Application Letter Samples & Email Formats

Official sample email templates and application letter formats for job, leave, salary, office, court and other legal requirements to help you write your own applications. All types of application letter for professionals, office, job are divided into categories. If you face any difficulty to find your required application, please use search box or browse the relevant category.

Application Formats with Categories

Job Applications

Apply with Confidence

Leave Applications

Convince the Granter

Office Applications

Become Professional

Salary Applications

Increments and Benefits

Student Applications

All needs of students

General Applications

Find all other type of applications

Application templates are categorized into sections and every section include relevant letters according to the heading. We also provide consultancy for writing application letter for official, legal and personal use. Please contact us for writing services. We are also adding all type of legal applications to register FIR, filing petitions and submitting required information in courts or offices.

Sample Application Formats
Sample Application Formats

We are adding more and more on daily basis and respond to your queries immediately.


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    1. What kind of job application(for what post) and documentation you need. You can visit below link for sample job applications. If you couldn’t found your required job application please write back. Best

      1. I am working as a mechanical supervisor at oil and gas project at oman .But if i found a good job in other country then i can agree to JOINT.

  1. Please send me a letter about how to write an application letter to the college principal for getting an admission to their college library for my professional studies, if i was an ex student of that college

  2. Dear Sir,
    could you write me an application, I am a mother of a child and I would like to apply for karl lagerfeld, only I don’t know how, my child to the nursery and I need this job, please help me

    1. Hey,
      Thanks so much for providing these sample applications. It is important to keep a professional file of these types of requests. Applications are an important part of the business process!

      1. How to write to principal for asking money for while going for picnic as a uncharged I would like to have some money on the way

    1. Dear sir, please send me samples of sponsorship request letter. My Anuty have a orphanagehome in west Africa Liberia and need a sponsor

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