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General business application samples for professionals. You can search your required application in the search box. We also provide consultancy for writing all type of general applications for our visitors, and clients. Please write us for our consultancy services for you, and your business.

General Application Samples

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Sample Business Applications

56 thoughts on “General Applications”

  1. I want to write the application to Secretary Foreign affairs.
    My brother is detain in Maldives so I want to request the ministry to help me for his release.
    Kindly guide me in this regards.

  2. I want to write a preparatory leave application at least for 7days before joining my office regularly. Please help me

  3. I need a sample form of writing a difference type of application letters…Thanks for your response…

  4. Good Day

    I need a format for a letter to request sponsors as I am running a non profits organization where by I take kids if the street and keep them as my own..

    Kindly assist as I will be sending to major companies

    Thanking you in advance

  5. Sir I want to application or letter to a company manager to leave me for the mor final year exam ….for 40 days

  6. i want a application on the topic of complaining against my boss whose behavior is very bad with our department.

  7. I think this is very good app but also inculde like app of RNB. App of health of pdd. App of ssp. Etc

  8. I need an application for replacement of vehicle(tata sumo) which was provided by the state police department for law and order duty due to frequent broke down of engine. Application should be through MTO(motor transport officer), address to SP Kokrajhar.

  9. app for allotment of room in university in which the reason is that i am enemy and can,t live in external hostel.

  10. I need an application to electric company for the replacement of the transformer in our village as it has damaged and we remain without electricity for a few days.

  11. I was looking for a job application that was not in letter form but a template of what you would fill out to get a job. Do you have anything like that available? Thank you for your time.

  12. Sir i had done graduation from punjab university and got supply in english language
    So i need your help to clear my supply
    Please help me with BA level application and letter
    Awaiting eyes for your feedback

  13. Please i want good application letter for a job in a company and in the ministry, am a graduate of electrical and electronics engineering.


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