Teacher Job Transfer Request Letter

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Request letter for Transfer of Job placement by teacher in govt school, private school to a new location nearby your home, office, university etc. Job transfer request letter for personal reason. Request letter for transfer to another branch. Request letter for transfer of job location due to family problem. Transfer letter from one location to another. sample letter of request for transfer of workplace.

Letter of Transfer to Another School

Respected Sir,

I am Anabia Islam, Teacher at Govt Girls High School Chak no.689/31G.B. Pirmahal, District Toba take Singh. I am happily informing you that I have got admission as M.phil student in GCU Faisalabad and my classes will start from..date… and timing will be 3:00pm to 6:00pm as per University Schedule.

I request you to transfer my teaching job placement in GCU’s nearby school, college or preferably inside the GC university. I hope my request will be fulfilled and my NOC will be issued immediately after your kind approval. I wish to continue my internship to gain practical experience along with my M.phil degree.

Looking for your kind approval.

Thank You,

Anabia Islam

Teacher Job Transfer Request Letter

 Respected Principal,

I wrote this letter to you to request for my job transfer. I have been working in this Campus since 4 years as Science teacher for 8th and 9th Grade. I have always worked hard and focused on every single student so that they their progress is good. However, recently I got married and as my husband is a resident of Multan so I will have to shift to the city.

I request you to kindly approve my request of transfer to Beacon House School System, Multan Campus. You may look into my work profile that I have been active from the day I joined this campus and have taken all my tasks seriously and completed them in time. I promise you to work with same ardor in the future too. I know that I am requesting this transfer in the middle of term which will disturb the students and their academic progress too. However, I do know a science teacher with acceptable qualification and teaching experience, who can substitute me. I can talk to her and guide her about the present progress of both classes so she can easily continue the syllabus.  If the students are satisfied then you can hire her permanently but if not then in the meantime another teacher can be hired.

I hope I will get a positive response from you.

Best Regards,

Fatima Aamir,

Science Teacher

Teacher Job Transfer Request Letter

To: Principal Bohrer – Avinger Secondary School
Avinger, Texas, United States

I have recently begun teaching at Avinger Secondary School and the experience has been quite pleasant. I am thankful for this opportunity and I hope that the students are having an enjoyable learning experience with me. However, I am an experienced teacher who has taught 9th grade for the past ten years – this is my first time teaching 12th graders. It is a drastic difference and a big change of pace for me. I believe that I will be of much more use if I were to be transferred to the job of teaching 9th Grade students. It is an area that I have much more expertise in, and I believe I will be a lot more of a help teaching the younger students.
Therefore, I kindly request that I be transferred to teaching 9th Grade.

James Adam
Avinger, Texas, United States


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  1. Requesting to help me out for primary teacher post.
    I got primary teacher in the month of December 2019 at the longest district in nagaland.i have joined by this year at this point of time I am facing a serious hardship,there is no body to look after my son(1 year&3 months old son).it is extremely difficult for me to perform my duty as there is no one to look after my son.my elder son was admitted to class nursery in another district &my husband is a cultivator living in the village,he could not able to look the elder son properly as the distant is far to visit my elder son who got admitted only by this year.i am facing a grave broblem as well as both my elder son &my husband because we are staying in three different places.
    There is no enough words to express our broblem.
    Therefore,sir I really need a good writer to write a good request letter for me.

    Thank you.

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