Leave Application for Puja Festival

Leave application for durja Puja Festival, and Chhath Puja Festival. This Leave application can also be used for Ganpati festival, and Puja. Leave application for Puja, or durga puja is written with various scenarios for all possible situations. Please write in the comment if you need a different one.

Leave For Puja At Home

Dear Sir,

I need a leave for Thursday, 26th September to 30th for the purpose of attending puja at home. I belong to a devout Hindu family, and we organize a puja every year on these specific days. Being the eldest member of the family after my parents,

I need a leave for the mentioned dates so that I can organize everything at the family event. Just like every year, I hope you will grant me this little favor for the holy event of puja.


Leave Application for Puja Festival

To HR,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to state that our huge festival of Puja is coming this week. In our culture it is celebrated with great anticipation. I will also be taking part in this festival. Due to which I won’t be able to come to job.

Kindly grant two days leave to be a part of this festival i.e. 27th, and 28th October.

Thank You

Yours sincerely,

Anne Aaron

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  1. application likhna hain mera hostel durga puja ke liy band ho raha hain to uske liye ghar jan ahain qki mere pas koi option nahi hain rahnae ke liy

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