Leave Application for Sunstroke

Sample Leave application due to sunstroke during summer by the advise of doctor to stay away from sunshine, or stay indoors etc.

Leave Application Due to Sunstroke


The Headmistress, Elite public school, Karachi

Respected Madam,

With due respect it is stated that I, Maha Ali, class 9th H.  Had sunstroke last day from my way back to school. I am not able to move, and attend my classes. Doctor has advised me bed rest, and strict medication for next week. I assure you to keep track of my daily work with the help of my class fellows. Please grant my leaves for 5 days that is from 5th June to 9th June.

I shall be really thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours obediently

Maha Ali,

9th H

Leave After Sunstroke

Mr. Robert

The Manager

Seal Bank Ltd

Harley Street

Subject: Leave Application for Sunstroke

Dear Mr. Robert

It is stated that I am working as a Cashier in your Bank branch under Id number 3843h3. I was not feeling well for several days. So on an appointment with my physician he diagnoses that I have been attacked by sunstroke that is the reason my health has got seriously damaged.

The doctor has advised me to take rest for one week. The medical report has been attached with this application. For this reason I would not be able to attend the office for one week. You are requested that kindly accept my leave application for one week from September 7th (Date) to September 14th (Date).

I shall be grateful to you for this favor.


Joseph T. Eliot

Leave Application For Sunstroke


The Principal, The City School, Shalimar

Campus, Lahore


Most respectfully, I beg to say that I had a sunstroke due to high temperature, and as I had to stay away from the sun because of some personal circumstances. The doctor has advised me to have a bed rest for two days, and has stressed for the need to stay indoors. Kindly, grant me the leave for two days. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Respectfully,

Fizzah Mamoona

O Level 1

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