Leave Application for Annual Leave


Sample leave application to get leave from company, office, department to go abroad for vacations with family, friends, etc.

Annual Leave Application Sample

Mr. Mick Neilson,

Manager Audit & Assurance

EY Ford Rhodes,


Dear Sir,

This application is intended for availing of my annual leaves. I may inform you that my annual exams of chartered accountancy have been scheduled for the first week of forthcoming December.

I want to inform you that my current assignment is to audit the XXX Company’s financial statements for the year ended June. Hopefully, the fieldwork of the said assignment will be concluded in the next week. Thereafter, we shall commence drafting our audit report and management letter addressing audit areas that were found susceptible by us during the course of our audit. The said assignment will be deemed as finished on completion of the aforementioned deliverables, and its team will be rotated to another Client.

Considering the schedule of my exams, being enclosed with this letter for your kind perusal, and the policy of our organization for the annual exam leaves, I wish to receive leaves of two months from the finalization of my assignment.

I would be really obliged for your kind favor in this regard.

Thanking you, and with profound regards.

Very truly yours,

Alex Stewart.

Audit Associate,

Leave Application for Annual Vacation

I am going on annual leave in February but my company not giving me vacations. Annual leave email message.

The manager, Nestle Pakistan,

Dear sir,

With all respect, I would like to tell you that my family has fixed my wedding for February, and they are all set. I want to inform you that I am left with my 25 annual leaves, and I want to avail them as it’s outright and part of the contract.

Sir, everything is done there, and they are expecting me by the end of January; it would be highly appreciated if you allow me to take the leaves. I am assuring you that I have done half of my work in advance and will complete the remaining time. Thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Arif Shah,

Nestle Pakistan

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