Correcting Name on a Death Certificate


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Correcting Name on a Death Certificate

Dear certificate office

I am writing to you because I would like to correct a name on a death certificate. A week ago my father sadly passed away at the age of 66, and my sister was given the responsibility of taking care of the death certificate with given all the right details.

I don’t know whose fault it is that the name is wrong on my father’s death certificate but please sort this out, and correct it as soon as you can. I would very much appreciate this. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards

Mr. Ben Hay

Correcting Name on a Death Certificate

I’m writing this application so that I can request you to please correct my father’s name on his death certificate. His name is Michael Bridge, and on certificate Micheal bragde is written. So kindly correct this mistake done by your staff. It would be a huge favor.


Nail Michael

Correcting Name on a Death Certificate


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Ali Haider, and my father was admitted in your hospital for more than a month. Unfortunately, on 14th April (Date) he passed away. I requested for issuing his death certificate from hospital, and got it just last week.

I am sorry to say but I am quite disappointed that the name on that certificate is not correct even though I filled the form correctly, and double checked it too. His full name was Arsalan Haider but on the certificate it is Hamza Haider. I have to send that letter to his work place, and bank too but I cannot due to the mistake on it. I request to kindly get the mistake on the certificate corrected, and mail the certificate to me as soon as possible.

I have attached the scanned copy of previous Death Certification along with the corrections. You can contact me for any further queries, or confirmation. I hope I will not have to contact you again regarding this


Ali Haider,

Contact _______


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