Application for Rejoining as a Teacher in School


Sample application letter for rejoining the teaching job in school after resigning from the teacher job due to domestic issues, long leave, health issues, pregnancy, maternity, or any other reason like this.

Rejoining Teaching Job After Covid 19 Lockdown

Dear Principal,

I want to request to rejoin the teaching job at your prestigious school. During Covid19, the school was closed, and I lost my job. Now the school is opening, and I request you to please provide me a chance to rejoin my teaching job as (subject name) teacher.

Furthermore, I have been vaccinated, and I will follow all the SOPs by the Government and School for the safety of students and other staff members.

Looking for Your Kind Response.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Job Continuation Letter for Teacher

Respected Principal,

I am Bisma, a mathematics teacher and English grammar teacher to grade 5 and grade 7 students for three years in your school. Unfortunately, in September, I left the teaching job due to some domestic issues and health problems.

Through this application, I want to request for rejoining the teaching job for the same subjects. Now the domestic issues are resolved, and I am also good. Therefore, I hope you accept my application for rejoining the job in your school.
Bisma Sami

Application for Rejoining the Teaching Job After Examinations

Dear Sir

It is stated that I have been doing a teaching job in your school for almost 6 months. I used to teach science subjects to matric classes. Then I had to discontinue my job for preparation and to appear in my M.A examinations. Now I have gone through my examination and can teach in the school again.

Keeping above in view, it requested that I may please be permitted to rejoin your school. Thanking you in anticipation.


Write a letter to Principal for Reengagement in School for the Post of English teacher

Dear School Principle

I am writing to you because I would like to re-apply for my old teaching job. I want my job as an English teacher. I would be very grateful if you can give me a chance to rejoin. Please consider my application.

Kind regards


Rejoining Letter for Teacher After Maternity Leave

The Principal,

Army Public School, and College System,

Subject: Rejoining school after maternity leave

Dear Sir,

I have served in APSACS Lahore for 3 years, i.e., from May (Date) to July 2014. Last year, in August, I went on maternity leave, but due to my unstable health, I couldn’t continue teaching and hence resigned from the job. Now that my baby has grown up and I have recovered my health completely,

I request you to kindly reemploy me in my previous position, i.e., as the associate professor of the Chemistry Department. I shall be very thankful to you for this generous favor.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Saima Mazhar

Application for Rejoining after Maternity Leave as Teacher

Dear Sir,

I am Aiman. Recently I resigned from the teaching job due to the maternity period because I was not allowed for leaves, and I couldn’t attend school during this time. Now I am again free and medically fit to start my teaching career again.

I request you to please reinstate my job position as a biology teacher in your school. I will be thankful to you.

Aiman Arain

Application for Rejoining the Job as Teacher after Medical Treatment

Respected Director,

I am Javedia Ch. I was an English Teacher in your college for premedical classes. I left the job in December due to health-related issues like continuous headaches, blood pressure, and temperature. After medical treatment, I am again good in health and want to join the teaching profession.

Kindly allow me to join the college, and surely I would struggle for better results for my classes as previously. Looking for your positive remarks.


Jaweria Ch

Rejoining The School After Leave

Respected sir,

I apologize for informing you very late that I wasn’t in town for some very personal family-related issues and could not come to school. I will join the school as soon as I find the opportunity to. I will most probably Join back on Monday of next week. Otherwise, I will be there on Saturday.



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