Job Application For Wash Assistant

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Sample job application for washer, car wash, factory washer, clean/carpet washer, floor washing etc.

Wash Assistant Job Application Sample

Respected sir,
I want to say that I have worked recently at many washing stations as a wash assistant. I read your add for job of wash assistant on internet. Talking about my past experience, I have worked at many renowned companies i.e. Caltex, Shell and Total etc. I have served them well during my job at these firms. I have also done a short course on washing techniques from NAMCO. I have a certificate for best washer from Total Company. I request you to please allow me to join our firm as a wash assistant. I am sure that I will be a positive addition in your firm.
I hope that you will consider my application on kind terms. I will be thankful to you for your kindness. I also have attached my CV along with this letter.

Wash Assistant Job Application Sample
Wash Assistant Job Application Sample

Job Application for Wash Assistant

The Manager,

Laundry service

Respected Sir,

I have been informed by reliable resources that a post of wash assistant is vacant here. I find myself a suitable candidate for this job. I fulfill all the requirements mentioned in your add. I hold a high school degree and a one year diploma in laundry management from City College. I have previously worked for Bay Watch Laundry for one year as a wash assistant. I desperately need this job as I am jobless these days and I have no source of income to cover my expenses. My resume and relevant experience letters are attached with this application.

I hope that I will be considered for this job.

Yours faithfully,


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