Request Letter to Provide Printer in Office


Sample format to send an application to the authorities whether of a company, or an administration department of any institute, and tell them you need this very important equipment to run the office on a daily basis

Requesting a Printer in Office

Dear Sir,

I am writing to request a printer for our office. Printer usage is increasing daily in the office, and the current printer isn’t working, and cannot be repaired. We need almost 100+ prints daily. I request you to please provide us a printer immediately for smooth operations. Looking for your kind approval.


Your name

Request Letter to Provide Printer Machine in Office

Respected Manager,

I wrote this letter to request you to provide a printer in my office. Most of the communication takes place through the mail, and tasks are also allocated this way. I usually send the details to the employees through emails, but they ask for a hard copy of the instructions at times. For this purpose, I have to send someone to the IT Department for the print, which wastes time, and energy too, and is very inconvenient. This is why I request you to provide a printer in my office to print the documents myself without any hassle.

I would be grateful to you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor

In-charge Marketing Department

Request Letter to Provide Equipment in Office

Dear Sir,

With all due respect, I am writing this letter to please provide a printer in the office. Many employees require this office supply, and the absence of a printer causes a hassle in their work. Many employees have to go to the market opposite the office, again, and again, to get their work printed. This creates a hurdle for the employees, and costs them great amounts when they constantly have to get huge amounts of pages printed. At times, the work needs to be submitted at a certain time, but the work takes much longer to get done due to the line at the printer shop. This affects the productivity, and the work environment of the office.

I hope you will take into notice this issue, and provide us with a printer soon.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

HR Employee

Letter to Request Printer for Office

To the head of admin,

Company name

Dear Sir,

As you know our company’s work, and duties has increased up to 70% in past 6 months. The needs of employees were also rose which was compensated by appointing valuable candidates in the company. Our work is mostly dependent on writing services, so there is a basic need for computer systems, printers, and a good internet connection to deal with clients, efficiently. Fortunately, we have enough computer systems, and a good stable network connection, but sadly, there is an immediate need for a printer. A lot of work has to be printed, but there is only a single printer in the office, resulting in a lot of wastage of time. Kindly provide us with another printer system to easily get our work printed without wasting our time to keep providing our best writing service to your company.


Name of applicant.

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