Leave Application for Death of Any Relationship


Sample leave application for the death of any relationship like a brother, father, mother, uncle, aunt, family members, wife, son, daughter, nephew, etc., to submit in office or to send in email for urgent leave.

Leave Application on Death of Any Relationship (just change the relationship name)

Dear Sir,

I want to inform you that my cousin (you can mention any relationship) has passed away. So I will not come to the office for three days (you can change the days). Please note my leaves.

Thank you.

Your Name

Short Email to Inform about Death in Office

Dear Madam,

I am sad to inform you that my (name of relation like, uncle, father, mother, etc.) passed away today. I have to get there immediately to attend the funeral. Would you please inform my colleagues as well?


Your name

Application Requesting Leave for Death of Father

Dear Sir,

My father passed away today in hospital due to a heart attack. Please grant me a leave for five days because I want to go home urgently to attend his funeral ceremony in my home town. I will be thankful to you.


Manager Human Capital Development

SMS Leave for Death of Son and Going Out to Station

Dear Sir,

I want to inform you about an unfortunate incident with my son, Adil Hassan has passed away in a road accident on M2. I am going to Lahore for his funeral ceremony. I’ll join the office in a week.


Hassan Raza

Death Leave Application to Travel Abroad

Dear Joseph,

I just received the sad news of the demise of my (name of your relation, like a friend, brother, sister, etc.) in India, and I have to travel there to attend the funeral. So please approve my leave of at least three weeks from today. Thank You.


Your Name

Leave Application for Death of Uncle

Dear Madam,

My dearest uncle “Ishaaq Ali” passed away yesterday. Today his funeral ceremony is at 11:00 AM, and I want to attend this. So I request you for leave of two days for helping the Uncle’s family in arrangements. Thank you.


Saba Chaudhry

Leave Application for Death of Brother

Dear Sir,

My younger brother “Mr. Fayaz” lost his life in a road accident and passed away just an hour ago. My family called me urgently to reach home as early as possible for the postmortem, registration of police report, and to deal with the other party involved in the accident. Therefore, I am leaving for home now and informing you. I may remain on leave for two or three days till resolving all the matters.


Rosey Manzar

Leave Application for Death of Mother

Dear Madam,

My dearest Mother passed away today morning in a sudden heart attack. She was a patient of heart for three years. So I request you for leave of four days to go home. I will be thankful to you.



Leave Application for Death of Grandmother

Dear Sir,

This application is to request a leave of two days. Due to my Grandmother’s death, I request a leave of two days to participate in her funeral. This time requires that I spend with my family to give them moral support in such hours of sorrow. I hope the company understands the needs of such leave and considers my application.



Leave Letter for Death of Friend

Dear Boss,

I am sorry I couldn’t come to the office today. This is because one of my closest friends passed away. Unfortunately, he lives in another city, so I have to get there tonight, so there was no time to inform you about this incident. So I hope you will understand the reason, and give me 2 days of leaves.

I will be really thankful to you for this.


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