Application for Leave in Urdu Language


Sample application for leave of Urgent Work at home or office in the Urdu language available for download in the image and editable In-page files. You can change the application as per your needs but republishing, or commercial use of this application is strongly prohibited.

Leave Application for Urgent Work in Urdu Language

Above Leave application for leave in Urdu is created in the latest In-page software. You can write with pen/hand on paper by viewing the image if you don’t know how to write Urdu in In-page Software.

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This Urdu leave application is written for leave from school, office, factory, mill, production unit, company, etc. For more applications of Leave in Urdu Language formats, please Click Here.

Urdu leave applications are accepted in Pakistan officially and abroad unofficially submitted by little literate Pakistanis.

Urdu Leave Application for Urgent Work
Application for Leave in the Urdu Language

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