Leave Application for Dental Appointment, Treatment & Problem

I want an example of a leave letter to my boss I’m suffering a toothache. Leave application for toothache. Leave letter for tooth extraction available below:

Leave Letter for Dental Appointment, Treatment

Dear sir,

I am writing for one day leave for today because at the moment I am suffering from a very bad toothache. I know that it is a stupid excuse to ask for a few days off work for a toothache. But I do have a letter from the dentist saying that I have to be sedated for the treatment today I have to a one out and a filling. If I was to come into work without the treatment. I would not be able to concentrate on my work and I am afraid that the pain would take away my ability to focus on my work.

I do apologize for the short notice. Thanks for the understanding.

Kind regards


Leave Letter to Boss due Suffering a Toothache

Respected Sir,

I hope you are doing great in health. I am writing this to you so that I can inform you that I am suffering from toothache from last two days. I want you to give leave for one day so that I can do some rest as I have to go to dentist too. So I need a full day leave from office. I will complete my work on Tuesday.


Amjad Abbas

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