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Application for Grant of Educational Stipend

Sample of format of application to administration department that is principle, dean, headmaster of college, university etc to tell them to give you stipend for educational grant for semester.

Format of Application for Grant of Educational Stipend


I am writing to you this application for the grant of my educational stipend.

As you know, the university has already issued the voucher of annual fees for the 3rd year and I have only 10 days to submit my dues. I am running short of money.

I am a student of 4th semester. My educational record is extra-ordinary. In the previous year, I was the topper of my class and my attendance was 98%. Sir, I am a promising student and I deserve this educational stipend.

Kindly, grant me an educational stipend so I could submit my dues on time for the next year.

Thank You!

Application for grant for university

Respected Sir,

I hope you are doing well.  I am writing this application with much hope to receive a grant from the university to fund my studies.  I am currently doing my Bachelors from your institute and am facing critical financial issues. My mother is a housewife and does not have the qualifications to get a job and earn for our family. My father is the only earning person in our house and day by day his health is deteriorating. I have two siblings who are also his dependents and do not earn themselves.  They are pursuing their secondary education which is very expensive. We do have not have any assets of our own and live in a rented portion. I try working part time so I can manage my tuition fee as well as my education.

Lately it has been getting very difficult for me. I do not earn enough to pay off my tuition fee and cannot get a full time job as well. If I do so, my studies will be neglected and I will not be able to maintain my GPA. My father is a heart patient and he has to bear his medical costs as well. A lot of money is spent on his medicines weekly. I would be very grateful if the university could grant my tuition fee keeping in mind my financial situation. Thank you for your time and co operation.

Best Regards,

Seemi Zameer

15th October (Date)

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