Application for Transfer of Job Location

Sample application for requesting transfer of job from one place to another, one location to another, or one office to another office, and one branch to another branch in other cities etc. I as a stuff nurse need an application of transfer. transfer application, to directorate of HFW (health a family welfare) letter of transfer from Calcutta to Guwahati. I am a govt.employee.

Application for Transfer of Job From One Office to Another

The Managing Director
Directorate of HFW
Calcutta Govt. Hospital


Dear Sir,

It is humbly stated that recently my husband has secured a promotion with transfer from Calcutta to Gauhati. So my family has decided to shift from here to the new station. I request you kindly to approve my transfer to the Gauhati station. Kindly approve this request urgently so that I can make sure shifting of my family from here. It would be a kind favor of yours towards whole of my family.

Yours Dutiful,

Head Nurse, GGH

Please can you provide me request letter for transfer to another location since I am having language, and other problems to work here

Job Transfer Application by Government Employee

To the Director
Education Department,


I’m offering my duty in Government Degree College Lahore as a Assistant lecturer. It is humbly requested that I want to transfer my job in any my nearer city where I belong. It is difficult to do job as well as I cannot pay my full attention. So it is requested that please transfer my job place so that I would be able to continue my job. .I shall be obliged, and thankful if you accept my application of transfer.

You’re truly,


Request Letter for Job Transfer

Manager Admin,
Institute XYZ,

Dear Sir,

I am Muhammad Raza, and I am working in your institution since last 2 weeks. I am writing this letter to request you to please transfer me to another area due to numerous reasons.

Firstly, I am in public relations so my job is to communicate with people. This is a village area, and most of the people are Punjabi speakers. I have never come across such people, and have a great hindrance in understanding their language.

Secondly, I am having dust allergy, and become seriously ill when I come across even minute quantity of dust. My transfer in this area can leave me in serious health crisis.

Thirdly, this place is at the distance of 20km from my house, and I have to cover this distance twice every day. This makes me very tired so it affects my working ability.

Lastly, this is a Christian village, and all my coworkers are Christians. I am not an extremist nor am I provoking religious difference but I feel quite uncomfortable here.

I hope that you will bring my application under your consideration, and will transfer me to a new are as soon as possible.


Muhammad Raza

Request Letter for Job Transfer Due To Linguistic Problems at Current Workplace

The Manager HR
German Petroleum,

Dear Sir,

Most respectfully it is stated that I am not a native German language speaker. At this work site most staff is German speaking, and so the same is used for official communication. I feel difficulty to effectively communicate with my manager, and subordinates due to this linguistic barrier. For this reason the operational work at site, and my progress are affected. I request you to transfer me to the northeastern site plant where the official communication language is English. This will be a great favor to me as in the best interest of proving my supervisory skills to smoothly run operations in my domain. I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours Obediently,

Operations Supervisor

Request to Transfer the location of Job due to health

The Manager Operations,
Pakistan Railways
Mozzang, Lahore.

Dear Sir,

This is humbly requested that I have been working as a Track Maintainer since last 5 years where my seniors are quite satisfied with my work. However, due to some health issues my doctor has advised me to avoid staying in the direct sun light. Hence, this is no more possible for me to work in the outdoor under the sun.

Please consider my request, and transfer me to any other location where I can work indoor for some time so that my health can be recovered asap.

Attached is the medical certificate from the doctor.

Thanks indeed.

Tarik Masseh.
Employee Id: 545454


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  1. These are good examples. Now, may you kindly send me an example letter on how I can write a transfer request letter to another department in government as an administrator. I now have a a BBA qualification having been a primary school teacher with a certificate in primary teaching for 10 years now, and have never nbeen promoted.



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