck my All paper I am very thankful to you

  2. I need to draft a mail to external service that outlet has been closed due to less running of business , so kindly stop service hereafter

  3. How to write an official application to bank manager , requesting for the replacement of old and damaged Air purifier,requesting to install a new air purifier as early as possible. Help me with just a format of application.

  4. Application to secreatory of the ayush department for name n gender change requesting in service records by an ayurvedic medical officer

  5. would you plz send me the application for repair water tank as well as send me the application regarding school construction.

  6. I need application to satellite company to sale there products. And the reason why I there products is ot extend the sale to more people. Thank you

  7. plz send me an email regarding how inviting a BDO Block Development Officer for Ujjwala Divas as chief guest which is to be celebrated on 20th of April

  8. Dear Sir i need a letter for increasing the Taxi rates because of increasing the rate of petrol so please send me a official letter

  9. It was really interesting to read the different kind of application letters and I wish to read more on the application letters to show me different formats of letters and give me fair idea.
    Thanks and I hope to get information from you people.

  10. Please send me a template letter. I want to write to my boss at the company have been serving a suspension for 2months without pay and they have never contacted me for hearing of which they say.

  11. Kindly send send a sample of an authority letter authorising someone to register my car in my absence

  12. Dear sir/madam,
    Can you please write an application requesting for a suitable job in any Department to a politicians

  13. Dear sir,
    I would like to write an application to DC OF ukhrul district manipur.I badly need help

  14. Please sir/ma I need a guild line to write a job application later today to be submitted tomorrow

  15. Pls m Oludotun I will be glad if u can help me on how to write of felicitating with a governor of a state on anniversary of his one year in office. Thank

  16. sir,plss send the sample of correction letter of sub group code for application form of masters .in govind ballab pant university

  17. plz sir send me a simple application of job joing application. when we join a job in some organization that how we write a joining application

  18. Sir, plz snd an application for releasing of medical reimbursement claim case funds as soon as possible ,as my uncle is a patient of renal transplant ,he has no money for purchasing medicine, cost of medicine 15000.p.m.

  19. Pls kindly send me an application letter for hotel job. (attendant, whelter etc) Please sir/ma, I need it urgently

  20. Yes sir/maa, pls send a details on hw to draft an application letter for a construction company. In other for me to execute a better job

  21. Pls kindly Sent me an application letter that siutable for any of oil company in any african countries and In world. Thanks

  22. Dear sir Plz send application in behalf of student mother delivery and plz provide annual exam before the time.

  23. sir,I have completed MBS degree. I have no experience. now I want to join a company. plz sent me an application for suitable job.

  24. Hi,
    I would like to ask if you guys would write me a simple cover letter for for part time a application letter for a real job.

    Yours sincerely,


  25. Sir, I want to write a letter bank authorities to publish my correct name on cheque book and bank pass book.

  26. Dear sir/madam
    Iam a project manager in contraction company but I want leave the company positively, so that can you send me resignation letter?

  27. Please I am seeking for a job at federal University as supporting staff how should I write my application

  28. Please send me.applicatio for.request atm and check book.iam not attend the village..because iam urgent work forout of state..issue the atm and check father

  29. Sir, Could you plz snd me an application, for the government my salary is not enough to pay for the rented house. Thankz you.

  30. Please send me some metter about an application to apply for teaching.I am requested. Thank you sir.

  31. dear sir, pls send me through my e.mail how to write an application letter , for the correction my name in university. Thank you Amina

  32. Please assist me with sample application letter for Study Leave with Pay. I’m a Pharmacy Technician employed by Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Government of Sierra Leone, with a four years working experience

  33. Hi, I’m a Pharmacy Technician trained at College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences-University of Sierra Leone,I want to write a job application letter in a recognize Pharmaceutical Company but don’t know how. I please want you to assist me with one.

  34. Please there is one very important letter missing in your collection which is “Authorisation Letter”.
    Kindly find a way to work on it asap.


  35. I must write motivation to college why they must except me as one of their learners as it a free college

  36. Dear sir,
    Iam a professional technician on industerial machine repairs. Can you pleas write a professionsal job application letter for me.


    Arelly Wayneloo.

  37. Dear sir
    I had done graduation from punjab university and got supply in english language So I need your help to clear my supply . i am very weak in english.Its look very difficult to clear my supply
    Awaiting eyes for your feedback

    1. i want a college level application to coordinator mentioning about business meeting the main reason.

  38. The job-seeker shows a firm grasp of the human-resources field and the employer’s needs in his letter. Cover Letter Sample #19.

  39. Dear sir, please sent me application for advance salary for medical emergency treatment…THANK YOU…

  40. Pls send me a bank account transfer. Midnapore S.B.I branch to north Bengal medical college and hospital. Branch.

    1. To whom you want to write this letter, please explain and what type of business you are running. we are preparing your letter. best

    1. You can browse or use search box for any required letter. If you couldn’t find it than write in the below comments form or use contact us form. We will write your required letter for you. best

  41. plz sir tell me hw to write an application fr considering my fee by bank draft plz tell me sir
    i don’t have an idea
    plz sir do reply quick if possible

    1. What kind of job application(for what post) and documentation you need. You can visit below link for sample job applications. If you couldn’t found your required job application please write back. Best

      1. I am working as a mechanical supervisor at oil and gas project at oman .But if i found a good job in other country then i can agree to JOINT.

  42. Plz sir/madam send me a application “my mother now accident and I want to go emergency vacation”

  43. Dear sir/Madam,kindly send me application,business,speeches and resume letter writing

  44. Please send me a letter about how to write an application letter to the college principal for getting an admission to their college library for my professional studies, if i was an ex student of that college

  45. Dear Sir,
    could you write me an application, I am a mother of a child and I would like to apply for karl lagerfeld, only I don’t know how, my child to the nursery and I need this job, please help me

    1. Hey,
      Thanks so much for providing these sample applications. It is important to keep a professional file of these types of requests. Applications are an important part of the business process!

  46. Dear sir,
    Please send to me some data about
    english and request letter and other information .

    1. Please make your question clear and post it in the “Ask a Question” forum for quick replies

      1. How to write to principal for asking money for while going for picnic as a uncharged I would like to have some money on the way

    2. Dear sir, please send me samples of sponsorship request letter. My Anuty have a orphanagehome in west Africa Liberia and need a sponsor

      1. Please i need an application for assurance letter as a teacher from a new region in other to get a transfer from current region. I have a wife and a child as well

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