Leave Application for My Own Marriage Ceremony


Sample leave application for your own marriage ceremony, self-marriage, or marriage of yourself from office, school, college, university, factory, or working as an employee or staff member.

Leave Letter for My Marriage

Managing Director,

Subject: Matrimonial Leave

Dear Sir,

I am elated to inform you that I’ve found my match, and my wedding has been set for August. Since wedding calls for a lot of occasion preparations, therefore, I request you to kindly grant me one-month matrimonial leave, so that I can make the necessary arrangements for my big day. Please find an invitation card with this application. I am very hopeful to see you at the wedding.

Thanking you in advance.

Most Sincerely,

Dr. Anees Qadir.

Own Marriage Leave Application from Office

Dear Madam,

I am Maria Marketing Manager at AFL Ltd. My marriage ceremony date is fixed for 20th December, and I want two weeks’ leave for my marriage ceremony from the office starting from 15th of December. I request you to please approve this marriage leave application. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely yours,

Manager Marketing

Leave Application for Getting Married

Sample application for leave to get married to your manager, boss, or principal for one week of informed leave. Employees and students can get leave for marriage purposes from their offices and institutions.

Sample Leave Application for Getting Married from Office

Dear Manager HR,

I am M. Hamza, Manager Marketing writing to inform you that I am getting married next week. Preparations are ongoing, and the final date for the marriage ceremony is fixed for 3rd May. I will remain off for one week from 30th May to 7th May. I will also remain in contact with my department from time to time. Thanking you.

M. Hamza
Manager Marketing

Leave Applicaiton for Own Marriage

Dear Sir,

I am Urooj, student of Msc Engineering seeking leave of 10 days due to my wedding ceremony. My wedding date has been fixed, and now the functions are just being started in few days. I request you to kindly allow me at least 10 days’ leave from the university to avoid any attendance issues. I will try to join my classes as early as possible to avoid any loss of study. I will be highly thankful to you.



Leave Letter for My Wedding

The Manager Marketing
Santos Foods Limited.

Respected Madam,

It is stated that I, Saira Butt, have been working in the marketing department as a marketing executive. I am working on this post for the last 6 months.

Through this application, I want to update you with the exciting news of my marriage ceremony. My parents have decided on my marriage with my cousin. The ceremony is going to held 26th of this month.

Therefore, I request you to please grant me leave for 7 days to prepare for the marriage as well. I need leave from 24th to 31st of this month. I will be thankful to you for this kindness.


Saira Butt

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