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Leave Application for Food Poisoning

Sample Leave Application for Food Poisoning to boss, manger, supervisor in the company or office. Sample Leave request for food poison with multiple reasons available below.

Leave Application for Food Poisoning for Employee


The Manager Operations,

ABC Engineering Company,

Dear sir,

With due respect it is stated that I have been suffering from stomach issues since last evening. The doctor has diagnosed that the ailment was caused due to food poisoning and it requires couple of days to recover completely.

Please grant me leave for two days starting from today 19th December to 20th December.

Find the attached medical certificate issued by the relevant clinic.


Best Regards,


Site Engineer

Sick Leave Application for Food Poisoning


Mr. Watmore

Managing Director

Glaxo Smith Klein

Alaska, US

Sir, summer is the time of colors and joy and it brings families closer if they enjoy vacations together. I did the same thing last weekend by taking my family to a family picnic and then at the funfair. However, I ended up eating something unhealthy and got sick. At first, I thought that it’s nothing severe but then I had vomiting and my stomach ached so after getting a checkup, I was diagnosed with food poisoning. They made me stay at the hospital last night and now they informed me that I would be staying here at least 3 more days. So kindly grant me leave for 3 days. I will make sure to catch up with most of the work on my laptop and send you the daily stats. Thank you.

Mike Clark

Security Head

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