Sample Letter of Request for Transfer to other Branch


Write application to the department railway office transfer to other place.  Request for transfer of job due to your wife’s job, or spouse job in other city/location etc.

Request Letter for Transfer to other Branch

Dear railway department

I am writing to you because I would like to submit an application for a transfer. I have worked for this company for over ten years, and I would still like to stay with the company however my wife has recently been accepted at a school in London.

We have decided to move there so she can teach. This is her dream job, and what sort of husband would I be if I told her not to take it. So that is why I am requesting a transfer. The company is set up all over the country so I would like to transfer to the London site. I hope that you will grant me this, and I look forward to hearing back your reply.

Kind regards

Mr. Trevor Fossil

Sample Letter of Request for Transfer to other Branch

Respected Headmaster,

With due respect, I am a resident of Bahria Town, and our school at 50 minutes drive from my place. When I took admission in Beacon House ALJT campus, there was no campus in Bahria Town so I had no other option but to cover this long distance.

It is very inconvenient for me to travel this much distance daily to come to school, and as my parents are both working individual, they also cannot drop, and pick me up on daily basis. This doesn’t only waste my time but I get very tired which disrupts my academic progress. Luckily this year a new campus of BSS has opened in Bahria Town which is very close from my place. I would like to shift to Bahria Campus so I no longer have to put up with this inconvenience.

I have attached my form with this application, and request you to kindly approve my transfer request. I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards,

Fatima Aamir

Grade 11

Sample Letter of Request for Transfer to other Branch

To: Manager at TD Bank, Ellerslie Branch
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I  wish to request a transfer of branch as I have recently shifted my residence from Ellerslie to the Meadow Brooke Area of Edmonton.Therefore I would like to transfer to the Meadow Brooke branch of TD Bank, as it is much closer to my apartment, and it would be very convenient for me to get to work.

I hope you consider my decision,

Brock Himont
Meadow Brooke, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



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